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trust me
Everything I do I do it for you DX 
1st-Apr-2007 02:26 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

I look at the Chinese fandom sometimes and I go, Man, sometimes I wish things were that way. Sure, they have anal-as-hell policies sometimes, but it helps to keep the dreck out. If you're not familiar with them: Chinese fandoms are extremely strict. They also have the best resources. Sure, sometimes the things you have to do to get those resources are along the lines of, say, if I scanned the Abyss manga, then opened up a friends-locked community and put it there. And said that only if you commented 25 times on my LJ, with comments that actually said something and were more than 25 words long, could you be invited to join that community. Oh, and also, I could say that if I saw my scans anywhere else, if anyone did anything with my scans that I didn't like - make icons, make banners: I'd kick them from my community.

I'm so tired of being nice. I'm generally pretty tolerant, but sometimes: I've really had it up to here. I've met some great people in the fandom, yes. And yeah, it's ... generally, an okay place. Some days, it's a great place. But, my heavens, I've also been on the receiving end of a lot of dreck, more than any other fandom I've ever been in. It makes me tired and exhausted and as emo as Asch and Arietta put together and replicated as many times as Van has badtouched Luke. It makes me want to shut myself in my room and play Evanescence and Linkin Park and Simple Plan and waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiillllllll all day long. It's such an effort not making emo posts on LJ, and I can't be bothered with it any more. When I play FFXII I am THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING ABYSS.

I know damn well that when people emo, it makes OTHER PEOPLE EMO. But sometimes I JUST WANT TO EMO TOO, DAMN IT AND CURSE IT ALL TO the cheegles. I hate the person I'm turning into!

I'm sick of being Guy! I want to be Van, and abuse a lot of things!

I'm sick of being the gardener, I want to be the flower for once!

It is so hard being nice that sometimes I just don't want to post any more! Deep down inside, I like watching Asch suffer as much as I like watching people cry.

If you're reading this, you're

1. Smart.


If you're an Abyss fan and see this, drop a hint in the comments and I'll scan the official Ion-Arietta extra today. *grin* I'm not a great fan of Ion-Arietta, but I'll do it for Abyss.

If you aren't an Ion-Arietta fan, drop a hint and I'll scan you something you like. XD Or link you fanart. XD I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR reading this! XDDD

I wouldn't have read it myself: emo posts make me laugh, or piss me off. *laughing* XD

I was gonna write something like I'M LEAVING THE FANDOM! GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO ALL OF YOU! but I was laughing too hard to do it.

How Tales of the Abyss 2 Will Happen

1. End-game Van will turn out to be a replica Van created for himself*.

*Tales of the Abyss 3: Van will have created a the third massive Abyss replica facility for the purposes of replicating him. You fight him thirty times in the game, unless you do the optional side quests, in which you may fight him up to 99 times.

2. Mr. Ending will turn out to be neither Asch nor Luke, but Van.

3. It will not be a new game, but Tales of the Abyss from the Rokujinshou perspective. Your six party members will be the six God-Generals. You win the game if you defeat the Luke-tachi.

4. Rem Tower will be revealed to have been a sly and cunning plan on the part of the replicas to substitute their own people in the place of Luke and Asch, taking advantage of the chaos of Rem to replace both Luke and Asch with replicas. Your first mission in the new game is to rescue them both.

Asch won't thank you for it.

5. It will be Tales of the Abyss for the Ages 3 to 6 market. You play a cheegle.

Also, Asch is a lot like Mieu. Why, you say? It's because life kicks him around as much as Luke kicks Mieu around. Asch's relationship with Life is exactly like Luke's relationship with Mieu, right down to the whole steps-on-top of him and grinds-him-into-the dirt bit. Also, I wrote this fic where Asch and Mieu switch bodies. Which means Asch gets to get stuffed into the item bag and attempt to set Luke on fire and bite Luke, a lot. And also that Mieu-in-Asch's body gets to mieu dolefully in a corner, has to wear the Sorceror's ring around his finger, and forgets whose body he's in and crawls into Luke's bed to sleep. Not to mention that he's all fascinated with those whole thing about fingers, because cheegles only ever have paws, and the Revelation of the Century happens when he finds out what to do with fingers, #1 being, Master! Master! Now I can hold your hand!

And today I think I shall renounce Asch/Luke and Guy/Luke and my love for Mieu, and devote myself now and forever to my one and only TRUE Abyss OTP. Which is more canon than all of them, and has the added benefit of Van in it. I think from today onwards I shall only ever write fic for this pairing and set it to Beyonce and Shakira songs, as Asch is clearly Shakira, and Luke is Beyonce. If you think this is a joke, go watch the Beautiful liar MTV.

beautiful liar MTV. Also, the original lyrics.

