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Koutetsu Sangokushi: Episode 1 Screencaps and Commentary

I've been waiting quite a while to catch Koutetsu Sangokushi, and I must say I haven't been disappointed! *grin* One caveat, though: I am notoriously easy to please, so those of you with more discerning standards than mine may well be disappointed. An additional qualification: My familiarity with the existing Three Kingdoms classic is effectively nil, so my mind is relatively immune to the violence that was done to the original work.

Clearly, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms refers to the Love Story of Zhuge Liang and Lu Xun. This mentioned that the Koutetsu writer also wrote Gakuen Heaven, so perhaps it's no surprise the way this turned out.

If you can take a Three Kingdoms in which Cao Cao is a woman (tashigi has conclusively proved that he is, despite all appearances, a man), Zhuge Liang is disturbingly pretty and having serious teacher-student vibes with a Lu Xun who's escaped from a mecha series, then this just may be the anime for you!

Warning: Very image-heavy post

You know what kind of anime you're getting when the OP opens with this:

And there is a scene where Zhuge Liang combs Lu Xun's hair. Screencaps especially for sodiumion. *wink*

Zhuge Liang doesn't just give Lu Xun a hairstyling session, he also gives him a necklace!

And Lu Xun emos. And finds solace, well:

Lu Xun is main character of this anime, and, like any main character worth his salt, has a suitably emo past. And it's Sun Ce's (incidentally, voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto, who voiced Guy in Tales of the Abyss)

Lu Xun's father was killed by 孫策伯符 (Hakufu Sonsaku, voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto). I think this is meant to be Sun Ce. Okay, so Sun Ce killed Lu Xun's father. ... moving on.

This is Sun Ce, incidentally.

Zhuge Liang has the brilliant idea of sending Lu Xun to offer his services (cough), I mean work for, Sun Ce. Lu Xun emos a lot and he and Zhuge Liang spend the day watching Sun Ce's army have it out

amidst a great deal of questionable imagery:

Though bearing in mind that it's Zhuge Liang and Lu Xun in the foreground, I thought the background symbolism should have been reversed, but never mind me.

The art is best when it focuses on these two.

Lu Xun gets a pretty good

character design:

I thought this image was the quintessential representation of a Miyano Mamoru Character in a Purportedly Shonen Series.

There are many moments in which Lu Xun and Zhuge Liang spend

Even More Time Together:

But of all the cast, I thought Cao Cao

had it worst:

If Cao Cao isn't meant to be a girl in this series, he sure is drawn like one. I'm not sure if this is the voice actor.

And gets lots of fatalistic imagery of moths and flames:

+PS, Miki Shinichiro voices Zhou Yu.

Also, tashigi has my eternal love for transcribing the cast list to reflect the original Chinese names. ☆ Also, other people interested in this series. I'm enjoying being the second person to put down this interest! ;) Can't wait til there is a COMMUNITY. ;)
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