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trust me
Sammy is Under MY Protection: Supernatural, Heroes and FFXII Recs 
17th-May-2007 02:07 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
When you follow several series like I do, and you don't always have the time to watch every episode, you learn to get selective about viewing. That's where episode reviews come in very useful - they tell you whether a particular episode is worth your time. And it's even better if I can find a reviewer who likes what I like: it means they have an eye out for what makes an episode worth watching for me. My favourite reviewers for the series I'm currently following are lin, for Heroes, shadow_walker3, for Supernatural, and mcjunyi, for Koutetsu Sangokushi.

When I'm being spoiled, I like to be spoiled completely. That's why I like detailed reviews that recount what happened in the episode. Not just reaction posts which have me going EH?! most of the time simply because I have no idea what's going on in an episode.

I love following English series. Not having to wait for the translation is such a joy. ♥ But oh, man, I just love following series, in general. There are new episodes and new reaction explosions out every single week.

And because I love you all and want to break your brains, have some FFXII links:
Flowering Cactoid X Rogue Tomato artwork. Warning, plant pr0n.
Magical Healing Sex: Vossler/Giza Rabbit/Ashe. It is exactly what it says it is. And how do you expect someone who used to go around collecting crack HP pairings just to see what could be slashed to not click on this link? Although it is more like Giza Rabbit/Ashe, Giza Rabbit/Vossler than a true threesome.

Five Ways Nathan Petrelli Saves New York (and Sometimes His Brother). One of my all-time favourite Heroes fic: and pretty much for the last, and shortest, story. Warning: the last story? Sometimes saving New York and saving your brother and yourself are mutually exclusive.

thesoulwithin finds some amazing Heroes links (and makes some pretty good ones too: this Heroes Picspam sets my Heroes!love glowing fit to end the world), and this one was my favourite:
The Winchesters vs. The Petrellis. Also, the Peters Parker and Petrelli resemblance. And have Hello Kitty!Heroes in which Peter's emo hair eats his face.

And Supernatural? I could rec Supernatural forever. There's more quality fic than I could ever read in a lifetime, so today, I'm just gonna stick with the Things You Didn't Think They'd Do But Did:

I link this fic especially for lacewood and raynos, who broke my brain with a debate on which was the best genderswitch fic in the SPN fandom.
Journey to the West SPN fic. It is very good. Part II, there. It's Sam/Dean, and it completely works.

In Supernatural fanfiction, you can have whatever you want, anything you want, every way you want it, and not only that, whatever it is you want, someone has already written 5-6 variations of it and it's all good.

All you have to is check out the supernatural slash memories and you find they have EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING you could possibly want. I measure a community by its memories section, and the Supernatural one is DAMNED GOOD. xDD supernatural slash memories - check it out, by pairing.

I mean, how can you not love a community that has THESE tags:



I MEAN, EVERYTHING I WANT, AND MORE. It's like if the Abyss fandom turned up and went :D and me and said: DO YOU WANT: Asch/Luke, nice!Asch/Luke, evil!Asch/Luke, crazy!Asch/Luke, Asch-as-nice-as-Guy!/Luke and then SPOILT ME ROTTEN. Supernatural fanfiction makes me feel like FFXII fanfiction: SPOILT FOR CHOICE AND THEN SOME.

If you want Supernatural fic that reminds me of Tales of the Abyss and KKM? You got it:

That I Could Travel Light - Sorta Sam/Dean, Sam Amnesia fic. ♥ The ending is also incredibly Abyss, but in a nice way. Just imagine Sam as Luke and Dean as Guy. >D

If you are into the whole replicacest thing the way I am, have some shapeshifter!dean/sam fics, and more, and skin episode fic. >D DAMN I love the 'shifter for all the possibilities he opened up, not least because one of the first things he did was to kidnap and replicate Dean so he could hit on Sam (quite literally).

