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trust me
Times I Have Liked Asch in Tales of the Abyss 
23rd-May-2007 11:23 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
sistaofpeace1 made a Tales of Fandom 2 update - some great stuff in there, including what looks like a Mieu game ♥, Luke game(?), and card game that can involve Jade (I like how I thought that first card was JadeXPeony).

Also: Kratos and Lloyd. ♥ I want to ship them so bad. But for that spoiler.

You might see a lot of posts in the next few days as I embark on a Make Posts While I Still Can! before going headlong into work. So!

Times I Have Liked Asch
or, Times In Which I Have Not Disliked Asch
This is going to be mercifully pretty short. >D (Warning: Am not an Asch fan.)


Gimme those big anime eyes.

So cute! when he opens his eyes all wide like that!

Here's a comparison photograph:

The Usual Expression:

And That Other One:

Rokujinshou say the darndest things.

This was one of the lamest lines that ever came out of his mouth in the entire game.
Of course, my favourite lame!redhead moment is track #2 of the first Drama CD, in which Luke attempts to coax a bird out of a tree,
and ends up falling out of it instead.

Them's Fighting Words.



Praise yourself!
This one is a two parter, it begins with Luke's Declaration of Independence and Asch concludes it:

Dude, how badly does it suck that THIS counts as praise from Asch:

Not that last sentence! "Well said." ALL THE PRAISE Luke gets from him in this game.
Verbally, at least.


Even Asch can Smile!


6. In the EEEEEND ~ < / Linkin Park >
Will spare you actual screencaps, and give you my icons instead:

I thought he'd never looked more beautiful.
First time I'd ever successfully icon'd Asch to my smirking satisfaction, so it counts for something to me.
23rd-May-2007 03:34 pm (UTC)
... Oh god, why is Asch so pretty? I don't get it. D: He made me dye my hair red because he's just that damned sexy Asch.

Seriously. Asch is better than you, dreck. *laughs* (I never used the word dreck until I played Abyss. x_x It was just one of those words that you inserted into an essay for vocabulary points but for not much else. Somehow it's got the connotation of 'kuzu' perfectly.)

And that mushroom line makes me laugh every time I see it. He just sounded like a complete and utter dork.
23rd-May-2007 04:01 pm (UTC) - I am going to do my best to make the longest line of all-Asch icons I can. XD
I love the shade of red you dyed your hair. *grin* I always think if you wanna dye your hair, GO ALL THE WAY. Make it a dramatic shade of red! ;)

I sort of twitch a little at Asch being pretty, because I love/hate him passionately and I only think he is beautiful when he goes Rapunzel and lets his hair down.

OH Asch you have shaped the language of GENERATIONS to come.
It does actually have the KUZU connotation down pat. ;)

Asch is better than you, dreck.
I would really love to agree with you, but on this point my opinion is: the replica is an improvement on the original. ;) But I am a violent Luke fan, I just bury the intensity of my love way down deep.

THE MUSHROOM LINE. WHAT WERE THE CREATORS THINKING?! I saw it and LAUGHED SO HARD and had to capture it. For posterity and the immortalisation of Asch's WORDS OF WISDOM.
23rd-May-2007 04:39 pm (UTC) - Hehehe. <3
Thank you. ^^ But sadly, it has faded into a Jade-ish sort of colour now so yes - I am no longer a redhead. Le sigh.

I sort of twitch a little at Asch being pretty, because I love/hate him passionately and I only think he is beautiful when he goes Rapunzel and lets his hair down.

I have to agree with you there, but I don't know... I find his arrogance sexy. D: Or maybe that's just me. But yes hair down > hair up.

The replica is an improvement on the original. ;)
I'd love to agree with you, but I still think that the original is the one and only original and the replica is just a bit clueless. But I still love Luke, just not as much as I love Asch. D:

The creators must have been high on shrooms or something because I think there is no way a person not on drugs can say that. xDIt made me start supporting Mushroom x Asch (note who's seme).
23rd-May-2007 04:53 pm (UTC) - I LOVE YOUR ICON!
OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOUR ICON! It's perfect! *grin* It's the way I prefer Asch to look! BRILL-I-ANT, I just may have to hop over and check out the rest of that iconmaker's icons, too!

