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Tales of the Abyss Manga Volume 2 Scans

Tales of the Abyss Manga: Volume 2: Selected Scans: 92 MB
96 pages of the manga
From shortly before the fight with Arietta, ending at the Asch confrontation at the Zao Ruins.
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Brief impression: Not enough Asch, Natalia even more kickass in manga, Luke is so weak for sensei, Sink looks great!

Cover, Contents Page, IllustrationCollapse )

Ion, and so very many Luke and Van moments.Collapse )

Meet the Rokujinshou - and all we see of Dist.Collapse )

And Sink enjoys the view.Collapse )

Mission: Save Ion!Collapse )

Tear and Van confrontationCollapse )

When a guy loves... fon machines.Collapse )

Will the badtouch never end?!Collapse )

Stop in the name of LOVE!Collapse )

Luke's Extremely Enthusiastic HomecomingCollapse )

and so we meet Natalia.Collapse )

Tear moomentsCollapse )

4-komasCollapse )

The following chapters are in the book, and I've scanned them as they appeared in Degenki Maou, so here they are:

Episode 9
Encountering the Dark Wings/Shikkoku no Tsubasa, and also, Van, Badtouch Master Extraordinaire

Episode 10
Even More Badtouching (And baby!Asch)

Episode 12
Meeting Natalia and the Rokujinshou
Asch-Luke Memories in the Rain scene
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