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They Say That In The Army...

Today was the youngest sibling's Army Open House: I think it's terribly fun having both siblings in the army at the same time. Besides being endless material for new Asch fic/ideas, it's also just plain fun. Crawled out of bed at the most unholy hour of the morning to get to sibling's camp (at the End of the World, in my opinion). One of the most hilarious moments of the day happened when the wing commander was talking about the army school's sleeping arrangments and said: "The bunks are shared on a two-to-one basis+ - to give your sons the opportunity to get to know themselves."

The inner Asch instantly yelled, "I don't want to get to know YOU, KUZU!"

Other sibling finished Gears of War in two days. Is this actually normal? No wonder he thinks Japanese RPGs take all eternity to complete. (Am very happy, now we can go back to FFXII!)

And this week, Koutetsu Sangokushi is out! It's a Japanese anime adaptation of the Three Kingdoms classic, with one of the most impressive cast lists I've ever seen. (Here's hoping it isn't going to be another Harukatoki no Naka de: great cast list... abysmal plot) I've been looking forward to his very much since smilbe brought it to my attention: The cast list has Miyano Mamoru as Lu Xun, Takehito Koyasu as Zhuge Liang (reason enough to watch the show). This and this tell you on who voices who, using the Chinese names.

Visual and plot summary of the first episode, in case you're interested. I haven't been able to watch it yet, but general opinion among those I know appears to be unrelieved horror. :D Lu Xun and Zhuge Liang (Miyano Mamoru and Takehito Koyasu) appear to be involved in what I can only describe as a Van/Luke relationship set in historical China instead of Tales of the Abyss. This post explains all.
risax would probably agree, as the first key scene goes like this:

Miyano Mamoru: SENSEI WHAT SHALL I DO T_____T
Takehito Koyasu: Listen to me, Little Boy! *PLOT PLOT PLOT*

Watch this space for a post someday entitled Cultural Adaptations: When Japanese Anime Gets It Very, Very Wrong. It will give me great vindictive joy to write that post. I've spent so much of my life flinching as attempts to Anglicize anime (read, dubs) get universally condemned. How I'll love the opportunity to scream, They're raping the original source material! for once.

The recent anime adaptation of Romeo and Juliet appears to have fared a little better despite taking greater liberties with the original source material (or perhaps it's because we're all already accustomed to rather outre adaptations in present pop culture). I may watch this, not least because Juliet's a redhead. *grin*

Incidentally, I love Anime Nfo: while Anime News Network is much better when exhaustively listing seiyuu roles, Anime NFO actually has the seiyuu names in kanji.

+Wing Commander meant that the bunks are shared two boys to one room (which has two beds). Though I thought it sounded an awful lot like the guys got to share two guys to a bed. :D And: Japanese fonts.

The Politics of Good Touch, Bad Touch: When badtouching is an absolute no-no. Wonderful article by the NY Times about badtouching!Presidents. I think Putin wins my award for Most Compromising Badtouch In All Political History.

Public Service Annoucement

If you have Master Van predilections: please molest someone your own age.

Having being almost groped in a crowded train just yesterday (wanted to punch him, but there wasn't room, and perhaps it is good that I gave him the benefit of the doubt: maybe he was just squeezing past me to get out of the train, but there was no reason for his hand to be THERE), I think that it is PAST TIME for such a post.

I did actually once read this very amusing article about how to handle molestation on Japanese public transport (apparently over there, there are a shocking number of molestation incidents on trains) - and the author said that the way it should be handled (I thought this was rather a tongue-in-cheek statement) was that the outraged girl should seize the offending hand and demand "DARE NO TE?" (Whose hand is this?!)

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