Never you mind :) Once a redhead, always a redhead. *griiin* If only in our MINDS.

Oh my ♥ I find his arrogance intolerable. Makes me want to wrap my hands around his throat and show him some love - the variety he often shows Luke. >D I find him utterly fascinating, though.

Oh, of course! ♥ Luke's cluelessness is what I love so much about him. I have a soft spot for the stupid + courageous + hero types.

MUSHROOM X ASCH, SO TRUE. I mean, there must be MORE growing on Kinoko Road than just mushrooms that cure disease. >D ASCH SHOULD GET THE HONOUR OF FINDING OUT FIRST-HAND.
23rd-May-2007 03:37 pm (UTC)
The mushroom line.


23rd-May-2007 04:03 pm (UTC)

24th-May-2007 01:21 am (UTC)


th-thank you? ;____;
23rd-May-2007 03:56 pm (UTC)
I didn't really like Asch the first time I was playing, and then I found LJ.


23rd-May-2007 04:05 pm (UTC)
Oh, man - I hated Asch all through the Japanese game, because I hated his hair and hated his voice and hated the way he treated Luke. It took me associating elvaron and harajukufuuri with happiness and Asch to make me relax, and his English voice actor managed to make Asch more human, and a character I could understand/sympathise with. XD

I'm glad LJ changed your mind. ;) But LJ actually did nothing to change my feelings on Asch - it all had to come from within. XD LJ actually ossified my Asch hatred a lot, and I'm passionately a fan of Luke, so it's very hard to like Asch when he's treating my baby like that. D<
23rd-May-2007 05:45 pm (UTC)
I actually think I pretty much love everyone in that game, which is a glaringly WTF first for me. ^_^

I never played it in Japanese, but I heard his voice just recently and couldn't help but gag. He sounds like a 30-year-old smoking pedophile IMO ):
23rd-May-2007 04:32 pm (UTC)
I want to comment, but I don't know what to say! T.T *pouts!*

... I'll just stay anonymous then. xD
23rd-May-2007 05:49 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, sweetheart, I already know who you are. ♥

XDDDD And it's okay! You know that Ronan Keating song! You say it best when you say nothing at all ~
23rd-May-2007 05:57 pm (UTC)
This time I'm just too lazy to log in. xDDD I think we're going to get my baby (read: laptop) tonight though. ♥

LOL! How long did it take you to come up with that? xD That's really sweet! I mean, really. ♥
23rd-May-2007 06:06 pm (UTC)
ARE YOU SO. ;) Aren't you lucky I'm not Friends-Only? ;) I have been tempted, on occasion, but only because there are such great FO banners out there. (FO can also stand of F___ off, HMM).

Yay! Sammy gets his own shotgun! ♥ Then he can play with the big boys! ;)

Dude, it was virtually instantaneous. You know me, I'm actually full of sappy song lyrics. *grin*
23rd-May-2007 09:17 pm (UTC)
UGH! I am so not going to spend my money on LiveJournal anymore! DID YOU KNOW WHAT THEY MADE ME DO?! They made me log in to be able to read my own LJ! BLASPHEMY. xDDD

Yes, yes. I'm very lucky you're FO. Just don't f*.. off! I like you right where you are. *g* You know, I'm just full of bright ideas today, but, why don't you get a banner that says your LJ is not FO? xD You know, an anti-FO banner! xDD

After playing with Dean's gun (why does that sound so horribly wrong?), Sammy doesn't want to go back to his own. I mean, Windows Vista, baby! xDD IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

I would have never thought of that song. ;) The song playing in my head right now is that god awful HEY YOU, I DON'T LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND! one. O.o It's... catchy.
23rd-May-2007 04:44 pm (UTC)
Asch gon' get RAEPED by a certain Princess. D: I can just feeeeel it.

(And I do hope MANY SCREENSHOTS and translations come from Fandom Vo. 2, because the game itself has like every strike against it for me ever owning it XD)
23rd-May-2007 06:08 pm (UTC)
EHEHEH Natalia ILU. You're so charming and elegant and utterly adorable. ♥

XDDD I hope so too! ;) The biggest NO-NO for me with regards to this game is simply the CONSOLE. I was "Thanks, Tales. I thought you could have done this on PS3, but NOO. NOOO, YOU HAD TO RELEASE IT ON THE PSP. And NO I AM NOT GETTING A PSP, not even for YOU, Luke."

