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Tales of the Abyss: 6th and Final Dash Novel Scans

Been walking on sunshine these few days, because farfello is back and risax is coming home tonight and REUNION, AT LAST! *beams* I can't believe how ridiculously happy being in the same country as my favourite people makes me! Also, we had an extended-family birthday-celebration last night and man, I always love these extended family gatherings, because: OH LOOK, RELATIVES! ♥ I was sitting next to my cousin (we both love Orlando Bloom and we first connected in fandom over Fruits Basket yaoi), and oh, it was a great evening. We were talking about going to Japan, and I told her Ikebukuro was a great place to go. A discussion on Otome RoadCollapse )

And she was, "Have you listened to Arashi?" and played I Want Somebody for me. I fell in love with that song almost instantly. ♥ I love new music! ;)

Despite the fact that the exams are impeding and it scares me half to death when I'm thinking about how little time I have left, there will always be time for fandom! ♥ Actually during exams there is even more time for fandom, because I tend to stay at home to study and therefore actually have an Internet connection on hand more often than usual.

For little_ribbon:
This one's your reward! *grin*

6th Tales of the Abyss Dash Novel Scans
I can't believe this is the last time I will be scanning a Dash novel! But as far as we know it, this is the end, so for the last time:
Some Enchanted EveningCollapse )

Forever Was In Your EyesCollapse )

Goodbye Doesn't Mean ForeverCollapse )

Anise and Arietta, The Love of Guy's Life, Asch and Luke's final battle, Tear and VanCollapse )
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