XDDDD The 'shifter fics I like involve a slightly more twisted version of the shapeshifter, and the whole I-know-your-thoughts and can act on every single thing you TRULY desire but would never dare thing. XDDDD DAMN I LOVE ALL THIS FANFICTION!!

In fact, you can even have this fic entitled Lorelei. *evil grin* Dean/Sam, NC-17.

After Michigan. Comes with journal!art and a ghost which obsessively flushes a toilet. *snerk*

That Time Dean Turned Into A Cat (No Joke) Twice as fun if you imagine Dean!Cat as the variety belonging to little_ribbon.

HAPPY NEW YEAR - my all time favourite The Dean Show comic. Tough guy Dean raising baby brother Sam. Check out HIS idea of what laundry is. ;)

There is this whole community for the brothers in all 50 states in the US: memories here. xD I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Florida fic: set in Orlando! DISNEYLAND! And there are Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom references!! ♥

deidre_c writes some great, great Top 10 Lists for Supernatural:
Top 10 Things Sam and Dean are Grateful For
Top Ten Reasons Sam Goes FACEPALM
Top Ten Things Dean Wants Most For His Birthday
Top Ten Drinks Sam Wishes He Hadn’t Had Last Night
Top Ten Least-Used Winchester Codewords
10 Identities for the Ghost in Sari's Closet
The Wendigo's Top 10 Pet Peeves
Top 10 Things Sam is Doing With Dean's Knife
Ten Ways You Can Tell That John Winchester is Possessed
Dean's Top Ten Least Successful Pick-up Lines
Five Things Dean Winchester Would Rather Fly On A Plane Than Admit
Top 10 Things Sam Wants for His Birthday
Top 10 Prison Nicknames for Sam and Dean

And I'm happy with Sam-and-Dean as platonic and non-platonic, kind of like I am with Luke and Guy. xD

song of moment! thank you for loving me.
17th-May-2007 07:16 am (UTC) - Jensen/Jared? xD
Back with more quotes! O.o I hope you don't mind these, but I really think they're kind of cute. *g*

☆ Jensen calls Jared "Jarhead", and Jared calls him "J-dog". Manners calls Jared "Sasquatch", "Pluto", idiot, moron and Jensen "Jay".

☆ Jensen and Jared like to tease each other. Jensen said that there was a scene where he had to dismantle a gun and he wasn't able to. Jared started laughing and Jensen reminded him of when Jared had to open a beer and he couldn't.

☆ They had a big fight once and they stood up at each other. Jared stormed off and so did Jensen and the crew was "ohhh". Then Jensen went to Jared's trailer and they made it up hugging...awwww!
Jared said in an interview that it was his fault, but Jensen didn't mention it.He just said it can happen when you're really tired and feel crappy.

☆ Jensen said Jared and himself often do pranks to the others, but once he got in Jared's trailer and covered everything with the toilet paper. He also said they really get along and that it is teh first time for him since he was never a lead in show and he didn't work with the same person for so long. He said they almost took it for granted until other members joined the cast and they noticed that the chemistry wasn't the same. So they actually realized how much chemistry there was between them. Jensen said he was happy about this because it's something rare.

That looks less intimidating, doesn't it? xD
17th-May-2007 07:47 am (UTC)
I was actually reading this Jensen/Jared fic last night where Jensen had to pretend that he was Jared's boyfriend so as to help Jared fight off advances. >D

PLUTO. XDD That was in the Supernatural extra! Oh, that rocked. xDDD

They had a big fight once and they stood up at each other. Jared stormed off and so did Jensen and the crew was "ohhh". Then Jensen went to Jared's trailer and they made it up hugging...awwww!
.... the hugging makes it so RPS. *HOWLS* But it's kind of sweet. ;) And Jensen's reaction to the fight is totally a guy's reaction. xD

He said they almost took it for granted until other members joined the cast and they noticed that the chemistry wasn't the same

