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And I hate myself for loving you. D

You know, it's amazing the kind of stuff I end up writing when I'm meant to be studying for examinations.

Well, first there was this post. And then I left this prompt, and then I ended up writing this. This one makes me go D: so much because the me in my head swore up and down I wouldn't write Van and then THIS.

Sometimes he hated Van. Hated Van for seeing him only as a weapon with which to change the world. Hated him because he never knew if Van truly saw him and not the first Luke, the real Luke, the Luke for whose sake he had been created.

Sometimes he hated Asch, too, because Luke would have been anything for Van, anything, but he could never be the real Luke, never be anything more than the replica of a person with whom Van wanted to write the future.

But as much as he hated Van, the love ran as deep and as undeniable as the hatred, and just as there was nothing he could do to save Aczelius, there was nothing he could do to change this.


Sometimes he hated Van. Hated him for seeing Luke only as a weapon with which to change the world. He knew he could hardly blame Van for that, seeing as how he’d hated Luke, too. But that was in a time before Duke Fabre’s only son had lost all he remembered.

Just as Count Galdio’s son had.

But what made him different from Van was that Guy had changed, could change, could look at the world now and see a place he wanted to protect, see someone he wanted to keep safe; instead of a world he wanted to destroy and a history he wanted to erase.

Sometimes he hated Van, because in that unchanging nature lay the seed of the day where they would go their separate ways.


Sometimes he hated Van. Hated him with a passion unequaled by anything he’d ever felt, except perhaps his fury at that replica. Hated him for taking the child he’d been by the hand and giving him a lie to believe in, for taking him away from everything he’d ever known, and maybe most of all, for creating that replica to take his place. He was – he had been – Luke von Faber, he didn’t need anyone to die his death for him.

But as much as he hated Van, he wanted believe in him, to believe in the only person in all the world who’d stayed the same, who’d stayed with him when he’d lost the world that should have been his. Van had been the one to give him a new name, a new life, a new reason for being.

Asch couldn’t hate him for that.

- END -

And while you're here, have something I wrote before the last examination I had last year.

THIS. Is an Abyss/Bleach crossover. I apologise in advance to all Abyss and Bleach fans whose sensibilities will be offended by this story.
WARNING: End-game Abyss spoilers. Inspired by this icon, by pixel_chaos.

So. Life's a bleach and then you dye.

The Five People You Meet In Soul Society

When he was alive, Asch von Faber hadn’t believed in the afterlife, seeing it as one of the numerous fallacies humans liked to tie their lives to, like the Score, and the belief that certain Commanders of the Oracle Knights really wanted the best for one and that one should do everything they said, including destroying small cities and annoying everybody in the process.

But that was another time, and another life, now. For it seemed that even though he hadn’t believed in the afterlife, it hadn’t needed his belief to make itself a reality for him.

Truth be told, he had been rather surprised to wake up and find himself in it.

“Hello,” said a young, and rather feminine, voice. “Welcome to Soul Society.”

Asch started and whirled around, reaching for a sword that was no longer there. His eyes met those of a girl in a curious dark outfit, standing a little too close to him for comfort. Stop that, you’re not Guy, he rebuked himself, squaring his shoulders and facing her. There was something about her that reminded him of an idiot he’d left behind in the world before this one, and then she smiled and he remembered who it was.

She really did remind him of his replica – the colour of her hair, that outlandish outfit he’d once seen the replica parading about in* and – something he couldn’t yet put his finger on.

“I’m sorry about what happened to you,” she offered, and it’s the sympathy in her eyes that he can’t stand, because Asch von Faber never took anything from anyone, and he’ll be damned if he’ll accept her pity.

“It’s nothing,” he snapped, and then felt mildly ashamed of reacting so harshly. “It happens.”

“I know,” said Orihime, quite seriously. “Life’s a bleach and then you dye.”

In the serenity of the afterlife, the only sound that could be heard was that of a rather aggrieved Rokujinshou – ex-Rokujinshou’s palm connecting with his forehead.

He’d realised what it was about her that reminded him so much of the replica.

The both of them drove him absolutely crazy.


“I like him,” Orihime told Rukia later, after the latest arrival in Soul Society had been properly welcomed and introduced to those he’d needed to know. “He reminds me of what would happen if Abarai-kun and Kurosaki-kun got married and had a son#!” She smiled, wistfully, and looked over to where the Eleventh Division were rowdily welcoming their newest and most horrified guest with the biggest non-Bankai battle Soul Society had ever seen^.

“We won’t have him long, though+. It’s such a pity – things are so much more lively when he’s here.”

- END -

Author’s Notes

*The Bleach Shinigami outfit looks a little like a gothic version of Luke’s Tactical Leader outfit.

#Orihime has been known to say stranger things.

^Predicated on the fact that Eleventh Div’s reaction to the new guy would probably be HAY GUYS SOMEBODY NEW TO FIGHT! LET’S SEE IF HE’S ANY GOOD! >D Also, Yachiru would probably try to climb on him and chew off his head.

+I think endgame!redhead is Luke and Asch, so Asch won’t be in Soul Society long, but while he is, Eleventh Div is gonna have some fun.

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