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Not Quite Underworld (Yet).

Lucien is my next-door-neighbor’s middle name.

Am writing this at 2.30am in the morning – Sunday morning, that is. Ran into my next-door-neighbor weaving down the corridors when I went to the pantry to wash my hands. (I’d discovered mouldy fruit and was forced to dispose of it.) He was going to make noodles.

“I’m very drunk,” he informed me.

Strangely, this time, I knew before he told me.

He puts me very much in mind of Tom Cruise’s Lestat when he laughs.

Discovered that his middle name was Lucien. He was joined shortly after by a girl whose middle name is Alexandria. The two of them were quite drunk, and were calling each other by their middle names when they went into his room to get plates, and by the time they re-emerged, she’d forgotten that, and was quite surprised when I knew her middle name.

How cool is having Lucien as a middle name?

This is too fun. You find out all sorts of hilarious things about people when they’re drunk.

It was a little difficult getting him to let her in to his room. He curled up on the floor in front of his room, and told me, “I’m not going to let her in. I’ll give her a plate if you ask me to.”

So I asked him to.

He sat up with his back to the wall, before his room, and asked, “Is that my door?”

Have unfortunately told them my Chinese name. Last I saw of Alexandria, she was skipping down the corridors singing my Chinese name, and saying that she was going to call me that from now on.

This is quite real, despite the fact that it sounds otherwise.

Right now, they’re both going up and down the corridors, on a quest for a bowl.

They’re making noodles for five other people.

I do hope they were prepared to wait.

This hall comes alive after midnight. ; )

Lucien told me I should get drunk. He said he’d never seen me drunk.

Update: 3.05am. Lucien in the Corridor: “Oh my God, I’m so drunk!”

Friday, 17th September, 2003

Had utterly amazing Ratal session.

I worship nescienx.

And aingeal_isilme.

Also I wish to apologise to ranchelle.

And arch made me collapse in laughter in a computer cluster room. This is not fair. Well does he deserve the Mantle of Evilness.

*waves Nemo threateningly in his direction*

Went to watch “We Will Rock You” at the Dominion Theatre with risax, Frodo, and Frodo’s aunt.

By the way, Frodo is giaan.

SO COOL. It’s a musical written from Queen songs.

And I love risax’s laugh.

Saturday, 18th September 2003

Went to Leicester Square twice today. First with risax, the Hall Hobbits and a girl named Mai, in our attempt to get theatre tickets. Did not succeed, so we will try again. Then met up with a father’s friend and his family. We walked to the School of Pharmacy, where his wife went to university, and International Hall, where she stayed. They came with their children – two boys, and a girl of five. We went to Leicester Square for lunch.

The little girl asked me, “Are we bringing you home?”

I’d like that a little more than is healthy for me. ; ) It shall have to wait until December.

They brought me food and other presents from home. This month’s F1rst magazine is presently in my possession. Those LOTR fans back home: There is an Arwen poster, as well as a Frodo-And-Sam poster. Unfortunately back to back, but you can’t have everything.

Showed Merry the Hall Hobbit the Frodo-and-Sam poster. It is THE RoTK promo picture of Frodo and Sam. The Frodo in Sam’s arms image.

Merry is now wondering, in her words, “Who are the boy and girl in their relationship”. We have concluded together that Sam is the girl, because, as she says, he’s all “Oh, Master.”

And before she came into this Hall, she thought that there was nothing between Frodo and Sam.

Showed the poster to the Frodo and Sam of our Hall Hobbits. Frodo pronounced it dodgy. XD As in slashy-dodgy. Sam was slightly horrified.

Went off with the Hall Hobbits to play tennis. Frodo and Sam are the better players.

Merry was delighted when she saw a promo clip of Orlando Bloom on television.

Have discovered that my hall is infested with LOTR fans. Usually the signs of fandom are in rooms. Which is good when you’re in a hall, because you end up in an awful lot of Other People’s Rooms. The signs of fandom I found were the LOTR books (in two rooms! YES!), the FOTR DVD, a massive shimmering Fellowship poster whose owner sent away to a breakfast cereal company for, massive Orlando Bloom-induced excitement et al.

My hall is also infested with Orlando Bloom fans. I think they’re more squee-prone than the LOTR ones. ; )

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