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LET'S KICK SOME ICE. (And celebrate with a new layout)


New layout. *grin* Points to nescienx and farfello who spotted it before I could even announce it! *grin!* It's a rework of homura's 2005 KKM layout.

The most fun I had with it? Making the moodtheme. ;) I normally hate making moodthemes, but I so love the way they look - especially when compelled upon my friendslist - I rarely input moods myself, so this is the way I get the most out of it. ♥

Fastest moodtheme I ever created was my Constantine one. Each fandom I get deeply into gets a moodtheme, so it goes without saying that Tales of the Abyss got one. Most difficult moodtheme I'd ever made was the Kyou Kara Maou one, not least because it was the first I'd ever made (and I wasn't familiar with the headaches of the system yet), and because I had the bright idea of wanting to give all the moodtheme icons rounded corners.

Met up with lacewood and rukia yesterday for a fabulous movie marathon that turned into a sleepover. ♥ We watched Shaun of the Dead (way better than 28 Weeks Later), Happily N'Ever After, Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch and the third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. (which I subsequently recalled watching as a child, and I was stunned by how much I remembered). It was incredible fun. ;) Shaun of the Dead has the most amazing DVD extras ever, comparable to Zoolander's. Happily N'Ever After was trying too hard to be Shrek, but I still enjoyed myself - and found the evil stepmother more sympathetic than Snow White.

Subjected them to the Will Ferrell-Sasha Baron Cohen MTV moment, which horrified us all because it was so non-con. *laughs wildly at Will Ferrell's plight, for I am evil* Incidentally, check out this amazing MTV Movie Awards 2007 comic, which is a lovely and delightful example of how this leads to this leads to this. xDDD

Went to McDonalds' for breakfast this morning with Yi and Airy - rarely ever do that, as am generally unconscious and refuse to get out of bed on weekends (I do it every day of the work week, I refuse to see why I must compel myself to get out of bed on weekends when I have no reason for it). Naturally, lacewood and rukia are reason enough. ♥

Went to Airy's place after, and then went to meet the family and a family friend's family for a lunch. Friend of mine is back from the UK, and it was great meeting up with them again. Not to mention lunch was great. ♥ I adore buffets, and it is always remarked upon how I manage to eat so much and never put much on. My father is convinced that the Internet burns a great deal of my energy. I know that it's probably due to the excitable personality, as anyone watching me watch a movie I feel deeply about (or one with Orlando Bloom in it) would know. ;)

Went to catch Blades of Glory with seki_yumizu afterwards. It was so good to see Seki again! ♥ (We will Heroes marathon as soon as humanly possible!)

That was Blades for the third time - have put paid to resolution to watch this movie as many times as possible before it goes out of theatres. So much for my belief that I'd grown out of my watching-movies-multiple-times-in-theatres phase. Blades is my crazy happy place, and I do not consciously understand why it compels me so much despite the fact that I simply cannot see either of the leads as being remotely hot. It gives me something crazy and fun to focus on that is as far away from work as can be, and it makes me laugh.

petronia was very helpful with Blades of Glory location placement, and a real joy - thank you so much! *beams* I always love knowing more about locations in movies, especially if they exist in real life. *grin* I always have this conception that everything I see onscreen (that isn't real-life related) or in anime isn't real, so I get such a thrill out of knowing that it is. When I was first in Japan and saw schoolboys practising baseball in the fields in proper baseball outfits, my first reaction was, "So it's real, and not just in KKM anime?" *grin* I don't watch much RL-based dramas or movies, which is probably what explains the attitude.

Whenever I see anything RL that was onscreen, I always feel this most amazing sense of two worlds colliding and becoming one. I know that sounds pretty dramatic, but it's the way I feel. It's like seeing Abyss doujinshi IRL - part of me can't believe it, because to me, Abyss is something that stays on the computer and PS2 screen, and to be able to hold it in my hands as I do doujin feels like such a trip. *grin* It's like when I watch movies set in London and can identify locations I've lived in - it feels like coming home onscreen. I hope it never grows old. *grin*

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