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Tales of the Abyss: 6th and Final Dash Novel Scans

Been walking on sunshine these few days, because farfello is back and risax is coming home tonight and REUNION, AT LAST! *beams* I can't believe how ridiculously happy being in the same country as my favourite people makes me! Also, we had an extended-family birthday-celebration last night and man, I always love these extended family gatherings, because: OH LOOK, RELATIVES! ♥ I was sitting next to my cousin (we both love Orlando Bloom and we first connected in fandom over Fruits Basket yaoi), and oh, it was a great evening. We were talking about going to Japan, and I told her Ikebukuro was a great place to go.

Her: You mean Otome Road?
Me: ♥___♥ YES!
Her: You mean it's real?

And she was, "Have you listened to Arashi?" and played I Want Somebody for me. I fell in love with that song almost instantly. ♥ I love new music! ;)

Despite the fact that the exams are impeding and it scares me half to death when I'm thinking about how little time I have left, there will always be time for fandom! ♥ Actually during exams there is even more time for fandom, because I tend to stay at home to study and therefore actually have an Internet connection on hand more often than usual.

For little_ribbon:
This one's your reward! *grin*

6th Tales of the Abyss Dash Novel Scans
I can't believe this is the last time I will be scanning a Dash novel! But as far as we know it, this is the end, so for the last time:

Some Enchanted Evening

and bookmark!

Forever Was In Your Eyes

Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever

Okay, there's a lot of pain in these illustrations this time around.

The most pointless picture ever to grace the pages of the Dash novels.
As far as I'm concerned the only one who'd be interested in this picture would be Guy! For the fontech!

Well, Jade is in it, but we've all seen better...

FACE DOWN A LION - brave girl.

Sometimes I wonder, if Asch hadn't been so insistent on fighting Luke in Eldrant, would he have been able to defeat all the Eldrant guards, without being tired out by the fight with Luke beforehand.

It's time to say goodbye.

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