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trust me
You Just Broke MacElroy's *Mind*. Well, whatever there was left of it. 
2nd-Jun-2007 02:04 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
I'm sorry, guys, but this Blades of Glory/Kingdom Hearts 2 trailer has broken my brains in enough places to warrant a post of its own. It's a KH vid set to the Blades of Glory trailer, and it is amazingly, amazingly well done. The kicker is the lip-syncing, it's pretty darned perfect. It has Sora as Jimmy and Riku as Chazz (sobs, hysterically - Riku's too beautiful to be played by Will Ferrell), but it is perfectly done. The final stab through the MIND was the perfectly sync/timed Riku lip-sync to THAT Black-Eyed Peas song. And the keyblade-fighting? Kickass. They even included that incredibly Riku-Sora post-Final Boss scene. ♥

And, ah, just ignore the opening of the trailer that says it's PG-13 because it means Penguins Fly for 13 Seconds. "Some Material May Result In Irregularly Cold Weather", it warns, "This Movie May Turn You Into A Penguin."

And my dearly beloved Tales of the Abyss, would it kill you to quit with that incredibly creepy every breath you take vibe, because turning up this story while I'm searching for Blades of Glory fanfiction on ff.net, smacks too much of Every claim you stake, I'll be watching you.

That aside, it really is a story I'd look at on summary alone: "May the One Who Would Size Glory fall to their blades". Full of spoilers, has Luke and Sync, and I found it pretty fascinating.
1st-Jun-2007 06:48 pm (UTC)
Haaaaa, what a fantastic find. XD; I love it!
2nd-Jun-2007 03:56 am (UTC)
*grin!* I'm so glad you liked this! *smiles* Such a pleasant surprise, I thought this sort of thing wasn't your usual thing. *grin*
2nd-Jun-2007 12:36 pm (UTC)
Anything funny and Kingdom Hearts is totally my thing. XD;
1st-Jun-2007 07:17 pm (UTC)
Sweetie, you're determined to spam my flist aren't you? :D

But OMG. I'm into neither one of those things you pointed out and my brain still broke. "I see you still look like a 15 year old girl but not hot."

Bitch much? :D

Thanks for this and I'll go tell Kaasan to watch it NOW. :D
2nd-Jun-2007 04:06 am (UTC) - I will give your flist LOVE!! And Blades of GAY.
Sweets, check on this post on the SixApart motivation behind the Great Purge. It's fascinating, and it sounds more than a little logical. I got a kick out of the Singapore reference. *grin* Heh.

!!! *griiin* I am glad you got a brain-breaking out of it too, despite not being in either fandom! ♥ I think it's one of those lovely universal brainbreaking things of joy. ♥ WHICH MUST BE SHARED.

OH YES BITCHY MUCH. ;) You should see in the movie, when they start bickering about who's seme. "But the girl's hand goes on top!" "Yeah, ergo, CHICK."

2nd-Jun-2007 08:09 am (UTC) - Re: I will give your flist LOVE!! And Blades of GAY.
The Singapore reference was funny. :D

And the post does make a lot of sense - if LJ was pursuing an IPO - Though I think I still need more evidence to be completely persuaded... Also while I can understand LJ wanting an IPO, I think most of its financial and legal advisers would have advised it against listing, largely because post-Enron, the US now has one of the strictest and hardest listing regimes in the world. Huge corporates - I think it was BA - have actually decided not to list because it was not worth 1. the time 2. the effort 3. the money.

Although if LJ was thinking about listing on AIM in the UK though... that's a possibility but he won't be in the States. o.o

But whatever it is, LJ ain't Google - prima facie, they don't have enough money or enough presence to make a successful listing on the US stock exchange considering the reg requirements - unless there's a US equivalent to AIM but that I would have to check.

But yeah, it's definitely extremely believable that 6A will want to list, but I don't think they could have gotten all that far with it. o.o

Gargh, want to talk about this more but I need to go to work in 5 minutes. Mrf.

Hee. :D Yes! Now I want to watch the movie! :D :D :D
2nd-Jun-2007 09:14 am (UTC)
It was, wasn't it? *beams* ♥

It's not LJ that's wanting the IPO, though, it's Six Apart, the parent company? And I looked up Six Apart and I'd say, yeah, I know companies that'd IPO on less than that. Here - Six Apart's based in three different continents, and apparently has some 7 million users: it could IPO. LJ is just one of their ventures. It'd make sense. LJ alone wouldn't list, but I'd say a 6A listing would make sense. And maybe it's not an immediate plan, but they certainly look like they're planning to expand worldwide: IPO can't be that far off.

