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Tales of the Abyss Manga Volume 2 Scans

Tales of the Abyss Manga: Volume 2: Selected Scans: 92 MB
96 pages of the manga
From shortly before the fight with Arietta, ending at the Asch confrontation at the Zao Ruins.
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Brief impression: Not enough Asch, Natalia even more kickass in manga, Luke is so weak for sensei, Sink looks great!

In which Ion looks very sweet.

He looks so endearing when he's sleeping.

Luke is so ... HAPPY... to see Van.
I can imagine him rejoicing Sensei, you saved me!

Sensei turns Luke into a giggling schoolgirl with a crush. D<

Meet the Rokujinshou - and all we see of Dist.

And that's all we see of Dist for this manga.

Sink: Don't mind me, Luke. >D I'm just enjoying the view.

Mission: Save Ion!

Sometimes I think that Luke fell for Tear partly because she reminded him of Van. Their intense looks are surprisingly similar.

Gotta love Guy's priorities. They're all running to save Luke and Guy is deliriously happy over the fontech. "SUGEI!"

And I very much like Jade's shocked expression. It's not often you get to see him with that look on his face.

I love that Tear has Luke in her arms. ♥

Tear: *runs over*
Guy: <.< I wanted to be the one to give him the kiss of life.
Jade: ... Well, if you hadn't been so busy giving the fontech suggestive looks...

Will the badtouch never end.

I have a special soft spot in my heart for crazed!Luke.

STOP! In the name of LOVE!
And Mohs looks beyond scary.

Luke's Extremely Enthusiastic Homecoming.

It kind of makes me really happy to see how delighted everyone is to have Luke return home. *grin*
Even Ramdas rushes up to give Luke a proper welcome, and just look at that legion of delighted maids!

And in which a swarm of ecstatic House Fabre staff descend upon Luke. xDDDD

This is my favourite costume of Natalia's. *grin*
And she seems really happy to see Luke, too!
...if only the same could be said of Luke...

HEH. HEH. HEH. I love the UTTER SHOCK that follows Guy's revelation that Natalia is Luke's fiancee.

And I like manga!Natalia even more than game!Natalia, which is really saying something. ;)

And Natalia shows her true colours. xDDDD
Everyone's reaction can basically be summed up as ^^;;; and 0____0.

Tear meets Luke's mother:

It's such an endearing look on her. *grin*

8 4-koma panels follow the manga, most of which have cheegles in them.

The following chapters are in the book, and I've scanned them as they appeared in Degenki Maou, so here they are:

Episode 9
Encountering the Dark Wings/Shikkoku no Tsubasa, and also, Van, Badtouch Master Extraordinaire

Episode 10
Even More Badtouching (And baby!Asch)

Episode 12
Meeting Natalia and the Rokujinshou
Asch-Luke Memories in the Rain scene
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