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trust me
Spider-man 3 - No Spoilers 
2nd-May-2007 11:12 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Today, the exams are FINALLY over! Met up with elvaron after the papers and came back home to the Abyss of Doujinshi. ♥ It was really incredibly amazingly good to see El again, and laugh, and talk, and read Abyss doujin together, and THIS Heidegger/Palmer smut (NC17 art, please be careful when you click the link) which as it turns out is HER FAULT D: and broke my brain, not to mention HYSTERICAL Abyss doujin titles (like that Peony/Jade one named My Banana, My Peach.) No, dude. Like NO. And the Chibi Asch doujin is in the good hands it was intended for! ♥

Then I went to meet up with law school friends to catch Spider-man 3. We were talking about Fracture over dinner, and... eh heh heh. Suffice to say law students don't watch movies like everyone else, but it's fun when you're all together!

And today, I watched Spider-man 3 for the first time (and I fully intend to watch it again very soon with elvaron, dorkodile and aingeal_isilme and then maybe some more), and I've only literally been waiting to watch it for years. *grin* Well, nearly two, but that's long enough for me when I can't wait.

And - oh my heavens. It is (to me) easily the best film of the three. (Let's just leave aside one tiny little detail about the ending that I am not so much a fan of, but yes.) It was, other than that, PERFECT.

There is a song on the soundtrack named Peter and Harry, if it tells you anything. *grin*

OH but OH and then more OH, there was so much love in this movie! I spent the first half of the movie in love with Harry and the second half in love with Peter and the end of the movie in love with them both. And so much Mary Jane love, too. It's rare in any series that I like the female lead as much as any guy in the film, but OH. You get everything in this movie you could ever possibly ask for, and everything you could ever possibly want. (Well, and that one thing which I definitely didn't want, but I'm not going to be churlish about this). ♥

Omg Peter, you make me cringe so much when things go badly for you, but when they're perfect, I'm on top of the world. ♥ And Harry. Oh, Harry. If you're a Harry fan, you'll fall in love with him all over again in this movie (or maybe it's just me). He has these really really great scenes with MJ, and he eats cotton candy in a park, and he smiles so damn much and I still can't ever get enough. You're so happy for Harry in this movie, dammit. Well, I was. (omg my friends laughed so hard at me for going all breathless and OH WOW when Harry walked out to meet MJ. omg be still my beating heart.)

Peter also spends a significant part of the movie bearing an eerie resemblance to Peter Petrelli of Heroes. With the emo fringe. Double the love. ♥

Man, rare is the movie that has me pretty much smiling from start to finish, with so many characters and so much to love, and I'm just watching it wanting to remember every single moment and thinking I want to tell all your stories.

also the Burger King Spider-man toys are so cool, I want more than half of them. I really want that Green Goblin one!

I am going to watch this movie as often as is humanly possible until it goes out of theatres. ♥
2nd-May-2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
I would love to fall in love with Harry again. And then Peter. And then maybe Harry/Peter.

*has been staying up reading some Mylar fics*
2nd-May-2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
You are totally gonna fall in love with Harry all over again! ♥ I was watching that show and I was oh my god it is actually possible to love him more than I already do?

[Mylar? Is that... Mohinder/Sylar? Any good ones to rec me? ;) ]

He has this great great great scene with MJ in the film, and I was oh my god every girl should have a boyfriend like Harry. I mean, minus the crazy and the emo and the Green Goblin hangup but hey, we can't be perfect, right? ;)

SO. SO. SO MUCH HARRY/PETER IN THIS MOVIE. IT'S LIKE FIVE times the slash of SPM2 and THEN SOME. Oh my God I want to hug them both, you silly boys! SO MANY PERFECT TIMELESS CLASSIC MOMENTS and Peter, you JERK, you cheated me out of a - wait, I think this a spoiler but yeah! It's not actually a spoiler but if you take it in the context of what happens later in the movie. yeah.

Omg Harry. he's so silly and funny and warm and happy and noble in this movie it is so impossible not to love him.

[ah mild spoilers]

He PAINTS. He ATTEMPTS TO FRY AND EGG. He is the BIGGEST DORK in all of New York City, and I love him!

D: tell me when you watch this show, though. I hope you will be okay with it. *snuuug* I think I handled it better because I was self-spoiled first.
2nd-May-2007 03:42 pm (UTC)
Today, the exams are FINALLY over!


... must go dig up private post! xD I probably already posted so much that it's on the second page of my LJ. *g* Do you want me to repost it or just link you?

Peter also spends a significant part of the movie bearing an eerie resemblance to Peter Petrelli of Heroes. With the emo fringe. Double the love. ♥

I AM SO GLAD YOU SAID THIS! I had been thinking that ever since the trailers and posters INVADED MY COUNTRY, but I was too afraid of saying anything possibly offensive. xD

I am going to watch this movie as often as is humanly possible until it goes out of theatres. ♥

*heart breaks!* Aieee! I hope it will still be showing in July. :(

Saskia saw it yesterday! xD We were walking passed the cinema (where you and I saw IMAY!) and I sort of mentioned that I wanted to go see it, but even she told me I would not be able to know what's going on without seeing the first two. I regret not buying the Spider-Man 2 DVD I saw today (for €5!!) so much now. T.T
2nd-May-2007 03:46 pm (UTC)
omg heh. today, today!

