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trust me
English Abyss Voice Test Fun, and also Drama CD 3 D: 
11th-May-2007 01:49 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Today I was listening to the third Abyss drama CD while walking around the town centre, and I was accosted by a survey-taker and asked in Chinese if I spoke Chinese. I removed my earphones and said, quite naturally, "Hai", and then realised I was speaking the wrong language. Incidentally, the track that had me so immersed was Saisei, the fifth track.

To sum it all up: 1. Stop making Asch suffer, 2. I adore Luke, 3. And sometimes Asch too."

For some reason after some time with English!Abyss I fell in love with Asch’s English voice, which is quite different from the instinctive hatred I felt for the voice in the J!version. Don’t get me wrong, I love Suzuki Chihiro, and the reason I love him so much is precisely because he voiced Asch, which is a dramatically different role from the usual characters he plays. If you watch the Angel’s Feather OVA, though, you’ll notice Suzuki’s character Chris Osaka is basically Luke. *grin*


0.01-8: Anise worrying about Asch. Quite vocally. Unless it was Natalia. But Natalia doesn't use the term Taisa.

0.08-0.10: Asch, you p0rn star.
(Apologies. This comes of a listener who's heard Suzuki seme'd by both Inoue Kazuhiko and Takehito Koyasu alike).

0.45-49: GET YOUR HANDS OFF ASCH, SENSEI. Oh wait, that's your sword.

0.50-53: How on earth does someone as sweet and genki and chirpy as Suzuki Chihiro get his voice to go all low and vicious and full of snarl when he's Asch? ♥

1.33-39: Very impressive Negative Gate, Van, but STOP USING IT ON ASCH, it displeases me to hear him suffer.

1.40: If I hear any more girls screaming for Asch, Luke will kick a cheegle.

until 2.00: OW OW ASCH I HURT FOR YOU YOUR PAIN IS MY PAIN AGHHHHHHH how is it that Suzuki manages to suffer so audibly and so viscerally? If what was just done to Asch is half as painful as what it sounds like, I'm glad this is just a drama CD for now.

2.17: Luke! Luke! <333333 I love how dramatic panic sounds in his voice.
Emits distressing number of hearts over Luke. Omits Luke fangirling, for it is embarrassing.

6.10-6.33: Why Luke/Tear will always be one of my favourite Abyss het pairings. This is where Tear volunteers to help and Luke is worried about and incredibly sweet to her. Well, for Luke. ♥ This is where they're fixing the passage ring.
(... well. My favourite het pairing really is Natalia/Luke.)


8.10-8.22: ... GUY?! GUY?! DUDE, that is the most open declaration of Luke I have ever heard.

In essence, Guy: See, Jade?! He did it! GO, LUKE! THAT'S MY LUKE!
omg Guy you are such a proud father and supportive boyfriend when it comes to Luke!

8.58-9.02: Luke's HIRO IMPRESSION. "YATTA!!!!!" omg. I love you so much, you precious thing.
This is when he hugs Tear because he is so happy that he did the Passage Ring trick! Oh, Luke. YOUR JOY IS MY JOY. ♥

This is a transcription of Asch and Luke's voice tests in the English Abyss. I did it a while ago. I found Asch’s the most amusing, because a lot of it was new to me (by choice, I didn’t play him very much.)

Asch's Voice Test

1 – 4: Noises I could make BL dramas with
5. Idiot!
6. Please!
7. [Noise]
8. That’s enough!
9. Take this!
10. [Incredibly suggestive noise]
11. How could I…?
12. I’ll kill you!
13. He’s gone!
14. How could I do that?
15. This’ll help!
16. [Yet another suggestive noise.]
17. You’re being a bother!
18. What a nuisance!
19. Don’t expect any thanks!
20. Fine!
21. Can you take this?! (HAHA Asch, the question is, can YOU?)
22. How could I get like this?! (I loved the ensuing bad thoughts that this one inspires.)
23. Regroup if you don’t wanna die!
24. That didn’t work!
25. Ah, you didn’t like that!
26. I don’t have time for this!
27. You idiot!
28. How pathetic!
29. This is mine!
30. I won’t!
31. That’s enough!
32. Follow me!
33. Follow your orders!
34. Move!
35. Die!
36. Maggot!
37. You’re gone!
38. Fang Blade!
39. Havoc Strike!
[All attack voices follow]
62. Bring all to ash and ruin!
63. Explosion!
64. O darkened stormcloud, loose thy blade and run mine enemies through!
[If you watch the English version of Kyou Kara Maou, Yuri Lowenthal as, well, Maou!Yuuri sounds a little like this. Also, did anyone ever tell you you sound like a Shakespearean actor, Asch?]
65. Thunder Blade!
66. Sonic thrust!
67. Feel the roar of lightning!
68. Lightning tiger blade!
69. Be gone!
70. Burning Havoc!
71. I’ll destroy you!
72. Rending Quake!
73. A cold death awaits!
74. Frigid Blast!
75. Power!
76. Coil!
77. Be gone!
78. Shadow Fury!
79. Freeze! [Now I can make an Abyss cop drama!]
[Attack voices follow]
85. Come on, let’s go!
86. A pitiful excuse for a fight!
87. Guess you wanna die!
88. Let’s keep going!
89. ‘Course we won!
90. Don’t get cocky, this was nothing!
91. Huh, that’s done!
92. You’re weak – nothing!
93. You’re being a pain!
94. You made me slip up! (It’s all your fault and why does it always raaaiiiiiin on me…)
95. I’ve grown weak! (Howls with laughter)
96. Anybody else wanna die?! (I’m not even going to go there, Asch)
97. You weaklings just keep coming! …Idiots. (Now you’re really asking for it. >D)