I don't actually know what the US equivalent of the AIM is. Hmm. Need to do research.

When you're back from work, then? ♥

omg you make me so happy. ♥ I make special post full of images for you. ♥
2nd-Jun-2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
Mmm... If they do list it'll probably be either in SG / India / AIM etc rather than the established markets like the NASDAQ or the NYSE - Ever since the US passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act , lots of companies have chosen to list elsewhere because here's just too much regulation - it has gotten a bit too costly (SG is actually benefitting a lot from this because it's cheaper to list on the SGX). It's foreseeable that 6A lists overseas, but I think their financial advisers will probably tell them that it's too expensive to do so in the US.

(On a side note - this is getting a little frustrating. I just spent the past 40 minutes looking up information only to dig up something that changes my opinion yet again).

Right - so the thing that was bothering me most about the post was where is the evidence that 6A was seeking an IPO? This post, which I think is an updated version, suggests that she found news about it via googling. So I googled "six apart ipo" to see what that turned up - and yes, there were rumours there was speculation of a Six Apart IPO - but these articles date back mainly to 2006, when LJ received a third round of venture capital funding. It appears, on my reading of the situation at least, that the speculation had more to do with the fresh injection of venture capital rather than the acquisition of LJ per se.

What bothers me is that going public is not the only exit route for venture capitalists - especially if you consider the costs of going public and the sort of growth prospects that are expected in order to interest investment, especially for a tech company post-NASDAQ crash - let alone the effect of Sarbanes-Oxley.

At the same time, buyouts (by another company or a private equity house) have become an increasingly popular exit strategy e.g. eBay's acquisition of Skype and News Corp's acquisition of myspace.

If you asked me about 6 years ago, I'll say hell, yeah, 6A's going to list 'cos that was the traditional IT start-up route - come up with crazy idea, set up company, list, then cash in. These days, with all of the costs of listing and given the fact that there are cheaper exit strategies available, I'm no longer so sure.

(Hey, maybe KKR will buyout 6A and therefore confirm my view that KKR is going to someday own the world)

Having said that, I can follow her logic on how LJ might have screwed up, especially considering the timing - it being Memorial Weekend - that in itself makes a lot of sense.

It's just the reasoning behind the mass panic that I've still got a bit more doubts about - I'm not as certain that it had to do with an IPO - it could have been due to a potential acquistion - or even to the threat of criminal/civil liability. So basically it's just that linkage that I need a bit more evidence on.

Although... after doing all this reading, you know what scares me more than 6A listing? 6A being acquired by News Corp aka the entity that owns Fox News aka Bush and the Neo-Cons brainwash propaganda machine. You want to talk about a threat to free speech? That's the one that people should be scared of...

I'm not so afraid of governments clamping down on people's right to speak 'cos enough people believe in their right to freedom of speech to fight against that. What I'm scared of is when the press becomes increasingly monopolised and starts getting too cosy with politicians. That's a more insidious evil.

Crap. This comment has gotten far too long. I really should go back to studying. ^^
1st-Jun-2007 08:16 pm (UTC)
OMG have you seen this?

It's the 5th post down...

And OMG this interview made me laugh so hard!
2nd-Jun-2007 04:11 am (UTC) - ... I cannot get enough of this movie.
Today I rented Just Like Heaven so I could watch Jon Heder doing the spaced-out psychic thing. ;) Last week Will Ferrell, this week, Jon Heder! ;) It kind of tickles me that I have a memory of noticing him peripherally before this movie. *laughs*

!!! WHY YES!!! I saw that image used in someone's icon and then ran off to hunt it down. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER, and if it had been used as the official image before I watched this movie, would probably have scared me right off the show. HAHAHA. SO JIMMY CAN SEME TOO.

!!! Thank you so much for linking that interview! It, and you! Have stolen my heart! ♥ THAT'S ONE OF THE BEST YET, OMG OMG. ♥
2nd-Jun-2007 06:17 am (UTC) - Re: ... I cannot get enough of this movie.
Actually when Jimmy and Chazz were in the waltz position where they were arguing over who's the girl, Jimmy was standing in the GUY's position - I know coz I had cha-cha lessons in secondary school! XD So, yes, Jimmy can seme too!

