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Tales of Symphonia Manga: Volume 4

Very pleased! With today's Criminal Law presentation! Went better than I could have hoped, considering that the slides still weren't all in to me until about an hour before the presentation, but it was great! Our lecturer said we did an excellent, thorough job, and we had applause! Applause! And people came up to me saying we'd done great work! And there I was panicking half-an-hour before the presentation and too nervous to eat lunch - wouldn't have eaten anything, but a groupmatebought me coffee and another gave me a mochi and another gave out sweets, so - at least I had caffeine and sugar. I said to someone else after the presentation that I was so nervous, and he said, "You were? You didn't look it. At all." Few people seem to believe that I get shy and nervous just like everyone else, but perhaps it's as one of my groupmates puts it - "I think you channel the nervous energy to more productive uses."

So to celebrate the presentation and the end of the past three days thinking sleeping and breathing strict liability, I went off to scan Book 4 of the Symphonia manga. Finding it was happy coincidence - elvaron saw it by happy chance in the LC Kino, and I picked it up and was overcome with delight when I saw who was on the cover. I'm probably the last person on earth to know anything about Symphonia, but:

Tales of Symphonia Manga: Volume 4: Selected Scans: 65 MB
Approximately 70 pages of the manga, including the ending.
download: sendspace | YSI

Yggdrasil is pretty darn hot.


I always like taking off the covers of manga and looking at the actual book covers, because sometimes you get a lovely surprise, as you do for Symphonia. There are Yggdrasil comics behind the cover! *grin* (And if anyone has the Kamui books, the actual cover of the book is different, too!)

I like Yggdrasil HAPPY like this. *grin*

I can imagine Yggdrasil yelling "WATCH MY PRETTY FACE, YOU OAF!"
... although he's not like that at all. XD

Regal looks an awful lot like Asch when it's:

Everybody in formal wear! ...And in which Regal looks an awful lot like Asch.

SPOILERS. Beware, they bite.

A brief summary of events in this manga: Lloyd's party meet Mithos (who is excruciatingly cute, and whom I occasionally confuse with Colette when their costumes are obscured). Mithos joins the party, and spends most of his time looking very sweet and rivaling Genis in cute factor. Yuan kidnaps Lloyd and Kratos turns up. Kratos gets horrifically injured. Mithos turns up and really gives it to Yuan. When caught in the act by the Lloyd-tachi, the revelation that he's Yggdrasil soon outs, and he transforms into his hot!ruler!form and disappears. Genis is heartbroken.

And we get the Zelos betrayal and Colette's abduction. It's a lot of plot in one manga!

Yuan capturing Lloyd... and Kratos appearing:

Y'know, if Kratos and Lloyd weren't related, this is how I'd like the scene to play out:
Yuan: HAHAHA, KRATOS. Lloyd's MY uke now!

and Kratos collapses... on Lloyd.
... there was many a time during reading this manga I wished they weren't related.

because chibi Lloyd was so cute. And those are probably Kratos and Anna's hands.


Lloyd talking to Kratos. And making me think it's the bad ending we have on our hands.

Zelos talking to Colette. And the foreshadowing begins.

but in the morning, Lloyd went to talk to Zelos:

This made me so happy!

Also, raethes and I are in agony over our uncertainty over whether this ending is the good or bad ending. So if anyone takes a look at the manga and has a feeling one way or the other, let us know! *grin*

Rae asked me if it was the good or bad ending, and I said I thought it was the good one from the way Zelos and Lloyd were talking. And then I read it in more detail and ran up after dinner going T_T I think it's the bad ending, because Lloyd talked to Kratos. The both of us just don't want Zelos to die. But the ending seems to have Zelos leaving with Pronyma and Colette, so WE CAN STILL HOPE... I hope?

But soon the truth is OUT:

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