Luke's Voice Test

3 - 4: [Really suggestive sounds]
5. Dammit!
6. No way!
7. [HUP!]
8. Bring it on!
9. Take this!
10. [OW]
11. …So uncool!
12. You’re gonna pay!
13. No! [desperate]
14. Didn’t make it!
15. [… nah?]
16. Here!
17. Watch yourself!
18. Thanks!
19. Thanks for the help!
20. Leave it to me!
21. Check this out!
22. I’m so dead! (CRIES)
23. We’re not doing too well!
24. Didn’t work!
25. Found your weakness!
26. See ya!
27. C’mon already!
28. Who’s next!
29. Using this!
30. What do you mean I can’t!?
31. That’s good!
32. Follow me!
33. Like always!
34. Move, move!
35. Dig this!
36. Get out of here!
37. I just keep getting better! (For some odd reason, I find this really cute.)
38. Ow!
39. Fang Blade!

63. I’ll crush you!
91. Damn you’re annoying! (I find this cute also)
92. Lame!
96. Whatever.

There is also this function where you can rearrange and select the voices to play in order. You can go wild with Asch/Luke dialogue! ♥

*goes play with the voices* [Download sound recording (YSI)]

Luke: OW!
Asch: Freeze!
Luke: Dammit!
Asch: Aw, you didn’t like that!
Luke: … so uncool!
Asch: A pitiful excuse for a fight!
Luke: Damn, you’re annoying!
Asch: You’re weak! Nothing!
Luke: Like always!
Asch: You weaklings just keep coming! … Idiots.

10th-May-2007 06:23 pm (UTC) - don't piss off the cow, dude! xD

xD Animal Crossing is LOVE? I'm going to be using these Voice Tests as "catch phrases" from now on, whenever one of the AC animals asks me to help them. *giggles!*
10th-May-2007 06:44 pm (UTC) - DON'T HAVE A COW, MAN :D



Asch is Angus?


Actually, that, um, cow. Is quite in-character for Asch, too.
10th-May-2007 07:13 pm (UTC) - xD heh heh heh!
Mr. Angus turns into a redhead when he is angry! *giggles* SERIOUSLY! The top of his head turns red and he lets out steamy puffs. xD

HEE! I just found out he's a bull. He's totally Asch! xD

From Wiki: Discription: Angus is reddish brown with a white nosebridge.

*smirk* Now I only have to find Luke. ;) I already have a Natalia.
10th-May-2007 07:14 pm (UTC)
.... discription? O.o *lost all trust in wikipedia!*
10th-May-2007 10:25 pm (UTC) - Re: don't piss off the cow, dude! xD
I want to play this game SOOOOO bad...but it's really more fun to have a second person to play it with. :/
10th-May-2007 10:45 pm (UTC)
I'll play with you! xD

I really want to get my wifi connection soon~! I just need to wait until my mother returns the games she rented. O.o She rented some brain training games today + the sims and another one I can't remember! *laughs* MY MOTHER IS MORE INTO GAMING THAN I AM! She actually managed to ruin my old NDS' screen by playing Action Loop over and over again. X.x

... err, bottom line: when she returns the games, she'll probably cave in and ask the store!people about wifi. *g* We were talking about it today, but neither of us really know how it works and what we need. ;)

ALSO ALSO ALSO, arrch and I will be ordering Pokemon D/P (I think Pearl?) very soon! I want to play with you~! *glomps!*
10th-May-2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
I love the Sims!
For many twisted reasons~ XD

