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Spider-man 3 - No Spoilers

Today, the exams are FINALLY over! Met up with elvaron after the papers and came back home to the Abyss of Doujinshi. ♥ It was really incredibly amazingly good to see El again, and laugh, and talk, and read Abyss doujin together, and THIS Heidegger/Palmer smut (NC17 art, please be careful when you click the link) which as it turns out is HER FAULT D: and broke my brain, not to mention HYSTERICAL Abyss doujin titles (like that Peony/Jade one named My Banana, My Peach.) No, dude. Like NO. And the Chibi Asch doujin is in the good hands it was intended for! ♥

Then I went to meet up with law school friends to catch Spider-man 3. We were talking about Fracture over dinner, and... eh heh heh. Suffice to say law students don't watch movies like everyone else, but it's fun when you're all together!

And today, I watched Spider-man 3 for the first time (and I fully intend to watch it again very soon with elvaron, dorkodile and aingeal_isilme and then maybe some more), and I've only literally been waiting to watch it for years. *grin* Well, nearly two, but that's long enough for me when I can't wait.

And - oh my heavens. It is (to me) easily the best film of the three. (Let's just leave aside one tiny little detail about the ending that I am not so much a fan of, but yes.) It was, other than that, PERFECT.

There is a song on the soundtrack named Peter and Harry, if it tells you anything. *grin*

OH but OH and then more OH, there was so much love in this movie! I spent the first half of the movie in love with Harry and the second half in love with Peter and the end of the movie in love with them both. And so much Mary Jane love, too. It's rare in any series that I like the female lead as much as any guy in the film, but OH. You get everything in this movie you could ever possibly ask for, and everything you could ever possibly want. (Well, and that one thing which I definitely didn't want, but I'm not going to be churlish about this). ♥

Omg Peter, you make me cringe so much when things go badly for you, but when they're perfect, I'm on top of the world. ♥ And Harry. Oh, Harry. If you're a Harry fan, you'll fall in love with him all over again in this movie (or maybe it's just me). He has these really really great scenes with MJ, and he eats cotton candy in a park, and he smiles so damn much and I still can't ever get enough. You're so happy for Harry in this movie, dammit. Well, I was. (omg my friends laughed so hard at me for going all breathless and OH WOW when Harry walked out to meet MJ. omg be still my beating heart.)

Peter also spends a significant part of the movie bearing an eerie resemblance to Peter Petrelli of Heroes. With the emo fringe. Double the love. ♥

Man, rare is the movie that has me pretty much smiling from start to finish, with so many characters and so much to love, and I'm just watching it wanting to remember every single moment and thinking I want to tell all your stories.

also the Burger King Spider-man toys are so cool, I want more than half of them. I really want that Green Goblin one!

I am going to watch this movie as often as is humanly possible until it goes out of theatres. ♥
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