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Sammy is Under MY Protection: Supernatural, Heroes and FFXII Recs

When you follow several series like I do, and you don't always have the time to watch every episode, you learn to get selective about viewing. That's where episode reviews come in very useful - they tell you whether a particular episode is worth your time. And it's even better if I can find a reviewer who likes what I like: it means they have an eye out for what makes an episode worth watching for me. My favourite reviewers for the series I'm currently following are lin, for Heroes, shadow_walker3, for Supernatural, and mcjunyi, for Koutetsu Sangokushi.

When I'm being spoiled, I like to be spoiled completely. That's why I like detailed reviews that recount what happened in the episode. Not just reaction posts which have me going EH?! most of the time simply because I have no idea what's going on in an episode.

I love following English series. Not having to wait for the translation is such a joy. ♥ But oh, man, I just love following series, in general. There are new episodes and new reaction explosions out every single week.

And because I love you all and want to break your brains, have some FFXII links:
Flowering Cactoid X Rogue Tomato artwork. Warning, plant pr0n.
Magical Healing Sex: Vossler/Giza Rabbit/Ashe. It is exactly what it says it is. And how do you expect someone who used to go around collecting crack HP pairings just to see what could be slashed to not click on this link? Although it is more like Giza Rabbit/Ashe, Giza Rabbit/Vossler than a true threesome.

Five Ways Nathan Petrelli Saves New York (and Sometimes His Brother). One of my all-time favourite Heroes fic: and pretty much for the last, and shortest, story. Warning: the last story? Sometimes saving New York and saving your brother and yourself are mutually exclusive.

thesoulwithin finds some amazing Heroes links (and makes some pretty good ones too: this Heroes Picspam sets my Heroes!love glowing fit to end the world), and this one was my favourite:
The Winchesters vs. The Petrellis. Also, the Peters Parker and Petrelli resemblance. And have Hello Kitty!Heroes in which Peter's emo hair eats his face.

And Supernatural? I could rec Supernatural forever. There's more quality fic than I could ever read in a lifetime, so today, I'm just gonna stick with the Things You Didn't Think They'd Do But Did:

I link this fic especially for lacewood and raynos, who broke my brain with a debate on which was the best genderswitch fic in the SPN fandom.
Journey to the West SPN fic. It is very good. Part II, there. It's Sam/Dean, and it completely works.

In Supernatural fanfiction, you can have whatever you want, anything you want, every way you want it, and not only that, whatever it is you want, someone has already written 5-6 variations of it and it's all good.

All you have to is check out the supernatural slash memories and you find they have EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING you could possibly want. I measure a community by its memories section, and the Supernatural one is DAMNED GOOD. xDD supernatural slash memories - check it out, by pairing.

I mean, how can you not love a community that has THESE tags:



I MEAN, EVERYTHING I WANT, AND MORE. It's like if the Abyss fandom turned up and went :D and me and said: DO YOU WANT: Asch/Luke, nice!Asch/Luke, evil!Asch/Luke, crazy!Asch/Luke, Asch-as-nice-as-Guy!/Luke and then SPOILT ME ROTTEN. Supernatural fanfiction makes me feel like FFXII fanfiction: SPOILT FOR CHOICE AND THEN SOME.

If you want Supernatural fic that reminds me of Tales of the Abyss and KKM? You got it:

That I Could Travel Light - Sorta Sam/Dean, Sam Amnesia fic. ♥ The ending is also incredibly Abyss, but in a nice way. Just imagine Sam as Luke and Dean as Guy. >D

If you are into the whole replicacest thing the way I am, have some shapeshifter!dean/sam fics, and more, and skin episode fic. >D DAMN I love the 'shifter for all the possibilities he opened up, not least because one of the first things he did was to kidnap and replicate Dean so he could hit on Sam (quite literally).

XDDDD The 'shifter fics I like involve a slightly more twisted version of the shapeshifter, and the whole I-know-your-thoughts and can act on every single thing you TRULY desire but would never dare thing. XDDDD DAMN I LOVE ALL THIS FANFICTION!!

In fact, you can even have this fic entitled Lorelei. *evil grin* Dean/Sam, NC-17.

After Michigan. Comes with journal!art and a ghost which obsessively flushes a toilet. *snerk*

That Time Dean Turned Into A Cat (No Joke) Twice as fun if you imagine Dean!Cat as the variety belonging to little_ribbon.

HAPPY NEW YEAR - my all time favourite The Dean Show comic. Tough guy Dean raising baby brother Sam. Check out HIS idea of what laundry is. ;)

There is this whole community for the brothers in all 50 states in the US: memories here. xD I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Florida fic: set in Orlando! DISNEYLAND! And there are Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom references!! ♥

deidre_c writes some great, great Top 10 Lists for Supernatural:
Top 10 Things Sam and Dean are Grateful For
Top Ten Reasons Sam Goes FACEPALM
Top Ten Things Dean Wants Most For His Birthday
Top Ten Drinks Sam Wishes He Hadn’t Had Last Night
Top Ten Least-Used Winchester Codewords
10 Identities for the Ghost in Sari's Closet
The Wendigo's Top 10 Pet Peeves
Top 10 Things Sam is Doing With Dean's Knife
Ten Ways You Can Tell That John Winchester is Possessed
Dean's Top Ten Least Successful Pick-up Lines
Five Things Dean Winchester Would Rather Fly On A Plane Than Admit
Top 10 Things Sam Wants for His Birthday
Top 10 Prison Nicknames for Sam and Dean

And I'm happy with Sam-and-Dean as platonic and non-platonic, kind of like I am with Luke and Guy. xD

song of moment! thank you for loving me.
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