Sammy! I'll catch you on MSN a little later if you're still on? Gonna go down to have tea with mom and then hopefully out to post your package if this RAIN STOPS D:
17th-May-2007 07:58 am (UTC)
O.o I would ask why you were reading that, but I ... no. YOU READ RPS! *laughs!* This is the third time in 24 hours that you've completely broken my image of you. You seem to enjoy doing it, too. ;)

SUPERNATURAL EXTRA? I don't remember that! xD If you're talking about the little clips I've sen posted at dean_sam - are they worth downloading? I haven't tried any, but it sounds like they are full of spoilers? O.o The way this fandom works is beyond me, wtf.

Jensen's reaction to the fight is totally a guy's reaction. xD


Hee! I thought it was very sweet of Jensen to call their friendship "rare". :) Gives me warm fuzzies.

I'm probably going to be around all day, since I don't feel like going out with two ugly coldsores. xD I was awake this morning, too! I just forgot to change the away message thing, whoops. It's not easy to sleep for long periods of time with Milo zooming around the room. ^^;;;
17th-May-2007 06:57 pm (UTC)
Oh, I read RPS. There's so much of it, it would seem wrong NOT to! ;) I would totally read Spider-man RPS if more of it existed. XDDD It's just that a lot of RPS I find doesn't suit what I like to read. It's ... too real! XD

The image of me in your mind is sometimes not the real me. XD

It's on the extras on the first Supernatural DVD. In the boring talking-to-the-producers and directors part. ;) It was where they were talking about how they cast the actors. ;) I don't think they're the clips up on the Dean-Sam community.

Not to start hugging, little Sammy. The part where he says that they fought because they were tired. Quite a guy thing, not to take or give blame, but just to say, yeah, we were tired, we fought, that's done.

XDDDD I am evil and think talk is cheap. ;) The hugging says more to me! ;)

*snuuug* KITTY ZOOM.
17th-May-2007 07:16 pm (UTC) - my mind keeps changing "RPS" into "LPS"... ^^;;
Heh! It's strange but I'm not very interested in Supernatural RPS - or Spider-Man RPS for that matter? O.o I was a Viggorli fangirl, too! WTF! It's probably because I used to think it was possible for Orlando and Viggo to be together (and Vig/Orli had better fic than Aragorn/Legolas! *g*)... I don't really see the GAYZ in Jensen and Jared? ^^; It is too real and it makes me feel uncomfortable to read it! *hides*

The image of you in my mind is much much more innocent than the REAL you! >.>

OOH! I don't have the DVD! xD I will have to beg your family to let me play with the extras? ^^;;

I know you meant that, I was just joking. ;) It's almost as sweet as the hugging. *g*

*snuuug* KITTY ZOOM.

... *hands him to you!* I'll be back to pick him up on Saturday. >.>
17th-May-2007 07:19 am (UTC)
I was going to post comments thanking you for each link, but viewing the plant porn last killed it all...if I ever replay FFXII (or the intl. version), I know who to thank for the dirty Rogue Tomato thoughts~

17th-May-2007 07:38 am (UTC) - omg GENIE. genderswitch aladdin!
*bursts out laughing!* I am glad the plant pr0n left such an impression! *evil grin* I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing links I find through your journal. ;) I wish I had more time to go Heroes surfing, but you save so much time for me. ♥

HAVE MORE FFXII crack: FFXII toilet humor fic. That really is the best way to describe it. >D A friend linked me this, and I felt I should SHARE.
17th-May-2007 08:07 am (UTC) - Re: omg GENIE. genderswitch aladdin!
OH GOD. I'm so in love with that fic! XD
17th-May-2007 07:31 am (UTC) - ... huge comment v2 ^^;;

I read 90% of the amnesia!Sam fanfic, but my computer died when I clicked the link to the last chapter? Thank you for linking it again! *beams!* I liked it, though I think I was a little out of it last night and some part along the way I stopped understanding everything that was going on - and Sammy sounds like you. xD

Because I only have a very small and insignificant private!post up right now, this comment completely sucks. Have some interesting bits, though?

