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I Could Have Walked All Day

Woke up late for meeting today *weeps* Off to Orchard with Sway and Alex to watch Bruce Almighty! ^_^ Alex and I agreed that Jim Carrey is actually cute. Is just that he keeps making faces with that pretty face of his.

I confess I watched that show just to see Morgan Freeman as God. *cheers Morgan Freeman* He is so cool!

The conditions of Bruce acquiring Godhood were these:

1. Can't tell anyone he's God.

2. No tampering with free will.

My idea was that the movie was actually about learning to be happy with what you have. ^_^ Even if it is a (by others' standards) a mediocre life. Still. That mediocre life is what you make of it. And life's all about what works for us. Not about what works for the rest of the world.

Morgan Freeman as God: "Parting your tomato soup - that's a magic trick. But a single mother who holds two jobs and still finds time to see her child's soccer practice - that's a miracle. A kid who says no to drugs and yes to an education - that's a miracle."

*agrees adamantly*

Also, Lido has an aquarium set up to promote Finding Nemo. Said aquarium has no clown fish at all.

McDonalds also has static displays for Finding Nemo promotions, which, distressingly, are about fish caught up in nets. Looking quite dead. Hardly what Finding Nemo is all about.

Bro does not hold my views on Finding Nemo being a touching story about how the father clownfish goes through so much just to find his baby.

Went to Seoul Garden for lunch. Was there for an unbelievably long time. ^___^ And as always, when I hit SG, all I eat is beef and squid. Immensely unhealthy, yes. But as always, incredibly good. ^___^

Then from Takashimaya, we walked all the way to Fort Canning. Past the Somerset and Dhoby Gaut MRT stations.

Bought the Iced Chocolate Gelato at Dome. I miss the Dome at Orchard Library. That one had the most amazing cream of mushroom soup! :( And now it's replaced by that Gailieo Cafe that has a horrible salmon set. *makes face* Said horrible cafe is also at the National Library.

Sway had an interview at Cox Terrance, so the three of us climbed the Hill together. ^_^ Alex and I wandered about Fort Canning while the interview proceeded. There is an archaeological dig site at Fort Canning. It's been built up fairly well - with sturdy varnished wood planking and a well-lit and diagrammed display case for the artefacts they've unearthed. Pottery jars, glass bottles, glass beads, and the usual. Apparently, their glass beads were made by wrapping a thread of molten glass around a wire, then cutting the glass beads.

Sway led me to the music shop where I bought a Vertical Horizon CD! First time in my life - the Gramaphone staff recommended RadioHead - and the Music Junction staff recommended Coldplay. *laughter* Gramaphone didn't have it :( But MJ did! *beams*

Have disturbing habit of reading graffiti. Though I remember one I read in Melbourne:

"I'm not crazy. The walls just keep talking to me!"

Came back home to find parents watching The Mummy Returns. I would like to say:

Ardeth Bay (Leader of the Med-Jai) = Egypt's version of Aragorn.

Also, that I adore the lenses our modern cameras have. Right after that show, my parents flipped to "My Stepmother is An Alien" - yes, that show they've rerun countless times - and the difference was so marked. Our lenses and film now are so much brighter, the colours so much warmer.

Random Unrelated Comment: And those warm colours were why I liked Ally McBeal.

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