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Times I Have Liked Asch in Tales of the Abyss

sistaofpeace1 made a Tales of Fandom 2 update - some great stuff in there, including what looks like a Mieu game ♥, Luke game(?), and card game that can involve Jade (I like how I thought that first card was JadeXPeony).

Also: Kratos and Lloyd. ♥ I want to ship them so bad. But for that spoiler.

You might see a lot of posts in the next few days as I embark on a Make Posts While I Still Can! before going headlong into work. So!

Times I Have Liked Asch
or, Times In Which I Have Not Disliked Asch
This is going to be mercifully pretty short. >D (Warning: Am not an Asch fan.)


Gimme those big anime eyes.

So cute! when he opens his eyes all wide like that!

Here's a comparison photograph:

The Usual Expression:

And That Other One:

Rokujinshou say the darndest things.

This was one of the lamest lines that ever came out of his mouth in the entire game.
Of course, my favourite lame!redhead moment is track #2 of the first Drama CD, in which Luke attempts to coax a bird out of a tree,
and ends up falling out of it instead.

Them's Fighting Words.



Praise yourself!
This one is a two parter, it begins with Luke's Declaration of Independence and Asch concludes it:

Dude, how badly does it suck that THIS counts as praise from Asch:

Not that last sentence! "Well said." ALL THE PRAISE Luke gets from him in this game.
Verbally, at least.


Even Asch can Smile!


6. In the EEEEEND ~ < / Linkin Park >
Will spare you actual screencaps, and give you my icons instead:

I thought he'd never looked more beautiful.
First time I'd ever successfully icon'd Asch to my smirking satisfaction, so it counts for something to me.
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