This is what Ona Grauer (THE SEXY DEMON DEAN MAKES A DEAL WITH IN THAT HOT EPISODE?) says about Jensen Ackles:
“I’ve known Jensen for about five years, having met him through mutual friends. There is a joke amongst us friends about Jensen,” Grauer speaks with affection about Ackles, “It seemed as though the shows he was on like Dark Angel and Dawson’s Creek that would get cancelled shortly after he joined the cast. We always said it was because he was so good it made everyone else look bad.” It’s because of this friendship and admiration for his work that she says she watches Supernatural. “I think Jensen is very talented.”

xD I was "WHAT! THAT'S SO MEAN!" while reading through it at first, so make sure you read it all until you get to the sweet part. *g*

Someone on my flist went to the Asylum Convention we were talking about last night! xD Here's a few quotes from her LJ (let me know if you want a username, but I'm not very fond of her!):

Jensen on Wincest (according to crazy!fan's memories):
☆ Some of it's crazy, some of it's...disturbing. And there's...Wincest.....we try and steer clear of that one, we only know about it because Kim Manners printed some off for us...i just hope my grandmother never reads this...doesn't read it".

She typed "Amen!" after that quote. ;)

☆ He was asked about his best and worst physical feature and he tried to avoid to answer, but the he looked down and then again at the audience and he said "There’s always that…" *big evil grin*
About the worst one, he said:"and for worst feature...I have pretty bad texas bowlegs."

O.o Jensen... Okay, I stop here. *g*
17th-May-2007 07:32 am (UTC) - >.>
It doesn't look any shorter than before! *weeps!*

Apologies. xD I'll go hide now.
17th-May-2007 07:44 am (UTC) - HI SAMMY. *grin*
I was on MSN a little while ago, but you were sleeping and I did not want the PLING of MSN to disturb you! ;)

XDDDD!!! Sammy sounds like me? Maybe I like him best because he reminds me of myself! XDD I didn't think he sounded like me, although now I must reread so as to find WHY.

Dude, your idea of a SMALL private post is... NOT SMALL AT ALL.

We always said it was because he was so good it made everyone else look bad
*HOWLS WITH LAUGHTER* I've not seen enough of his earlier work to know if Jensen is good, but I do think he's perfect for Dean. ;)

... the fact that Jensen even knows about Wincest makes me go 0_0.

KIM MANNERS PRINTED SOME OF IT FOR THEM?! DEAR GOD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT MAN. He looks so much like Supernatural's Asch - I mean Ash, and now it looks as if he's AS CRAZY AS IT, TOO.

LOL I hope your grandmother never gets on the Internet. ;) But Jen, lighten up about the Wincest, dude. I think Franz Ferdinand had the best reaction to RPS. They were, "And there was this story in which we were all rentboys and slashed with this other guy." SO COOL. I love that attitude: they know it isn't serious, and they can take it in their stride.

"There’s always that…" *big evil grin*

About the worst one, he said:"and for worst feature...I have pretty bad texas bowlegs
Aw, babe! I'm paying so much attention to your face, I sure ain't looking at those bowlegs.
17th-May-2007 07:53 am (UTC)
Chriiiiiis, you came back just when *I* fell asleep, wtf. XDXDXD

And how does an argument on Dean-turns-into-a-girl fic make you think of Journey to the West? Not that I disapprove XDXDXD

(Ahahah, least used codewords: "Werewolf! WEREWOLF!!!" - guys, are you sure that's a least used codeword? I'd think it would get used A LOT.)
17th-May-2007 08:04 am (UTC)
Whuuut. *snug* Are you feeling better now? *pat pat* Does this mean you get sick leave and are FREE (when you are feeling better)? ^__^

>D It is because when you guys had that debate I was going WTF at the EXISTENCE of such INTERESTING varieties of Supernatural fic that I resolved to link you the most conceptually INSANE one I could find. As it was, this was pretty good! And also because You Read These Things.

