breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.

It Must be A Sign. *makes one: "Damned Internet"*

Nemo Stealer abducted my Nemo for the second time. And then was abducted by him and the Jedi Down the Hall for an impromptu visit to Where No Girl Ever Goes.

“You’re very strong,” I told Nemo Stealer. “No, you’re just very small,” he said.

Was carried down the hall by Obi-Wan and Boy Who Keeps Stealing My Nemo. Was Nemo Stealer’s idea. Obi-Wan was enlisted. They picked me up and took me to the boys’ bathroom, where I was put in the sink, and Nemo Stealer attempted to turn the taps on me. Was quite amused. Obi-Wan also told me, quite gently, about Serry Next Door’s singularly hobbitish habit. And this isn’t in regard to food. It’s about Old Toby. You know that scene with Bilbo and Gandalf, right at the beginning of Fellowship?

Computer Whiz who fixed my computer has a LOTR calendar on his wall! And he likes anime! XD He’s a second year doing what nescienx is doing. Was horrified to discover today that he’s the age I will be by the end of this year. He’s my age! Thought he was 21. Was leaving his room (because he was busy) and ran into an Italian student. “Don’t give up on him,” I was told, imploringly.

Computer Whiz and giaan came down to my room later, and I inflicted Maltesers on both of them.

giaan told me that she and her friends have been subjected to Nemo Sushi torture. *eyes arrch suspiciously*

Coincidentally, this is the night where I’m supposed to finish my 2,000 word essay and prepare for a mock trial tomorrow. Internet went down. And this time it wasn’t just me. Was other Halls and other floors. Am not alone at last. XD

Of course, Computer Whiz’s computers work.

anyasy finds the coolest articles. Here's one she found recently, Why Gandalf Never Married. Not slash that I could discern. ; ) It's by Terry Pratchett, about fantasy and his addiction to it, stereotypes in fantasy - all in his intensely fantastic humor. And it's bite-sized! Thank you, anyasy!

Internet insane again. This time people in various halls have gotten it, so I will joyfully blame the server. It must be the Net's way of telling me to prepare for my mock trial. After today, shall be able to do absolutely nothing. *celebrates*

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