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trust me
Tales of the Abyss: Ion and Arietta Extra Scans 
6th-Apr-2007 09:11 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Long, busy day today: That is also aingeal_isilme's birthday! ♥ If you're reading this, sweetheart, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *grin* Though we've already talked on the phone, I wish I could be there in person! ;) DON'T WORRY, THAT'LL BE TOMORROW. ♥

Scanning Ion-Arietta makes me very sleepy because there isn't anything much there to keep me interested. I'd have scanned this sooner if Asch, Luke or Guy appeared in it. Whoops, looks like being tired makes me honest, too.

This Abyss extra is drawn by the Abyss mangaka (who, I've recently discovered with risax, also illustrates yuri novels), and it's about original!Ion and Arietta. Present!Ion and Van make the occasional cameo appearances. Van and original!Ion were clearly partners in crime and evilness.

Still, I liked the original more. He was completely more kickass. And psychotic into the bargain, which only endeared him to me.

Ion and Arietta Extra
43.4 MB (I scan at 200dpi)

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Original!Ion. So cute! And... so evil!

Sweet, innocent Arietta. I think she's being presented as a Fon Master Guardian in this panel. Such a startling contrast to who she used to be:

Snarling, savage, wild-child Arietta: before being tamed by the original Ion.
I liked her more the way she was.

And she bit original!Ion. Which only says how much more kickass she was before being domesticated. >D

This and other panels reveal to you how psychotic and manipulative the original!Ion was. *evil grin* He and Van were clearly partners in crime and cooking up every conspiracy in the book. The original Ion refers to Arietta as his "pet" - in the scans, there's a scene where the original!Ion is attacked by furious citizens. Arietta tries to stop them and is knocked aside. Ion reacts by killing Arietta's attacker and saying, "No one but me can touch my pet." (Or a rough approximation)

I do think this is baby!Arietta.

And this is baby!Ion - the version we get in Tales of the Abyss.

Rough approximation of what goes on:
Original!Ion: "Ah - read that. What does it say?"
Replica!Ion: *holds up book* "You will die at the age of 12."

If I may say so in so many words: the original was a real bastard.

Happy Arietta! She gives a raiga skull to Ion, saying that this was her elder sister (from the time when she was adopted by the Raiga Queen), and that this elder sister was strong and protected Arietta, just as she would protect Ion.

Clearly, then, as now, Arietta suffered from a major case of separation anxiety. But then again when you see how important Ion was to her, you can understand that.

Van makes several cameos!


Apologies, seki_yumizu, your Guy-Luke present/reward should come soon! ;) I didn't expect scanning this to be so exhausting.

And you have got to check out narugami's new post on Tales of the Abyss: an explosion of Namco updates! My favourites are the official Peony anime art, introduction of Cantabile (whose outfit, in my opinion, looks like Van's, Asch's and Dist's ripped up, sewn together at random, and dyed). Thank you so much, Adi! ♥
6th-Apr-2007 03:36 pm (UTC) - HEE. Preview of your reward!
Preview of your reward! xD

BOY IT'S EASY TO BE YOU, LIN. XD Well, it was just as easy to be me: just type in caps, use XDDDD, occasionally >D, and never stop talking about Abyss. xD

I'd love to post your reward there, but it isn't fanart and doesn't fall under any of the categories of art that can be posted there, whoops. I'll put it up soon! ;)

HAHAHAHA! XD The update makes me feel terribly excited, despite the fact that I'm not going to play it because I haven't got a PSP and I won't play it in Japanese, anyway. XDD Every time I think my excitement is going to fade away it just comes right back! ;)

HAHAHA! Those guys annoyed me too, and I was: "I think they're supposed to be people like ME." Myspace FAR BETTER. I DON'T USE IT ♥ Therefore I am not mocked by extension. ;)

BUT DUDE the symbols on Asch's clothes are for LUKE'S EXISTENCE!

I do think ukes like Ion exist in real life! It's just that 80% of them are girls, and the rest... probably don't want to be called guys. XDDDDDD

DIDN'T MEG say that Sam would take over the world with those puppy-dog eyes? I BET HE WOULD. THEY'RE HIS SECRET WEAPON.

6th-Apr-2007 03:57 pm (UTC) - *falls over* I'm in PUBLIC, kuzu! xDD SO PRETTY!!
LOL! When you put it like that, the only difference is that I occasionally stop talking about Abyss and you... never do. xD

Darling, I MAKE the rules. xD I can change them for you! *laughter* BUT YOU DIDNT EVEN JOIN AND IT HURTS MY FEELINGS. At the same time, ANOTHER PERSON did not join and it disappoints me because I would've loved to ban the crap out of them. Oh, anonymous where are you when I need you? xD

Ooh! Aren't PSPs going to be hilariously cheap now the PS3 is out? I want one in pink! I don't even like any of the games for PSP but the fact that they have a pink one is just... hard to resist. I WANT TO TRADE IN MY DS LITE FOR A PINK ONE. Do you want mine if I go through with it? xDD (OH GOD I AM SO SPOILT!)

LOL! HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT LUKE? I am so tempted to write Supernatural!Abyss fanfic now. :D Luke only exists because Asch believes in him! How romantic! ♥

I can't remember Meg saying anything like that, I was too busy imagining what it would be like if she FELL OFF A BUILDING (and then it happened! ♥) to pay attention to what she was saying. Skank. xD


How did we go from you shooting me, to us shooting a yellow-eyed demon? xD PLOT HOLE!

8th-Apr-2007 06:27 am (UTC) - HEE THERE WILL BE MORE SOON
XDDD Online, I never stop talking about Abyss. ;) RL: I rarely talk about Abyss. ALL TALKED OUT. XDDD

HEE HEE HEE. XDDDDD Thank you for offering to change the rules! *snug*

Eh, the not joining thing: it's on principle, actually. I can explain it to you, but you know what whatever I have will be yours if you want it. I tend to only want to share... sensitive material with people I trust, and I feel it's more under wraps if I restrict it to my own LJ? I don't know a vast majority of the community members, and - I don't trust everyone.

See, when you don't have anonymous, that's when you create SOCKPUPPET ACCOUNTS. But make sure your community doesn't log IP addresses. >D

Nintendo DS Lite? ;) It's okay, sweets, you'd probably get more out of it if you sold it on Ebay. xD At the moment the only two things I'm interested in maybe acquiring are the PS3 (only when FF13 comes out in English - long while off), and the PSP (for Radiant Mythology when it comes out in English. HEH)

XDDD I really wanted to write Abyss-Supernatural crossovers. Where Asch and Luke hit the road to find.... er, Van. EW. But you see, Luke would have to be Dean: believes completely in Sensei, will do everything Sensei says unquestioningly. Asch would be the angsty one with Sensei problems. HEE.

HAHAHAHA your evil wish for Meg came true! ;) But yeah. She totally said that.

No plot holes! Dean exorcised the demon so fast that SAMMY DIDN'T SEE IT. xD Of course you didn't notice the shift in plot, little brother, you were kind of TOTALLY POSSESSED AT THE TIME. And then you conveniently HAD AMNESIA.
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