I hope the next really kickass Tales game comes out on the PS3. And that it's WORTH the expenditure.
23rd-May-2007 08:25 pm (UTC)
Exactly, though I differ a bit, since I don't want Tales coming anywhere near the PS3 solely because I do not feel like fishing out 599+ US Dollars for a tiny handful of games. XD I'm a stinge about the PSP for similar reasons. I'm like, way down on Sony this gen since it's trying to justify the prices by adding in all of this shit that I don't really want (and don't have the option of buying without D:). I hate playing online, so there goes that. I have my own computer with plenty of gig space and don't intend to fill up a console with music and movies when I can just do that on my computer, so I don't need 80 GB of whatever. I don't have a hi-def TV and high-end graphics are meaningless to me (and kind of meaningless to Tales itself XD) And... I have trust issues with Sony ever since my brand new PS2 died not three months after purchase. Paying over half a grand for something that could very well die on me before even FINISHING a game... beeeest to hope, if anything, Tales just goes mutliplatform. @_@

(and also to make something GOOD for the DS plz I use it more than anything else these days...)
23rd-May-2007 05:55 pm (UTC)
If you want to ship LxK just do it my way. Kratos tries to resist as he gets molested by lloyd (lol)
23rd-May-2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
*beams appreciatively* I quite like that, too! ;) I just like Kratos/Lloyd, in general, and I knew the spoiler from the start. *grin* I wish I could say I didn't have any reservations, but oddly enough, I do. Curse you Symphonia, WHAT a place for my inhibitions to actually turn up. XDD
23rd-May-2007 09:51 pm (UTC)
just read my p0rns. You'll get all the crack you need. (YxL is my second fave crack)
23rd-May-2007 06:14 pm (UTC)
See, I would make a Reasons Why I Love Asch post...but no one would read it because it would be SO long and then LJ would explode due to the length of the entry.

But I was laughing SO hard at the comparison picture! He looks SO pissy in both, just his eyes are wider. LOL! XDD
Good to see I wasn't the ONLY one perplexed by that mushroom line! I stared at that line for a solid ten minutes before shrugging and moving on. I DON'T GET IT.

>> Of course, my favourite lame!redhead moment is track #2 of the first Drama CD, in which Luke attempts to coax a bird out of a tree,
and ends up falling out of it instead.

LOL! Are you serious??? Oh god...I need to see that drawn out! XD

#5- I SEE YOU SMILING THERE ASCH! He is SO CUTE!!! I must hug him till he SUFFOCATES. D:

Namco needs to hurry up and officially announce Asch so I can squee and burst into confetti pieces of joy. >:D

And I totally ship Kratos x Lloyd.
23rd-May-2007 08:10 pm (UTC) - *cheats in a dirty-rotten-scoundrel kinda way* ;)
! If my Luke love is anything like your Asch love, this is how I do it:


Seriously, the whole darn game. ;)

XDDDD I did Reasons Why I Love Yuuri/Wolfram when I was way into KKM, but it was a collection of all my favourite Yuuri/Wolfram moments. XDDD It was doable! MY LOVE GAVE ME ENERGY. I did the most SAP posts for them ever, like there is beauty in everything.

But your Asch love: completely owns MY Asch love, which is RIGHT AND PROPER, because I do not love him that much. XDDD

XDDDDDD I love it when he gets pissy and his gorgeous green eyes go all wide. SO CUTE! His eyes, at least. Asch, you should walk around with your eyes NOT narrowed in annoyance more often. ;)

That mushroom line, made no sense, and should not have existed. XD
"A MUSHROOM!" would have made me howl with laughter, though. XDDDD
I bet Asch himself didn't get it as the words were coming out of his mouth.

! TOTALLY serious about the Luke falling out of the tree track! ;) I've been meaning to translate it since I heard it - well, for what worth my translation is (not that great), but yeah! Luke is trying to coax a bird towards him, and he's "Come here... that's great! Come here, you, yes you..." and then he falls out of the tree. I'd draw it for you if I could draw! XD

I must hug him till he SUFFOCATES.
WHAT A WAY TO GO *WINK*. XDDD I was surprised more people hadn't picked up on the smiling, I don't even count myself in the Asch camp, and I did. I think it may be his ONLY smile in the game (and no one could see it, moron!).

