breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.

Waiting on the World To Change

Waiting on the printer to give me my law materials already, and I found this pretty interesting site by way of nescienx. It's great fun, and a wonderful way to spend 15 minutes. *grin*

Utterly delighted to turn up in the Computer Lab and find it empty except for two people! Needless to say, soon realised that I knew one of the two people, and several more came in later, and discussions about the upcoming papers soon commenced. Oh, world, you are small, and sometimes I love you for it. ♥

Parked! on the downhill slope today! And I swear that two construction workers walked down the hill soon after and gave me a "Hee, hee" smile. Yes I know I am young and need more parking skills. Went off to the co-op to get a book and several things - lady there today reminded me of a cross between raethes and sakachan (the permanent staff reminds me of sakachan), and the two of us were giggling away because the barcode for the book I wanted couldn't be found in the Epic Drawer of Barcodes and the price of the book necessitated no less than two phonecalls in order for it to be ascertained.

Also KKM OVA site! I am deliriously happy that it is to have 5 OVAs. Learnt it off kkm_wolframfans first, I should think. ;) Saiunkoku Season 2 Episode 1 unbelievable, am speculating that my favourite is getting seriously cold feet about wedding Shuurei because he wants to be with Shuuhei. ;) Also Koutetsu Sangokushi Episode 3 up, can't wait for subs 'cause this review was just that great. ;)

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