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Tales of the Abyss: Degenki Maou Scans

November's Degenki Maou set off my badtouch meter like nothing on earth. Still, it was excellent for the Thousand and One Expressions of Luke von Faber, and fascinating flashback/future artwork.

Warning: Extensive Spoilers.

I find it fascinating that Luke's having an Asch flashback here. *grin* He's thinking Obocchan - which is what Asch called him, in the Memories in the Rain (that's just what I call it) sequence.

I love it when Luke smiles.
Makes me want to start humming You Light Up My Life. >D

This is such an I CAN DO THIS! expression.


Sometimes Van and Luke make me feel like I'm reading a shoujo manga.

You know Luke wanted to run straight into Sensei's arms!

Y'know, I'm sorry, Van, but sometimes I feel it would have been better for all the world if they'd just locked you up and thrown away the key.

Cue dramatic Revelation/Prophecy/Flashback Sequence!

And in another world, Luke, you were... kind of evil. But also very hot.

Serious Spoiler Warnings From Here On


Van: "Luke... there is something I have to tell you. I am your father."
Van: "And also, Asch is your mother."
Luke: ...

I've always thought of Van as Luke's father and Asch as his mother. Failing that, Van as Luke's father, and Guy as his mother.

A baby Asch... is a massive Abyss spoiler.

Baby Asch, and Baby Luke, get an extra big picture because they are special that way.
And seeing Asch like this makes me want to hold him close and keep him safe.
I think the sleepy-eyed child in Van's arms right before the present-day Luke artwork is baby!replica!Luke, whereas the child crying on the extreme right is abducted!Asch.

Oh, Luke, don't look at him like that.
It kind of makes me hurt a little bit inside when you see how much he trusts Van and you also know what's going to happen later.

Why, Natalia! You were listening!

Why, our favourite Doushi's in trouble again!

If I had a hundred gald for every time Anise yelled "Ion-sama is [choose one of an assorted set of trouble]" - I'd own Markt and also Kimlasca.

Sometimes I think Ion is the Abyss princess, really - what with always getting into trouble and needing to be rescued and also sacrificing himself for the sake of the world/a fellow party member.

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