Like I said, Asch is Shakira and Luke is Beyonce. Of course this song is entirely Asch/Van/Luke.

[Shakira] You never know
[Beyonce] Why are we the ones who suffer
[Shakira] I have to let go
[Beyonce] He won't be the one to cry

[Beyonce] (Ay) Let's not kill the karma
(Ay) Let's not start a fight
(Ay) It's not worth the drama
For a beautiful liar
[Shakira] (Oh) Did he laugh about it
(Oh) It's not worth our time
(Oh) We can live without 'em
Just a beautiful liar

[Shakira] I trusted him, but when I followed you, I saw you together
[Beyonce] I didn't know about you then 'till I saw you with him again
[Beyonce] You stole everything, how can you say I did you wrong (Asch is normally Shakira, except here, where he is Beyonce)

[Shakira] You never know
[Beyonce] When the pain and heartbreak's over
[Shakira] I have to let go
[Beyonce] The innocence is gone

[Shakira] Tell me how to forgive you
When it's me who's ashamed (This is why Asch is Shakira)
[Beyonce] And I wish could free you
Of the hurt and the pain (And this is why Luke is Beyonce)
(Both) But the answer is simple
He's the one to blame (this is why Van gets to be your cheatin' heart.)

1st-Apr-2007 08:01 am (UTC)
Ranting and bitching are healthy. They're completely encourage and I'm always here for to be more than welcome to get it all out to. ♥ Being Guy all the time? Yeah, that pretty much sucks. Being Van. We all love the badtouch, whether we admit it or not.

ps. hodamn. that IS their song. huh...
1st-Apr-2007 08:01 am (UTC)
....Fuxxing hell, I apologize my english in that last comment. XD;;

4am and all >>;
1st-Apr-2007 08:20 am (UTC)
*SNUGGLES* Everyone's got to emo sometime. :D

And no no no~! You can't leave the fandom before you bring me into it! T_T
1st-Apr-2007 11:02 am (UTC)
*HUGS YOU TIGHTLY* Thank you so much, dear.

WHY THAT'S TRUE! Not before I get to drag bring you back to my lair home and let you try the game out! *snug* I'll definitely have to see you for longer than I did the last time! *griiin* And it was great to see you again!
1st-Apr-2007 08:20 am (UTC)
I know damn well that when people emo, it makes OTHER PEOPLE EMO


Not if the people are mature, anyway. If they aren't, then they'll find something else to emo over anyway; other people's emo is just a convenient excuse. Besides, people who get emo at other people's emo need to learn how to cope with it, anyway :D. (I'm way too sleepy to make this as diplomatic as I should, but life is hard and people who don't learn to adapt are going to get steamrollered, is my philosophy. Making it easy for them now isn't doing them any favours.

Also sympathy != emo.


More importantly, there are ways of ranting that can be truly amusing to read, possibly even fulfilling to the reader, and judging from this one, I'm sure that I'll read your rants any time :D. Like I'd read Asch's angry rants about Luke being a piece of Mary Sue dreck any time!

But even if your rants aren't funny, or your emo makes other people emo, you SHOULD BE VAN. It's not like you're ramming your emo down other people's throats, and if it's making you miserable not to be able to talk about it, something is clearly wrong.

Your definite discomfort not worth the potential upset of potential people potentially reading and deriving potential emo from your potentially emo posts.

...Am I over 25 words yet?
1st-Apr-2007 08:47 am (UTC)
*smile* And I don't care what day it is; I take you seriously all the time. (No rly, because sometimes you are too genki to be real) :D
1st-Apr-2007 08:32 am (UTC)
I finally realised I'm a sadist OTL Having smiled and want to laugh upon reading your sudden want to emo and headbang to Evanescence even before I read between the lines T^T Sorry >_<

I want that target for children age 3 to 6 Abyss game on PSP ;_; *saving up for one*

I love you ♥

@_@ I'm intrigued by this Chinese fandom thing...

1st-Apr-2007 08:58 am (UTC)
*looks at other comments*

Am I being too rude? T_T; I'm not being mean I swear...
Am I being too obvious? D8 Am I not supposed to be obvious!?
1st-Apr-2007 08:41 am (UTC)
Eek. Again? Or should that be: Does it ever stop? *sighs* I wish people were more considerate. Also, if I've added to any this, my apologies. ^^;; I generally try to be nice, but when I'm in a serious episode of insomnia I can be downright nasty without even realizing it. x_X;; Urp.