*hoards stolen ♥* XD D00d have you seen this list of extras?
2nd-Jun-2007 06:58 am (UTC)
Jimmy was in the guy's position? *grin* COOL. ;) What makes it the guy's position, though? Is it a particular way you hold your feet, or hands?

XDDD! Jimmy keeps trying to assume the seme role, but Chazz brushes him off with the I'M the alpha wolf HERE attitude. The bunk bed scene? Was so:

Jimmy: I call seme.
Chazz: Can't. I called seme in my head.

I think if Jimmy had more experience he would totally seme. xD! Or rather, if he had more CONFIDENCE with respect to Chazz, but the size of Chazz's ego kinda makes that pretty hard. ;)

I saw the extras! Was about to tell you!! XDDDDD We share the same brain, or something! LAUGHS SO HARD. I really really want to see the gag reel, SO BAD. AND I HOPE THERE'S LOTS IN THERE.

I'd kinda hoped there'd be more extra scenes in there, but these are the ones I'm looking forward to most:
2. Extras-wise: Blades of Glory Song
3. Very curious about this: Alternate Takes

The Verticoli flashback must be the baby!Chazz flashback. ;)
2nd-Jun-2007 08:12 am (UTC)
It's how Jimmy is standing - left arm/hand up to hold your partner's hand and right arm around your partner's waist XD Naturally he would have learned this at Daddy MacElroy's farm so probably that's why XDD

YES and now I'm thinking about how cramped bunk beds are XDD Jimmy could seme, and I think after the movie ended, Chazz let him XD I mean, HELLO, to paraphrase Chazz: I AM THE ROBIN TO YOUR BATMAN and we all know who's the seme in THAT relationship

Yay! I AM IN YOUR HEAD, SLASHING YOUR BOIS not that they aren't already slashed XD I want THE GAG REEL and Alternate Takes as well! And also Hector: Portrait of a Psychofan and the Verticoli... who is Chazz offering it to? The only person I can think of would be Jimmy... I would LOVE to see a baby!Chazz flashback!

ASDKJL;J I am going mad with anticipation!
1st-Jun-2007 08:23 pm (UTC)
I'm jealous!!
I want to see Blades of Glory SO BAD. D:
I love Will Ferrell- I think he's funny!

But I think it's either that or PoTC3 when my dad comes back...AND I NEED THE PIRATEY GOODNESS.
2nd-Jun-2007 04:18 am (UTC)
I kinda wish so badly we were in the same country so I could go watch this movie with you. Because seriously! I love this movie so much, and I think everyone who wants to watch it should get a chance to see it. *snugs you!* If you don't manage to see it before it goes out of theatres, the DVD comes out in August? And it should have loads more stuff. ♥ But I'm always a big fan of going to see movies in theatres whenever and as long as I can. It's like a group experience, cinema.

! You like Will Ferrell! *grin* You just might love him even more here. I'm really not a Ferrell fan at all, and I loved this movie. ;) My favourite role of his is in the Producers. It cracks me up so bad. ;)

What about BOTH Blades and Pirates? ;) Oh, dude, we should so be living in the same country. Though I think Blades will have gone out of theatres by the time your Dad's back, there's always the DVD? ;)
2nd-Jun-2007 02:26 am (UTC)
Slashers have worked with less? XDDDDDD
It breaks my brain into PIECES. SO MUCH WIN.
2nd-Jun-2007 04:19 am (UTC)

Slashers have indeed worked with MUCH, MUCH LESS. ♥

2nd-Jun-2007 05:49 am (UTC)

Deshou~ I was practically laughing silently (for fear of my mother asking, "What's going on up there?") when I saw the hand pulling the belt on someone's pants. XD AND! AND!!! "First-ever... all male pairing"? XD XD XDDDDD NEED I SAY MORE?! XDDDDDD

DEFINITELY! We shall start a world-wide syndicate with brain-breaking as our main business!
2nd-Jun-2007 07:02 am (UTC)

SAME HERE!! XDDDD Oh, oh, Oh, the hand-pulling-belt is what we RikuSora people call the ass-grabbing scene.

Sora: *hitches Riku up by the PANTS*

CRACK IS A UNIVERSAL FANDOM. ;) So is brainbreaking. ;)
2nd-Jun-2007 08:15 am (UTC) - The world is our oyster, and we are the spork!