Wifi? Is it possible to play with someone that far away? I remembered hearing that you could...but it sounds impossible to me. o.O
Your mom sounds pretty cool. XD
11th-May-2007 07:18 am (UTC)
I used to like the Sims, too. xD I got bored of drowning the "ugly kids" in the pool and playing games with Death. *g*

I thought it sounded impossible, but arrch is in Australia and he says it will work. O.o
11th-May-2007 07:46 am (UTC)
I never get bored screwing with imaginary people. XD

I would totally love to play with you! XDDD
10th-May-2007 08:16 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I did that with the voice tests too, only I did it completely and utterly GuyxLuke and it pretty much sounded so much like a homo-erotic pr0n that my roomate came running in screaming, "What the hell are you watching you perv?!"

I don't know whether to feel ashamed or very, very pleased. >:D
10th-May-2007 10:00 pm (UTC)

T___T homg, I wish I could do it on my PS2 but it's in niisan's room so I can't go BL drama!!! XD
10th-May-2007 10:08 pm (UTC)
;_; I have no way of recording it, otherwise I would have a link for all to hear the pr0n on my journal and pretty much every forum I frequent.

If you just play around selecting ANY Guy or Luke test and slap it on the playlist, though, you pretty much have it xD Especially just the grunts and sounds and such.
10th-May-2007 10:28 pm (UTC)
I shall try it... when my brother's away from home >DDDD
I can't help but think whenever Guy triggers his overlimit "Wanna see how strong I am?" that he's somewhat coming onto Luke LOL and Luke's overlimit trigger too "You're mine!!!" LOL!!!!!!
10th-May-2007 08:19 pm (UTC)
>> yea... i can't understand the drama cd's at ALL... but they're really fun to listen to D: and... Luke's sad voice makes my heart ache.... and he's so cute when he's all " : D " love how he talks XD the voice actor did really good (*wonders how Asch sounds so old when it's the same person*) TT;; and omg .... screaming Asch... *cries* TT;; why does he have to suffer so much! TT

..... LOL! *listened to the clip* XDDDD omg... lol! heheheh awesome
10th-May-2007 10:04 pm (UTC)
I need to get down to listening to the cd dramas.... they're sitting in my comp collecting bytes and cyberdust XD

The first time niisan got through the game, we were just looking at the extras and listening to the voices lol. In particular looking for Abyssman voices XDD We're just nuts over Abyssman hahahah
10th-May-2007 10:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the summary! ^_^ And the voice tests too! (I've heard them myself, though it's nice to see them in list-form) XD B-but, you left out a lot of Luke's, nooooo ;_; XD
10th-May-2007 10:23 pm (UTC) - <3
>> 0.45-49: GET YOUR HANDS OFF ASCH, SENSEI. Oh wait, that's your sword.
That can be taken wrongly EITHER WAY. :O~

>> In essence, Guy: See, Jade?! He did it! GO, LUKE! THAT'S MY LUKE!
omg Guy you are such a proud father and supportive boyfriend when it comes to Luke!

I completely agree with the supportive boyfriend line!

GAH! You...reminded me, I have been meaning to rip the vocal track for Abyss for a while. D:
I yearn to make some of those into computer sounds! I want angry Asch error noises! XD

And maybe it's because I tend to be...more partial to dubbing, but I prefer the english voice cast. :x
I like the japanese seiyuu for Abyss, definitely, but if I had to choose...english dubs for me all the way. XD;;
11th-May-2007 02:10 am (UTC)
Guy's 'That's MY Luke!' makes me cringe and make him think of a very proud daddy of the redhead.>.>;; I also like the part where Asch heard it through their link and he got... jealous?>D

Have you listened to the 4th one?*o*<3

And OMG! *downloads* I'm planning to record the jp voices once we get to play the game...>.>;; Soon, hopefully. Ahehehe. Man, I wanna play ToA.ToT Thank you so very much for the voice test.<3<3<3
11th-May-2007 04:24 am (UTC)
>>94. You made me slip up! (It’s all your fault and why does it always raaaiiiiiin on me…)
I love how you summed up Asch's life in this one sentense lol

>>96. Anybody else wanna die?! (I’m not even going to go there, Asch)
So... Asch did not read spoilers from the TOA board...

>>91. Damn you’re annoying! (I find this cute also)
lol Luke? Are you talking about yourself? (But I find him cute anyway XD)

11th-May-2007 02:15 pm (UTC)
The drama CDs are another experience onto themselves; what particularly hit me was how different Asch can sound in them. He sounds softer and more tired, and sometimes more like Luke too. ;____;
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