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trust me
A Month of Education (Right.) 
23rd-Oct-2003 07:18 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Wednesday, 22nd October 2003

Oh my God. Just typing those words now makes me realize – exactly one month ago, I started university.

Went to watch Once Upon A Time in Mexico with Sam and another girl. Sam, true to LOTR-type, brought an umbrella big enough for two, which was very helpful when it began raining. ^_^ I blame my watching this show entirely on majokai, because she writes El/Sands.

Johnny Depp is amazing. In that movie, he goes, “Savvy?” just like Jack Sparrow. ^_^ For that alone I would have watched the movie. ; ) Sands – Depp’s character – is the coolest character in that entire movie. Antonio Banderas (El Mariachi sounds like I’m talking about a set of maracas) looks way better here than he did in Interview with the Vampire.

Watch this movie for Johnny Depp.

And while I have lost my precarious grip on sanity, I would like to say:

Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” is a Sands song.

We got lost on the way back - took a bus, and missed our stop. Ended up taking another bus back and trekking back to the hall in the cold. But I was happy. ^_^

Thursday, 23rd October, 2003

Went out with giaan to buy tickets for Chicago. We want to see Kevin “I Want It That Way” Richardson of the Backstreet Boys as Billy Flynn.

Went into a comics shop in Leicester and I FOUND THE SECOND VOLUME OF FAKE!!!!!

*beams at anyasy* I will inflict it upon you when I see you again! I adore this series!

*smiles evilly at Ratal* If anyone knows Fake:

Ryo = Serry
(Of this equation, I am more sure than anything.)
Dee = Lev

SO OBVIOUS. And if anyone fails to note the similarity, or hasn’t seen the books, I will inflict them alllll on you when I get back. ^_^

A girl from our Law Course came back to the halls with giaan and I today, and I discovered:

1 . She likes Ewan Mcgregor!
2 . She likes LOTR!
3 . She likes Harry Potter!
4 . She likes Orlando Bloom. In elven form.
5 . She hasn’t watched Pirates of the Caribbean! Why. . . ? *weeps*

We were playing with the Happy Meal Gill. *impish grin* If it’s still working when I return, I will demonstrate its wondrous electrical properties to all of you.

Congratulations on the piano exam, ranchelle! *beams* We knew you could do it! ^_^

la_muerta! We’re both reading World War I poetry! Completely unknowing of what the other was doing! And I. . . I bought a Siegfried Sassoon biography. Naturally I flicked to all the Owen mentions first.

I ship Sassoon/Owen.

And Professor! READ ROBIN HOBB!

Pardon this ; ) The Internet in my room is only partially sane, so I’m only able to access it at in fits and starts. Hence the using-entries-as-commenting. ^_^
23rd-Oct-2003 03:41 pm (UTC)
Which uni do you go to, btw? One in the UK?

And, yes, I really must go see Once upon a Time in Mexico. I definitely have a thing for Johnny Depp at the moment... :)

And that black wig Antonio Banderas wears in Interview with the Vampire is baaaaad. Especially considering the character is described in the book as a red headed youth. ^^

Apologies if this comment appears about three times. My internet connection is playing up. Grr.
23rd-Oct-2003 03:44 pm (UTC)
Gaaaaah, it had posted three times. Sorry!
23rd-Oct-2003 03:51 pm (UTC)
I go to University College London. ^_^ You live in, or near Wales, I believe? Let me know if you're coming down to London! ; ) It'd be great to meet you! ^_^

You have to see Once Upon A Time in Mexico if you have a Johnny Depp thing! ; ) I think he's way more intelligent here than in Pirates. Has a slightly gorier ending, though.

YES. *agony* And especially since Armand is supposed to be 17!

*comforts* My Internet is insane, too. *commiserates*
24th-Oct-2003 01:00 pm (UTC)
I went to university in Wales, but I've left now. Now I live with my parents (gaaaah) near Birmingham.

Heh, I was down in London last weekend... :)
23rd-Oct-2003 04:17 pm (UTC)
Do you want me to buy you the other volumes of Fake if I see 'em.?

Siegfriend Sassoon. God, I still remember that.
23rd-Oct-2003 04:50 pm (UTC)
There are other volumes of FAKE in Australia?

*eyes widen impossibly* That is TOO cool!

I have 1 - 2, so yes, I would definitely welcome the rest! ; ) Are you sure? Do you like FAKE? ^_^

Yes! The trauma of Regeneration! Who could forget? Post-traumatic stress...

Am listening to Bohemian Rhapsody in giaan's room. Am using her computer. It is 12.55am. XD
24th-Oct-2003 05:06 pm (UTC)
maybe... can't remember... ; )

Hmmm I'm reserving judgment - I haven't read it yet.

Regeneration was actually a pretty okay book. : )
24th-Oct-2003 12:53 am (UTC)
got your card! and went ^_______SNAPESNAPESNAPESNAPESNAPE______^

Yes, I ship Sassoon/Owen too! And Rivers/Sassoon, Sassoon/Graves, Brock/Rivers, Prior/Rivers, Rivers/Burns, Yealland/Rivers, Head/Rivers... heck, even Sassoon/Prior, despite the fact that they never meet.

That must have been the slashiest lit book ever to be allowed for JC students.
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