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trust me
Tales of the Abyss: Ion and Arietta Extra Scans 
6th-Apr-2007 09:11 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Long, busy day today: That is also aingeal_isilme's birthday! ♥ If you're reading this, sweetheart, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *grin* Though we've already talked on the phone, I wish I could be there in person! ;) DON'T WORRY, THAT'LL BE TOMORROW. ♥

Scanning Ion-Arietta makes me very sleepy because there isn't anything much there to keep me interested. I'd have scanned this sooner if Asch, Luke or Guy appeared in it. Whoops, looks like being tired makes me honest, too.

This Abyss extra is drawn by the Abyss mangaka (who, I've recently discovered with risax, also illustrates yuri novels), and it's about original!Ion and Arietta. Present!Ion and Van make the occasional cameo appearances. Van and original!Ion were clearly partners in crime and evilness.

Still, I liked the original more. He was completely more kickass. And psychotic into the bargain, which only endeared him to me.

Ion and Arietta Extra
43.4 MB (I scan at 200dpi)

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Original!Ion. So cute! And... so evil!

Sweet, innocent Arietta. I think she's being presented as a Fon Master Guardian in this panel. Such a startling contrast to who she used to be:

Snarling, savage, wild-child Arietta: before being tamed by the original Ion.
I liked her more the way she was.

And she bit original!Ion. Which only says how much more kickass she was before being domesticated. >D

This and other panels reveal to you how psychotic and manipulative the original!Ion was. *evil grin* He and Van were clearly partners in crime and cooking up every conspiracy in the book. The original Ion refers to Arietta as his "pet" - in the scans, there's a scene where the original!Ion is attacked by furious citizens. Arietta tries to stop them and is knocked aside. Ion reacts by killing Arietta's attacker and saying, "No one but me can touch my pet." (Or a rough approximation)

I do think this is baby!Arietta.

And this is baby!Ion - the version we get in Tales of the Abyss.

Rough approximation of what goes on:
Original!Ion: "Ah - read that. What does it say?"
Replica!Ion: *holds up book* "You will die at the age of 12."

If I may say so in so many words: the original was a real bastard.

Happy Arietta! She gives a raiga skull to Ion, saying that this was her elder sister (from the time when she was adopted by the Raiga Queen), and that this elder sister was strong and protected Arietta, just as she would protect Ion.

Clearly, then, as now, Arietta suffered from a major case of separation anxiety. But then again when you see how important Ion was to her, you can understand that.

Van makes several cameos!


Apologies, seki_yumizu, your Guy-Luke present/reward should come soon! ;) I didn't expect scanning this to be so exhausting.

And you have got to check out narugami's new post on Tales of the Abyss: an explosion of Namco updates! My favourites are the official Peony anime art, introduction of Cantabile (whose outfit, in my opinion, looks like Van's, Asch's and Dist's ripped up, sewn together at random, and dyed). Thank you so much, Adi! ♥
6th-Apr-2007 02:29 pm (UTC)
XDDDD If only I was as interested in these people as I was in Asch and Luke. *grin*

! OHMYGOD I actually forgot we had a trip tomorrow. *buries face in hands* 's okay! We'll meet up another Saturday! I should see Sarah and Rae soon, actually. *grin* Oh my heavens, we totally need to meet soon. ;)

THANK YOU FOR THE NEWS!! No one ever says no to free ice cream! *griiin* XDDDD

Come after the exam? No better time, and no better reward! *grin* Unless your exams are 6 - 9 pm - in which case I will TAKE you out for ice cream one of these days, because you deserve it for having exams at that ghastly hour. ;)
6th-Apr-2007 02:41 pm (UTC)
Hahaha... I like Asch and Luke better too. DAMMIT. I need to play the game! XD
Hmmm... I wonder if they have roms for that... >.> Totally throwing IP out the window for business law!

*HUGS* It's ok! Sarah says if we meet up later, the brighter side is that we get to save more money now so we can go shopping for more stuff later! XD

Free ice cream is one thing. Free Ben & Jerry's ice cream is another. *floats*
Exam ends at 11am, but I have a killer paper that I need to study for on the next day too, so not sure if I can arrange my studies that I GET THE ICE CREAM OR NOT. ;___; I hate myself for last minute studying now. ;___; I have three 5 to 7.30pm exams on the second week. (Three weeks of exams. It is a conspiracy to kill us!) Meh. >.< I can't wait for exams to be over, after which IT WILL BE LC AND FOOD, ANYBODY? XD

(By the way, if you're on msn, add me? natjie@hotmail.com)
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