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breaking all your laws, one at a time.

You Just Broke MacElroy's *Mind*. Well, whatever there was left of it.

I'm sorry, guys, but this Blades of Glory/Kingdom Hearts 2 trailer has broken my brains in enough places to warrant a post of its own. It's a KH vid set to the Blades of Glory trailer, and it is amazingly, amazingly well done. The kicker is the lip-syncing, it's pretty darned perfect. It has Sora as Jimmy and Riku as Chazz (sobs, hysterically - Riku's too beautiful to be played by Will Ferrell), but it is perfectly done. The final stab through the MIND was the perfectly sync/timed Riku lip-sync to THAT Black-Eyed Peas song. And the keyblade-fighting? Kickass. They even included that incredibly Riku-Sora post-Final Boss scene. ♥

And, ah, just ignore the opening of the trailer that says it's PG-13 because it means Penguins Fly for 13 Seconds. "Some Material May Result In Irregularly Cold Weather", it warns, "This Movie May Turn You Into A Penguin."

And my dearly beloved Tales of the Abyss, would it kill you to quit with that incredibly creepy every breath you take vibe, because turning up this story while I'm searching for Blades of Glory fanfiction on, smacks too much of Every claim you stake, I'll be watching you.

That aside, it really is a story I'd look at on summary alone: "May the One Who Would Size Glory fall to their blades". Full of spoilers, has Luke and Sync, and I found it pretty fascinating.
Tags: blades of glory, kh2, tales of the abyss

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