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There Isn't Enough Squee

As I said. There simply isn't enough squee in the world for today.

We were walking down the street with a placard that read, "Obi Loves Qui", and this man on the street stopped us and said, "How do you read that?" And I was, "Obi Loves Qui". clara_swift said, "As in Obi-Wan Kenobi."

Went to Starbucks! ^_^ I learnt an amazing amount about TPM fandom, fic, and I can't wait to get Internet where I can read clara_swift's work. She has the most amazing grasp of a timeline, and she fits her stories into a huge framework - completely beyond my capabilities as a writer. She's an amazing person. *deep wonder*

Met up with clara_swift! She has the coolest T-Shirt - EVER. And - *is overcome by squee and fights to control self* - she has the most gorgeous Qui and Obi dolls ever. We went to Forbidden Planet, and nothing I saw there was half as gorgeous as her Qui and Obi. She showed me the Obi-Wan Unleashed figurine. Gorgeous. There's even a Yoda Unleashed, and a lady told her that Qui Unleashed is to be out soon.

AND. OH GOD. I met Robin Hobb.

By the strangest twist of fate, she was having a book signing in Forbidden Planet. My first, and most intensely stupid, question to her was, "Are you Robin Hobb?" *thwaps self* Did not realize until I was there that she would be having a book signing that day. So I bought another copy of Fool's Fate, and had that signed to my siblings and I.

I have a picture. I don't have the words to describe all of this. This is unbelievable. I think my year has just been made. I never thought I'd get to even see Robin Hobb.

I didn't dare tell her about Fitz/Fool.

Um. ammonium. Your name had better be Zhi Chang, because that's how I got Robin Hobb to autograph Golden Fool for you.

lacewood! I got Golden Fool autographed for you, too.

anyasy, I bought FAKE 3. 07goldeneye is also reading the series - and she likes it. *beams*

Christopher Lee is going to be in Forbidden Planet soon, having his books autographed.

Can't think now. Am at Internet Cafe at Piccadilly Circus with clara_swift. *beams* She understands my LJ fixation! *huge grin*

We went down to the Science Museum, and bought tickets for the LOTR exhibition. We took pictures of Obi and Qui outside the Science Museum. Several boys were very impressed by Obi and Qui. There's Obi and Qui looking disaffected, Obi and Qui reading the LOTR leaflet, Obi and Qui sitting on Fool's Fate and Golden Fool. We couldn't stop laughing. *giggles helplessly*

We went to Mcdonalds'. And took pictures of Obi and Qui in the window, sharing McNuggets. We're now in the Internet cafe. *huge grin*

This sounds like I'm in a fantasy, but it's real.

This is clara_swift's entry! She has a lovely postcard from Qui and Obi right here!

*beams incessantly*

*apologises to lauramcewan* I know I should use cut-tags. XD And I see that you liked the Obi and Qui postcard too! *beams*

Obi and Qui are now seated on the ledge between clara_swift's computer and mine.

I have taken pictures.


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