I THOUGHT SO TOO. XD But maybe in practice, it would not be as common? Because what would be used would be AAAAAAAAAAAAA!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! or SAMMY!!!! (Jensen Ackles manages to YELL Sammy in a very masculine way, which my brother can actually imitate quite passably!) or DEAN!!!
17th-May-2007 08:13 am (UTC)
Yeah, have been felled by stomach flu and as a result am off work and at home. XD Hence why I was sleeping at that questionable hour. XD COME ON MSN NOW WE ARE BOTH AWAKE???

Ahaha, I wouldn't even have found that fic if I didn't wander past cupiscent's jpurnal every now and then, boggle briefly at "wait, there's a whole subgenre of fic where one of them gets turned into a girl? and then read it an approved of it all A+++ (WAIT HOLYSHIT I FORGOT DID YOU KNOW SHE WROTE A TMNT FIC? HAHAHAHA)

Maybe werewolves aren't as common as we think they would be! Maybe they get chased by... wererabbits a lot instead. ... Right. XDXDXD (*ROLLS* at manly yelling hahaha oh man)
17th-May-2007 06:51 pm (UTC)
SOBS! I left the house shortly after replying to your comment and only just came home! T_T I will - FIND YOU SOON, SOMEHOW?

Ah! I remember she made Constantine recs, and I found good stories off her recommendations. Wrote a couple of good ones too, if I'm not wrong! ;)

.... TMNT fics! I am torn between DO NOT WANT and How bad can it be? XDDD

WERERABBITS. They have that in FFXII! XD And they are so cute. ♥
17th-May-2007 08:32 am (UTC)
I haven't watched TV shows in many years, but you speak so often about Supernatural and Heroes that I am getting curious! I think my bro watches Heroes, too. :O
Which one would you recommend I start with? :O
Like...are there pros and cons of each...and I assume I can catch the reruns on youtube? The TV in my room is not hooked up to receive any channels.

Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp~
Are you, by any chance, looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean 3? :3
17th-May-2007 06:44 pm (UTC)
*grin!* I got into Heroes because a friend of mine sat me down in front of it and hit PLAY, and once I started, I couldn't stop. ;) Personally I'd recommend starting with BOTH ♥ - but if you like series with plot and lots of characters, Heroes is for you.

And yes! You can definitely catch the reruns on youtube. You can catch everything on youtube! *beams* :)

Supernatural - to be honest it's not got that much plot-wise, but it's got a pair of brothers and their amazing relationship, and lots of monsters-and-horrors-of-the-week. If you used to like X-Files? This is probably the show for you. ♥ If you like pretty boys? TOTALLY the show for you. ;) Lots of pretty girls too, as my brothers will appreciatively say. Fairness for both sexes! ;)

! I didn't know you didn't have them: I'd have sent off one or two GOOD episodes if I'd known! I sent off your package today. ♥ I hope it gets there real soon! *grin*

OH! I am completely looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean! *beams* Though! I was looking forward Spider-man 3 much more than I am to POTC, and I think I'll enjoy it more, too. *beams* Simply because I care more about the Spider-man characters than the PotC ones.

And simply, I love Orlando Bloom. I'll watch whatever he's in. ;) No matter how bad it is. And in fact! ESPECIALLY if it's bad! *beams*
17th-May-2007 07:48 pm (UTC)
I like supernatural kinda freaky stuff. :D
I could just watch the first episode of each and see which one catches me first, that would work. :D
Are they both long series...how long have they been on? Hopefully I'm not coming in TOO late. XD

I shall keep a lookout for the package. *hugs*
I'm...still really surprised you even did such a thing...I really hope it didn't take too much time out of your day to send. :o
But...I really, really do appreciate it. It shall be one of my most special treasures. :D

