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raynos wrote a fascinating Bleach Chapter 262 spoiler fic here, and also said something which probably unconsciously sparked off this story - that just because one is not in favour of something happening doesn't mean one won't still write it.

What did put me in the mood to write something like this was THIS Youtube video which Niisan dearest cheerfully linked me, in the interest of breaking my brains, which features Okiayu Ryutaro (Tezuka and Byakuya's seiyuu) as Usamimi Kamen. Yes, you heard that right, a superhero in vivid pink and bunny ears. And so I figured that turnabout is fair play, and also I remember that I have owed Niisan fic since last August, and so I wrote this. In an hour.

There are two other people that also deserve blame credit for indirectly inspiring this. I suppose I shall have to thank you both in my own special way.

Takes place before Luke and Tear's Get-Out-Of-the-Fabre-Mansion Choushindou card gets played.

Warning: Spoilers for Guy's identity, House Gardios, the whole revenge thing, and I suppose indirectly the replica connection thing, too.
Wordcount: 1,107 words
Pairing: Asch/Guy, and Guy/Luke and Asch/Luke if you look reaaally hard.

On a night some time after the fall of Hod, a blond servant steals like a thief into a room where his reason for serving so long in the house of his enemy sleeps.

It is deep in the night, and all of House Fabre sleeps.

But Gailardia Galan Galudios does not.

There is no one to stop him as he makes his way over to the bed where his reason lies. All he can hear the steady beat of the heart that has waited this long to carry out its promise.

Not much longer now, Guy vowed, bitterly. The silent promise made by the last living member of House Gardios would be kept.

Moonlight spilled through the drapes, illuminating the sleeping boy. The vivid scarlet of his hair swept across the pillow and crept under his cheek. By his years, Luke wasn’t truly a child any longer, but he certainly slept like one, with his arms flung wide and sprawled across the entire bed.

So trusting, Guy thought, as he looked down on House Fabre’s only son. He reached out for the boy. It will be quick, he promised. You won’t feel a thing. It’s more mercy than your father ever showed mine.

The second his hands closed around the boy’s neck, however, Luke’s eyes snapped open. Before Guy could even make the split-second decision between going ahead with what he’d planned for years and trying again, Luke glanced at him and smiled.

It was a knowing smile, and one that made Guy’s blood run cold. But it was nothing compared to what followed next.

“Gailardia Galan Galudios,” said Luke, slowly and deliberately, drawing the name out as a swordsman would unsheathe his blade.

Guy stiffened. None but two others in the Fabre household knew that name, and the last person who should have known it was the one who had just spoken it.

“Did you really think that your presence in this household has gone unnoticed?” Luke seemed completely indifferent to Guy’s hands around his neck. “Surely it must have occurred to you that the mastermind behind the invasion of Hod would never let such a thing escape his attention?”

The knowledge of his name and the revelation that his presence in the Fabre household had never been a secret did not disturb Guy as much as the fact that Luke hadn’t stopped smiling.

“Who are you?” hissed Guy, knowing that the creature under his hands could not possibly be the Luke fon Fabre that he saw every day, the Luke that he’d taught to speak, the Luke who’d run straight into his arms when he first learned to walk.

“Who am I?” asked Luke, echoing Guy’s question. “You know my name.”

Somewhere in between the last word he spoke and Guy tensing, Luke locked his arms around Guy’s, with a strength that Guy never knew he possessed. Guy cursed himself for being caught out – he hadn’t come ready for a fight, after all – he hadn’t expected a Luke capable of giving him one. The Luke fon Fabre Guy thought he knew had learned to walk a mere four years ago, and indeed, was at times given to being clumsier than he ought to have been. But this Luke – this Luke reacted like a born fighter.

“I suggest you rethink your plans,” said Luke.

“How do you know who I am?” demanded Guy.

Luke smirked. “You give away far more than you know,” he replied. “And in return, I’ll give you this advice: ask me again when next we meet.”

“This ends tonight,” said Guy, his grip tightening around Luke’s neck.

Unbelievably, Luke laughed. “Go ahead, son of Gardios,” he said, and it shook Guy to the core to know that he meant it. “After what my family has done to yours, even I would be hard-put to deny you your revenge.” But then Luke fixed him with a gaze that left no doubt in Guy’s mind as to what he intended to do should Guy obey.

“But know this. What you do to him, you do also to me. And if you lay a hand on him, I will come for you. And I will do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, until I get to you. Surely you understand, Guy. And when I find you, what I will do to you will make you realise that what happened to your family was mercy before I am through with you.”

“You bastard,” snarled Guy, but before he could begin to fulfill his promise, Luke twisted under his hands and his hold relaxed, which was all the opening Luke needed to break Guy’s grip and free himself.

“Such language in front of a child,” Luke chided.

You’re no child,” snapped Guy, beginning to back away.

“That’s right,” Luke said, as he closed the distance between them faster than Guy thought he could move. “And don’t you ever forget it.”

This time, there is something gentle even in the strength of the hands that pin Guy’s wrists to his sides. “And this,” says Luke, with an emotion Guy cannot at first identify, “Is so that you remember this – ” And Guy cannot understand why it is that Luke has come so close, right up until the moment Luke kisses him.

It is over in a heartbeat, and then intent green eyes meet Guy’s.

“And remember me.”

Then Luke collapses into Guy’s arms, and the face that looks up from behind a sleep-tangled chaos of scarlet hair is bewildered and sleepy and belongs to the Luke that Guy knows.

“Guy?” Luke asks, and this is the voice that Guy knows, a voice demanding even when half-asleep, imperious as the Duke he will someday be. And all of a sudden the aching familiarity of the one in his arms makes Guy suddenly and ridiculously glad that he has his Luke back. “What happened?”

“N-nothing, Luke,” answers Guy, trying to force nonchalance into his reply.

“Did I have another headache?” asks Luke, as he rubs his eyes, still seemingly sleepy.

“… I think it was a nightmare,” Guy says, suddenly lighting upon the lie and eager to have Luke forget all of this, if he even remembered anything. He’s deeply relieved when Luke accepts his answer unquestioningly, and allows Guy to put him back to bed.

He watches Luke until he falls asleep, if only to reassure himself, even as his relief is mixed with deep apprehension. He is no Luke – he cannot so easily believe that lie. That was no nightmare, he knows.

No nightmare would know his name, and no nightmare could kiss like that.

raethes did absolutely gorgeous art for this here (mirror). ♥
Tags: fic, guy/luke, tales of the abyss

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