I thought we might want to start off small. First the world, THEN THE UNIVERSE!!! BUAHAHAAHAHA!!!
2nd-Jun-2007 06:37 am (UTC)
Blades of Glory reminds me a little of my childhood, wtf. xD SO GAY. If you put me on the ice now, I'll probably fall over. I want to go ice skating now~! ♥

... you have replica paragraphs in your post! *wonders if you did it deliberately!* O.o
2nd-Jun-2007 06:51 am (UTC)
Yeah! Because this video is so great, it needs to get spammed twice. In the same paragraph. :D *laughing* Nah, mistake. Fixed now, thanks! ;)

You skated when you were a kid? ;) I bet you were adorable! ♥ Was it fun? I've only ever skated thrice in my life - spent most of my time trying not to fall down. ♥

I have wanted to go ice-skating for the past two weeks SO BAD.
2nd-Jun-2007 07:01 am (UTC)
I don't know how your mind works, heh! It could have been intentional. ;) You and your replicas. ♥ I already commented to let you know last night, though! It could have been on purpose and then me poking you about it would be insulting. xD

Uhm. I was sporty? ^^;; My friends did ballet while I went skating, heh. I thought it looked fun, so my parents got me lessons but in the end it turned out to be too difficult. I quit ASAP. ;)

If our roles were reversed and you came to visit Belgium in December, I would have taken you ice skating! xD You can ice skate in Kapellen around Christmas! They put up a rink/piste/whatever it is called in English! Hee, I broke my wrist there a few years ago. I suck at all sports now... ^^;;

HOLD ON ONE MONTH AND I'LL TAKE YOU? xD GROUP SKATING! OMG, but that'd be embarrassing. O.o *torn!*
2nd-Jun-2007 07:05 am (UTC)
You did? Whoops, I must've missed that one. Would've fixed it if I'd known. omg omg but KH2 so much replica love. ♥

*laughs!* Oh, sweets, I really don't mind, you can poke me for html mistakes whenever. Though sometimes I might say, "Yeah, but I was too lazy to fix it." xD

Sporty! *grin* FUNNN. XDDDD Lessons + difficult reminds me of Japanese. And you had PROPER skating lessons! SO COOL! ♥

Aw, I try not to go to Europe during December. Not the best weather. I'd rather stay right here where I am. Europe in the summer, though, now there's a completely different story. ;)

It's called a skating rink. *beams* Ooooh, fun! ;) I think we only have TWO in this entire country. XD

LAUGHS. Dude, I'm the one who'd be embarrassed. I really CANNOT SKATE.
2nd-Jun-2007 07:19 am (UTC)
xDD I deleted it after leaving it up for a few minutes! I thought you were still online and would see it in your inbox. Whoops on my part, too. *g*

Hee! I was going by how I'd feel. little_ribbon = more easily insulted? xD I don't mind most of the time, but if the wrong person does it... *hides!*

LOL! I kind of miss being sporty! I used to be in the gym club and go swimming every week. O.o The skating lessons really weren't as fun as they sounded, though! I don't remeber anything of them, even. FAIL. (lessons + difficult definitely equals Japanese! *sob*)

xDD Europe in the summer! It is a priviledge, not a right. *giggles!* Our climate is very very messed up, desu no. I think you've got a better chance at sunshine in December than in June, if this year is anything to go by. O.o

I think it's really cool that you have any at all! xD I remember freaking out like woah when I was on holiday in Turkey and I came across this huge open-air (though with roof on top, but hardly any WALLS?) ice skating rink ON THE BEACH. WTF!!

I bet I suck more than you! xD The last time I went ice skating, I managed not to fall down or anything until I took ONE STEP on the rubber carpet thing, to get off the rink... some guy smashed right into me and I broke my wrist. *dies!* I have bad luck near ice.
2nd-Jun-2007 03:13 pm (UTC)
May the One Who Would Size Glory
....Van must be somewhere in this, right? D:

2nd-Jun-2007 09:34 pm (UTC)

I was wondering how many Tales of the Abyss Mangas are there? I can only find 2 but I could have sworn there were more. Oh ya where did you buy yours? The only play I found was jpqueen but that doesn't have the Dash manga.

Also I added you to my friends list. I thought I'd let you know that. lol. And is it alright if I add you to MSN?
4th-Jun-2007 12:51 pm (UTC) - driveby affection
How is work? I hope it is going okay! I am concerned that they are SUCKING OUT YOUR SOUL, that would be bad. Are you making lots of MONIES? Monies are great. You sound like you are enjoying it, that is good. Take care of yourself, best beloved. *twirls you*

p. s. The KH2 video is great. I totally haven't watched Blades of Glory but I waaaant to. Piracy here we come!
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