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breaking all your laws, one at a time.

And furthermore the reason I wear a nekomimi outfit is because I DON'T WANNA BE DRECK LIKE YOU.

Sorry, Asch. But I just have to get you out of my system.

I watch Ouran Host Club like it's Tales of the Abyss. Like this.


if you are close enough to someone,
you will feel their pain
whether or not you want to feel it
whether or not they want you to feel it
it is not a choice that belongs to either of you any more.
it is not a choice that either of you can make anymore.
you will feel it.

even if you deny it, even if I try to fight it, I will feel your pain.

Sometimes I go off on a tangent and compulsively make up really bad Abyss jokes. Really bad. Oddly it always seems to happen around examinations or after them, somehow, it must be the psyche letting off steam.

Have some obnoxious replica/original jokes.

What did the replica say to his original?
Sucks to be you.

What was the original's reply?
Stop talking to yourself.

Why didn't the replica lie to his original?
Because he wouldn't have been able to live with himself.

What did the original who was having trouble with his replica say?
I don't know what to do with myself.

If you've ever watched Ouran Host Club and know Tales of the Abyss, you'll know that there is a character that turns up around Episode 23 or so, called Ritsu Kasanoda. He's a redhead, and the heir to a GANGSTER EMPIRE.

And he reminds me so much of Asch. I mean, he fits the profile so well! Doesn't talk much and has no friends, has deeply scary eyes, he will KILL YOU until you are DEAD from it, anyone trying to approach him will be turned to ice, and because he looks so damn scary, all his underlings are afraid of getting close to him.

Except that everyone knows that inside he's a just great big cheegle and is fluffy and warm and loving and, just sucks at showing it, that's all. And they just don't say it because they know he'll get embarrassed. And did I mention that he's twice as clumsy and shy as the average person, but also twice as warm. ♥ Okay, this part totally not Asch, but someone I wish Asch would be like! ♥

Oh, Asch. You'd be so much easier to love if you.. weren't yourself. ♥

I mean, LIKE THAT. THAT is a classic Asch look. Except maybe minus the maid outfit.

And so cute when he's grouchy and an emotional retard, but Asch is a bigger emotional retard than Kasanoda-kun.

Right now,

someone is having a replica moment.

Yes, yes, I watch Ouran like Abyss on crack. What of it?

right now,

someone is about to lose his memories.

Basically, it was the twins going WE WILL BEAT HIM SO HARD HE WILL LOSE HIS MEMORIES.

right now,

somebody is finding out what it feels like to be called KUZU.

Hani-sempai: "You know what I think of people like you?"

Kasanoda: "?"

Hani: "I think they're KUZU."

Kasanoda: "EH?!"

Hani: "You heard me. KU - ZU. Or do I have to say that again, KUZUNODA-kun?"

KuzuKasanoda: "The lovely item called ME a KUZU?!"

Yeah, yeah, the reaction shots are from other episodes and moments, but it TOTALLY HAPPENED. The kuzu thing, it REALLY HAPPENED. But Hani says KUZU ♥ so sweetly and gently that it totally doesn't get to Kasanoda that Hani just isn't bothering to kick his ass because the twins are gonna do it for him.

right now,

somebody is discovering his faithful blond servant's angsty past. >D Fine, fine, Tetsuya is a brunette really, but the GUY PARALLELS, SO GREAT. ♥ In the sense that Tetsuya had a REALLY ANGSTY PAST and became a servant in Asch Kasanoda's house BECAUSE of that angsty past, except here it is because Tetsuya quarrelled with his GANGSTER FAMILY (coincidentally a rival gangster empire) and RAN AWAY from home and Kasanoda took him in. ♥ It is like the nice version of Asch/Guy!



So should have happened to Asch in Eldrant.

TAMAKI/KASANODA FOREVER! Except it would totally not work out, since both of them are in love with Haruhi.

And I was on a plane recently and there was this FANTASTIC GREAT comedy short called "Extras", which had Orlando Bloom PLAYING A LAWYER. MY WORLD IS MADE. MADE, I TELL YOU. ♥ It made me even happier than Suzuki Chihiro's Pumpkin Scissors character discussing the terms of a contract. ♥

But ARGHHHH whenever I get stressed out I start going to Asch mode or WORSE, writing Asch fic, because I didn't want the Asch muse to begin with, but he's the one who woke up after my last year's finals and went D< WHAT?! YOU?! after all the other muses died. IT'S NOT FAIR. It reminds me of that doujin kimivalkyrie showed me named Megaton Megane, which has Asch coming back and going D< THAT IDIOT IS STILL INSIDE ME.
And the worst thing is that the more I go into Asch mode, the more I go into Mieu mode when I'm not being Asch.
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