OH WAIT I do have that Japanese exam on the 5th. WHOOPS. yeah, you are right! It's just the law exams that finish today.

DUUUUDE, I found something great to send you today! *snug* ♥ Something you can eat! ;)

XDDDD I KIND OF WISH I PUBLICLY POSTED the way you flock-post. :D

OMG SWEETIE IT IS SO TRUE. How can it be offensive if it's true? I'd even say that Petrelli resemblance was INTENTIONAL, but it isn't. IT'S SO FUNNY AND I LOVE HIM ALL THE MORE FOR IT. Both the Peters I love now look like each other!

*snug!* Sweetie, it doesn't need to be showing in July! ;) You can still catch it in your cinemas right when it releases! ;)

... omg the cinema when you and I saw IMAY. it reminds of that scene at which we both cried. T_T (and I know you didn't see me crying!)

NO NO NO SWEETIE, you can TOTALLY still understand it without the second movie or the first movie! they show you snippets in the front so you don't miss anything! JUST GO WATCH IT! ;) You can watch the second and first later and then COME BACK AND WATCH THE THIRD XDDD
2nd-May-2007 03:43 pm (UTC)
I just finally got free, too \o/ And I plan to catch Spiderman 3 when I can con some people into joinning me. :D I don't think I ever watched 2, though xD

I'm be going for karaoke on Friday if you would like to come! :>
2nd-May-2007 03:52 pm (UTC)
Heh heh heh, if you need company for Spider-man 3, just let me know! ;) I'm always up for this one! ;)

You don't need to watch 2, but HEEEEYYYY ~ I have Spider-man 2 with extended scenes on that box-set DVD! I just have to find it in the house! ;) If you're free and want to come hang out at my place and watch Spider-man and check out Abyss doujin just let me know! I'm free from (oh wait there's that pesky Japanese exam on Saturday) - next week onwards, so it's all good! ;)

!!! Friday? ♥ Are you off for that anime place and karaoke? ♥ THAT WOULD BE SO COOL? ;D
2nd-May-2007 03:55 pm (UTC)
Yay you for finishing your exams! :D :D :D

I'm going to be the last one to finish... *sobs* I'll only be done on 13 June! o.o

Somewhat irrelevant but the thing that made me squee most about the Spiderman 3 movie was the fact that Snow Patrol did a song called Signal Fire on the soundtrack which I absolutely and completely love. :D
2nd-May-2007 04:03 pm (UTC)
xDDD Don't worry, Nii-san! My last day is the 22nd of June! :)

*huggles!* When you feel bad, just think about me and LAUGH. xDD
(Deleted comment)
2nd-May-2007 08:48 pm (UTC)
! *grin* I knew this was you with your new name, but somehow I assumed that when LJ switched names, they kept your friends-of and friends lists. Sure, of course! I'll go now and add you back! ♥ Welcome back, and I think it's a beautiful new name.

*grin* Thank you so much! ;) It means that I should be able to make Van scans pretty soon! ;)

I hope you enjoy the movie when you see it! *beams* And I did think it was glorious. ;)
2nd-May-2007 09:16 pm (UTC)
YAY YOUR EXAMS WERE OVER THE SAME TIME AS MINE! AND I AM NOW DEAD BECAUSE I PROBABLY WILL HAVE TO RETAKE ONE OR TWO MODULES BUT THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE I'M GOING TO WORK THROUGH IT SOMEHOW and I have no idea why I was abusing the CAPSLOCK but it is probably because I am a little drunk (literally) from trying to submerge my guilt at not being able to pass my exams.

Is Spiderman 3 really that good? I never really was a fan of Spidey.. always liked Bats better myself.
2nd-May-2007 09:51 pm (UTC)
Aw...that sounds fun. I wish I had someone to look at doujinshi with. :/

Th-that link was... D:
Why must I bravely click on things without question or thought? XD;;

I'm glad to hear you liked the movie. :)
My bro really wants to see this so I'm sure I'll hear very much the same from him...as well as my dad. XD
3rd-May-2007 04:45 am (UTC)
as I've said, I would stop by. Hi :D</i>

There is a song on the soundtrack named Peter and Harry, if it tells you anything. *grin*

I swear that movie was infested with slashy goodness!!!1
3rd-May-2007 02:52 pm (UTC)
AAHAHAH d00d, so I wasn't the only one squealing THEY'RE SO GAY FOR EACH OTHER during the show ahahahaa. And that Peter and Harry track? Kills me, really it does XDXD
5th-May-2007 06:24 am (UTC)
EEeppp!! SPOIL ME FOR THE ENDING PLEASE!!! *wibbles at you*
8th-May-2007 12:59 pm (UTC)
*pokes* hullo, want to meet up for dinner this friday for fangirling and whatnots? ^_^
12th-May-2007 12:23 am (UTC)
OMG I JUST WATCHED SPIDER-MAN 3 AND HARRY! *____* To be honest I never really liked him in the other films, but he was just adorable in this one. He's so SENSITIVE and TENDER and CONFLICTED and the part where he and Peter fight back to back was JUST LIKE the part in KH2 where Riku and Sora fight together and omg. I did think the movie was kind of terrible, but I enjoyed it tremendously, and I was totally squealing at the Peter-and-Harry duo bit. (Srsly. "Eeeeee! -- Oh, sorry, did I say that out loud?")

♥ ♥ ♥
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