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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, cynic_in_charge!

And because a kungfu master always keeps his word: BIRTHDAY FIC. ♥

Initial D slash. (only for YOU would I post this)
Pairing: Ryousuke/Takumi (Edison Chen and Jay Chou)
Rating: I didn't get to the tofu yet - so, G.
Wordcount: 751.

Takumi Fujiwara doesn't know it, but Ryousuke Takahashi has been watching him for a long, long time.

It wasn't anything special. Not at first. Nakazato told him about the Mount Akina Racer, and that had been the start of it all. In all the years Ryousuke had known Nakazato, he'd never seen the man so worked up. That kid has got to be something, he'd thought. That's when he knew he was on to something. That's when he started coming here, to this dusty petrol station that barely sees enough customers to get by. He was just checking out the competition, as he always did. Ryousuke Takahashi always does his research.

Key's in the ignition, ready to go.

Ryousuke didn't get to where he was today on pure instinct. Sure, there were dozens of racers out there with the instinct. There were even more out there who made up for the lack with the right equipment - you could outrace most of Tokyo if you threw enough money at the right car. But it's more than that which makes a racer.

So, when he went off to look up all the tofu shops in the Mount Akina vinicity, he never expected to find Takumi Fujiwara.

Looking back, he should've known. Or guessed. He learnt early on never to make judgements founded on appearances. Racing had taught him that. No matter how formidable a car appears, it's nothing unless it's in the hands of the right driver. And people aren't that different from the cars they drive.

So when the dark-haired boy in the oversized shirt looks up from the tofu blocks that have him so occupied, Ryousuke wasn't prepared for the effect that simple, direct gaze had on him. And right then, he knew that a race completely different from the one he'd had in mind had begun.

Ryousuke is nothing if not patient. He's seen the price of recklessness spelled out in crashes and shattered glass and time in hospital wards. He knows the importance of waiting for the right moment. More than that, he knows that time isn't the only factor in making that moment. You've got to know your opponent. Know your target. Know the ground you're on. And if that takes time - well. If he can spend three weeks fine-tuning the suspension of his car, five weeks tracking down a man who mods internal combustion engines like he was born to do it, and five years working towards this race - he can spend a whole lot more time trying to figure this kid out.

His is just one more car at the petrol station where Takumi works. He lights a cigarette and watches the smoke spiral up to the skies. He's not supposed to do this anywhere near a petrol station, but Ryousuke knows that sometimes getting what you want involves breaking the rules. That's what it's like to want something so badly you'll do anything for it.

He thought he knew what it meant to want something that badly until the day his eyes met Takumi Fujiwara's, and want got redefined.

He watches as the kid fills tank after tank of petrol, clears out the trash, shifts crates of motor oil, and completely miss the way that best friend of his looks at him. Ryousuke smirks and taps the ash off his cigarette. Let him look. People learn soon enough when what they want is out of their reach.

But a few - either too stubborn, or too stupid - never figure it out, and keep trying anyway.

Ryousuke knows that a race is all about the small victories. It isn't about who takes the lead in the flag-off, or even about the moment when you overtake the racer next to you. It's every second in between that counts. And if you're going to give your all to racing, you'd better be in love with the chase.

He watches the kid sweep several fallen leaves into the dustpan, completely oblivious to his presence. Finest racer in Tokyo, and they've got him sweeping the trash.

Hackneyed comparison, really - but this kid's a lot like the racer he drives. Unassuming, and deceptively so. And racers are a lot like the cars they drive, and the race that drive them. You never really know what they can do until you push them to the limit. The kid's pure potential just waiting to be unleashed, and Ryousuke Takahashi wants to be the one to set him off.


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