I LOVE pirate stuff! Anything with pirates~
And I really badly wanna see the PoTC3 movie...but I have to wait till June 6th when my dad comes home to see it.
I hate seeing movies by myself. :3

I think I've seen a couple of his other movies, but the only one that comes to mind (which is one I like a lot) is LoTR. I want to see...the extended versions of each. :D~
17th-May-2007 01:12 pm (UTC)
SPN has the craziest fic sections but that's just what makes it so fun. There's the boys turning into girls and all sorts of animals, AUs out of the wazoo... something for everyone. =D I like wing!fic myself, though I'm transplanting it to Bleach, I think. Too many good writers for SPN. XD

And that Journey to the West thing is HILARIOUS, though technically Zhu Bai Jie was the womaniser of the group. =D And the Impala as the Dragon/White Horse Steed = A+++++++
17th-May-2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
Something for everyone's the right word for it! *beams*

OH! I remember one animal one I read! It had the boys turning into different breeds of dogs. Sam was such a charmer. ;)

! wing!fic! I once found this story in which Sam and Dean handled a book and Sam turned into a demon and Dean into an angel. And Dean couldn't lie to Sam. And Sam shamelessly exploited it. And it ended with Dean holding out a wing over Sam as rain fell. I've not been able to find that fic again, although one day I suppose I will. ;)

*HOWLS* I suppose the author had to have some creative freedom with the original story. Though the Tang Shanzhang - Sun Wukong thing was done so well, it made me think about the original story and then go "THAT wasn't there, was that?" xD
18th-May-2007 04:16 am (UTC)
I don't know what is it about Western fandom, but they seem to have some very... interesting and SPECIFIC kinks. XD I mean, I know wing!fic was a big thing in RPS some years back - hell, there was even wank about it

I suppose the joy about Supernatural is that you can always explain EVERYTHING via DEMONS DID IT. XD
20th-May-2007 11:21 am (UTC)
Oh! I read 5 ways Nathan before and it was GOOD!! *_* Thanks for the links!! Do you have any recs for any Spiderman fics? Movie-verse? *hopeful*
20th-May-2007 05:45 pm (UTC) - DEFINITELY! ;)
I definitely have recommendations for Spider-man fics! i just need to get them cleared out and check on them again. Unfortunately, most of them to me don't seem to have stood the test of time, but I'll link everything I think fun, though? It's a very small fandom and we don't get very much fic, but yeah! ; )

5 Ways Nathan was wonderful and sad. ♥ I should totally read more in that fandom!
21st-May-2007 12:45 pm (UTC) - Re: DEFINITELY! ;)
XDD!! Yay!! Thank you!! Looking forward to seeing them! ^_^

I like 5 ways...but its a bit depressing that most of the fics for Peter or Peter Nathan (even if they are gen) tend to end so depressingly...makes me a bit wary of jumping into the fandom...*sweatdrops* ^^;;
21st-May-2007 05:48 pm (UTC) - Hello there! Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man Recs Part 1! (Harry/Peter)
*grin* Hi there! Here are some Spider-man fanfiction recommendations! I'm a Harry/Peter obsessive, so these two get their own section. *evil grin* At the end of the comment I'll link some of the alternate pairings I liked? ;) They're Norman/Harry, Venom/Peter, and one or two other odd couples. *grin*

The Harry/Peter Rec List of Dooooom
There's actually not *that* much fanfiction for this pairing, so it's a fairly exhaustive list of readable and interesting fanfiction in the fandom. My personal favourites are the first three, all Harry/Peter. After the first three, I'll star my personal favourites:

1. Complicated, by Brenda Antrim. (post SPM 1)
2. Irresponsibility, by iibnf )(LJ link here)
3. Resolution.

Shorter Stories
unrequitedangst, by verisimilitude. It is as angsty as the author's LJ name suggests, and while it can seem a bit overly literary, I do like where this fic is going.
hackthis wrote a great deal of Harry/Peter fic: My Name Is Inigo Montoya. (I loved this when I first read it, but now the style comes across as being slightly... overly-literary to me)
abraxan wrote Rain, and Euclidean Geometry (its alternate ending here).
nescienx wrote Christmas fic - and more.
__reality__'s Silence and Distance.
iscaris's Four Times Harry Wanted Peter Parker (and One Time He Wished He Never Did)
And my apologies, and because I wrote some: The longest Harry/Peter I've written is Adrenaline - supposedly one of my better ones, though rereading it now makes me wish I'd done better. One that I still like is Let it Snow (second person). And Everything You Want.

Tobey Maguire/James Franco RPS
Candyfloss, by abraxan.
A Day In the Life, moonythestrals

Harry-Peter Friendship: Not (strictly - I keep typing "straightly") slash, but may be read that way if you're so minded:
bexless's toaster fic. Still one of my favourites - it makes me so happy. lacewood's Damnation also not strictly Harry/Peter, but it can be read that way.
First Impressions, by nescienx.
22nd-May-2007 01:21 pm (UTC) - Re: Hello there! Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man Recs Part 1! (Harry/Peter)
Omg thank you for so many fabulous links!! Will go through them one by one soon! *hugs*

Damnit...I need a Spiderman trilogy marathon sometime soon....XD
22nd-May-2007 02:11 pm (UTC) - *grin* SOUNDS GOOD! ;)
I would definitely be into a Spider-man marathon! ;) I think I have the first on VCD and the second on DVD - I just need to locate where they are in the house. ;) I can skip to all the slashy moments, tooo. ♥

You're most welcome! *beams* This was a fun exerise, and one I'd been meaning to do for a while, actually, so thank you for being my impetus to actually sort out my Spider-man fic collection! There were two or so which no longer exist as the original writers deleted their LJs, and one I had to hunt down 'cause the website had been moved, but it was all good fun! ;)

If you're short of time, just read the first three. *grin* When I make the proper post, I'll take away most of my opinions. XDDDD Mostly because some of the writers are on my flist and I'm afraid of making it seem like I'm leaving them out, or favouring one or two above the others.
23rd-May-2007 12:06 pm (UTC) - Re: *grin* SOUNDS GOOD! ;)
XDD YES!!! *_* SPIDERMAN MARATHON!! We need to wait for the third movie to come out in dvd first though. I think I have the first in dvd but I can't remember if I got the second one or not hmm...have to find out. ^_^

I think Harry was most attractive and handsome in the third movie for some reason though...maybe because he was so smiling and carefree? XD

Thank you once again for the recs!! *adores you*
21st-May-2007 05:51 pm (UTC) - Spider-man Recs Part 2 - General Links and Rarer Pairings
And just in case: Fic List #1 and Fic List #2.

Community-wise, spiderman_slash and spideyslash are starting places to look, though half of my favourites were never posted in the community. Heh.

Non-Harry/Peter Recommendations
Blind Date, Peter Parker/Jonah Jameson (MJ's ex-fiancee, in the Spider-man 2 movie, the one MJ dumped for Peter).

I honestly don't think this fic is your thing, but I link it for the purposes of completeness and also because I'd never seen it done: Revenge of the Spidernerd, Peter Parker/Flash Thompson (the bully who kept beating him up in the first movie). Involves spanking, discipline, non-con.

Cost, Norman Osborn/Harry Osborn, by remindmeofthe - this is incest, in case you don't read this sort of thing. It's short, but fairly well-written.

Black Sustenance - Venon/Spider-man, Peter-Eddie Brock - the longest Spider-man fanfiction I've ever seen. This Eddie, however isn't the movieverse Eddie, he's the comic-book Eddie, and while the writing is quite good, the plot is quite intricate and it wasn't easy to read for me, so despite its promise, it wasn't quite my thing.
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