Officially announce Asch? *griiin* You mean, for Tales of Fandom? ;)

XDDDD I know you do! *smiles* AND I TOTALLY DO, TOO.
23rd-May-2007 09:29 pm (UTC) - Re: *cheats in a dirty-rotten-scoundrel kinda way* ;)
LOL! I would do that and include a picture of Asch making a pissy face. XD;;;
That Yuuri/Wolfram thing is so sweet! Aw. <3

OH! I seriously want you to hear Lowenthal as Haseo in .hack!
Here- his transformations: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nS-lJcf7Neo
*laughs* That is an entire collection of Haseo calling for Skeith and shouting random names. You can hear him in Luke's voice sounding EVIL! :O

I think...the mushrooms were making him HIGH that is the only way I can explain it!

I can see Luke doing that...ACTUALLY- I have a doujinshi where Luke is playing with Guy so he runs up into a tree...and gets himself stuck up there. XD;;; How cute. XD

Mhm! They have the pictures of his sprite, but he is still not listed as a new character YET.
It's suspense, I tell ya. <3

Tales has taught me to like improper things!

23rd-May-2007 09:01 pm (UTC)
I can't believe I forgot to mention how ADORABLE Luke looks in that one minigame screenshot!! <3<3<3 (where you got your icon from). I hope we get more hawt cute poses from him like that!

About Asch, I really thought I did like him before (after I played the Japanese version), but for some reason I just haven't been liking him so much lately >.> I think it's mainly because I feel there's other characters out there who play his "role" better than he does, so Asch didn't exactly "wow" me in that respect >.> Plus, I always find it hard for myself to call anyone 'sexy' who's not at least in their 20s yet >.> <.< XD But half of the reason I "respect" Asch is because of his tragic backstory, role in the game, and because he (what I believe) indirectly helped Luke to come back in the end, but well, if Asch came back alive, anything I ever liked about Asch pretty much goes down the drain. >_> (Somehow though, I was able to come up with a theory that some people actually thought made a lot of sense and why it would seem much more plausible for it to be Luke over Asch in the ending, but I'll spare you that unless you're interested in hearing it =P)

And LOL, I never knew Luke said that in the Drama CDs. XDDD *Sigh* I think I'm definitely going to make it a summer project to learn Japanese as much as I can, as soon as my current classes are over.
(Deleted comment)
23rd-May-2007 11:09 pm (UTC)
...... I'm gonna kill myself by looking at Tales of Fandom vol. 2 Luke profiles =w=;;; omg I love the way they drew them... T___T

Back on topic, oddly enough I thought the most Asch/Luke parts were Tower of Rem, meeting Asch in Grand Chokmah and #4 xD

It's ok, I didn't like Asch that much at all (despite playing in English!!!) until the events one month later. The thought of Asch making Luke look like he wanted to cry did me in and dragged me into the abyss of Asch/Luke XD
24th-May-2007 05:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks for taking all the screencaps! (even if you're not an Asch fan) XD I tried to do this several times too while playing the game.... but my digital camera always seemed to turn the picture fuzzy. = ='

If I posted this journal it would read "A few of the reasons why I love Asch to death" ....no joke intended for the end scenes. <.< And the list would probably be endless cause I'd keep thinking up new reasons. XDDD Then somewhere along the lines I'd probably pull Luke in and the journal would be too long to post. .-. I can't help it... I love both of those redheads (together being the best, of course ;D ). <3
Yesterday I was finally able to read the Gaiden Asch manga... and that made me fall for him all the more. T__T'' <3 I'd rather see him take his anger out on Van than Luke, and I'm sure if Van hadn't manipulated him like he did, he would've... *kicks Van mentally*
25th-May-2007 10:20 pm (UTC)
You know, for someone who dislikes Asch you certainly do seem to post a lot about him. :)

I shouldn't be one to talk, though- I went through the entire game pretty much indifferent to him, and it was only months later when I started analyzing his character a bit more that I realized I liked him. And got upset over the ending.

That mushroom line is going to give me an aneurysm long after I've stopped consciously thinking about it.
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