I know all about not wanting to emo in your lj, I try not too. Though the little things get through now and then, and then there are points where I just don't care anymore. It's.... difficult. >_< *hugs*

Asch and Luke crush on Van so damn hard it's ridiculous. And sadly, they won't get anything from it. D: Van is all ♥♥♥ for Guy. ... and his sister's melons. *coughs*
1st-Apr-2007 12:27 pm (UTC)
As an aside, you are a moderator for belovedkuzu. Feel free to ban anyone who harasses and/or abuses your good faith. :) I would not have a problem with it.
1st-Apr-2007 09:02 am (UTC) - 6am post- do not trust my coherency level!
Now...see, Chinese fandoms sound appealing to me, actually. It does seem a bit demanding, but at the same time...I think it makes people more grateful. I really wonder if such rules couldn't be enforced... :/

I'm so sorry you feel this way...I don't know if it was someone specific or not, but I hope they are aware so that they can at least learn not to treat others that way. It wouldn't happen to have something to do with what ranchelle had mentioned, would it?
I hope it isn't something I did... D:

The emo must be spreading, though, because I have been holding in ALL day the urge to just make a huge emo-rant. Today just has NOT been good for me, either. I can sympathize. D:

I at least hope you feel better, though. :/
You're suc ha sweet person...you don't deserve this.

And I think...any fandom is capable of producing some bad apples, unfortunately. Nasty and stupid people are everywhere and as much as I would like to just ignore them all, it's just not gunna happen. I have been turned away from a lot of fandoms I really loved just because the people in it were so nasty. I'm a fan of Fruits Basket...I love it...but I love it all by myself because I saw a few nasty things going on in that fandom that just turned me off.
I think in comparision to other fandoms...Abyss soars above the rest. It does have it's high moments and low moments...but from what I see it appears to be balanced. But, then again, maybe I've not witnessed what you have.
For me, though, I've met a few people thanks to Abyss...so...I guess that's why I never really find myself complain too much. :/

I think I want to be...Arietta and unleash ligers upon the stupid. Then, maybe, you'll feel better. :D
I may...RP Master Badtouch...but I'm too scared to put that to use. XD;
But don't let my Asch suffer for too long, else I'll be sad and even more emo than Iam now. D:

>> 3. It will not be a new game, but Tales of the Abyss from the Rokujinshou perspective. Your six party members will be the six God-Generals. You win the game if you defeat the Luke-tachi.
HEY! That would be cool! I actually love those reverse perspectives. :D

>> 4. Rem Tower will be revealed to have been a sly and cunning plan on the part of the replicas to substitute their own people in the place of Luke and Asch, taking advantage of the chaos of Rem to replace both Luke and Asch with replicas. Your first mission in the new game is to rescue them both.
Onwards to freedom, my little redheads~!
>> Asch won't thank you for it.
Oh, that snarky bitch. <3

>> 5. It will be Tales of the Abyss for the Ages 3 to 6 market. You play a cheegle.
*looks around* I-I...would enjoy that... t.t

You are RIGHT about the whole Luke/Mieu/Asch comparison! But...it...it sounds so cute! Now I would LOVE to read something like that. Though the sadistic part of me would actually enjoy the torturous experience they would all endure. :D

And...wow. That song...I have never heard of it until now, but the lyrics really DO match well! :o
1st-Apr-2007 09:06 am (UTC) - Re: 6am post- do not trust my coherency level!
Crap. Guess I wouldn't have difficulty hitting a 25 word mark. I make too many long posts and I need to shut up. @.@;;
1st-Apr-2007 09:06 am (UTC)
Chris Cecil is the main character of the story where she gives and gives and gives without asking for anything in return in the peaceful land of Eljaylasca! But wait Vandom has decided to step into her life and use her gifts as something evil like making icons! Graphics! Banners and more! Chris was troubled and so Kura the silver fox has decided to create a document to tell Vandom that what he's doing is disrespectful. BUT NO! Vandom turned his ugly back on the fox and Cecil, and spread his evil further! Oh will Vandom ever pay for his crimes!? I hope so.
(101 words I CAN WRITE!)

p.s. Rae the Kuzu offers her undying love for Chris Cecil ♥
1st-Apr-2007 09:25 am (UTC)
D= *stalks all over the place to poke her nose in*
whut. did the last part really happen? >O
now I feel kinda guilty for happily commenting on that post OTL
1st-Apr-2007 09:34 am (UTC)
You're the biggest emo dork ever.
1st-Apr-2007 10:45 am (UTC)
You're cramping my emo, Eve! Shoo! Shoo! Use your commenting time to un-hiatus yourself! ;)

Be sending you your posters very very soon. ;) The poster tube, it is done! I merely must wait upon the post office to open! XD
1st-Apr-2007 09:41 am (UTC) - ... have I spammed your LJ enough to get in the sekrit filter yet? xD

You know how I feel about everything else! xD I'm not going to say anything that could be used against me in a public post like this though... kuzu.
1st-Apr-2007 10:47 am (UTC) - GOOD MORNING LITTLE BROTHER
What is this... *shifty eyes* ... secret filter you speak of.

When you said Sink Cat I was... did Abyss suddenly turn into SPN, and gimme Sink-as-a-cat fic? AH.

1st-Apr-2007 10:39 am (UTC)
I love you TIMES BAJILLION, dude. You're such a goofball and you totally make the world better just by being in it. *twirls you*
1st-Apr-2007 10:48 am (UTC)
*SNUGS YOU SO TIGHTLY* Coming from someone as lovely and priceless as you are, this is a real compliment. *snugs you so tightly* I'm gonna have to work extra hard to find something to express all my love for you. *hugs tight*

*dances you!* ~ ♥
1st-Apr-2007 11:21 am (UTC)
My dear, if people actually did emo-fandom-rantage posts like this, I don't think I'll feel like murdering someone everytime I see one of them. It actually made sense.

and I think some of it probably cuts rather close to home? *hugs you lots*

Chinese forums... sigh. It's not that I don't understand where they're coming from (I've seen enough on LJ to know exactly why they are so anal retentive) but it really can be a gigantic pain in a butt. It's like one of those games you play with pets you know, where you dangle the toy in front of the pet only to jerk it away out of reach just the pet jumps up? Yeah, that sort of feeling.
1st-Apr-2007 02:55 pm (UTC) - !!! *SNUGS YOU AND BEAMS, and how's dinner for fangirling on the 4th, this Wednesday? XD*
Dinner this Wednesday in town sound okay? ;)

*SNUUUUG* Thank you so much, Niisan. *hugs* Asch is cheered up enough to crawl out of his emo corner and no longer feels like dying! ♥ THANK YOU THANK YOU. ♥

A little bit of it does. *snugs tight* Thank you for seeing it. You know the real me. *hugs*


That's why my policy towards buying stuff + scanning is "I paid for it, and I don't see why YOU have to :D" xDDD. SHARE THE LOVE, that's the way it should be. ;)

I was actually about to put in this line about me feeling like Lucy Westerna pursued by the fandom Dracula. xDDDDD
1st-Apr-2007 11:23 am (UTC)
kaa-san got conned too >>;; nii-san's info-save was lucky!
1st-Apr-2007 02:56 pm (UTC) - *HUGS TIIIIGHT*
UEH - *hugs you tight* I am glad Niisan was there!! *hugs tight*

*rains Pocky and JunJun on you?* And lots of Geass? A parcel should be coming soon, and another one should be sent off next week! ;D
1st-Apr-2007 12:13 pm (UTC) - (I had to look up the kyrics for this!)

1st-Apr-2007 02:58 pm (UTC) - I didn't have to look up the lyrics for this one :D


ALSO I LOVE YOUR ICON. It is very fun, and reminds me of Balthier, and also of what I would do if there were not statutes against murder. :D BUT HAPPY TIMES NEVERTHELESS! XDDDD

PUNCH + MY VICIOUS LEFT HOOK. :D And condemn them to an eternity of the BADLANDS OF FANFICTION.NET.
1st-Apr-2007 12:42 pm (UTC)
Hmm... there's nothing wrong with needing to let it all out, you know. What is it with a lot of you Singaporeans about showing your true emotions? Not to generalize or anything, but nearly every Singaporean I've met has a problem with being open about things like them being upset or whatnot. It's really sad and almost scary. D:

But you know, I hope you feel better. ♥
1st-Apr-2007 03:05 pm (UTC) - *deliberately makes Dist icon uke to Jade*
I think we're even more repressed than the Japanese. :D I didn't realise Singaporeans had the same complex about not being open: most Singaporeans I know aren't afraid to be open about being upset. The difficult thing is striking the balance, I think, between being open, and too-much-information moments.

Myself: I'm just not comfortable with expressing negative emotions, like sorrow or jealousy or anger. I JUST WANT TO BE STRONG! Or even if I'm not, I want to be seen as so! XD

*snug* Thank you so much, dear. ♥
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