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trust me
This Icon? Completely Lorelei!Asch. Also, Dengeki Maou has my baby all grown up! 
15th-Jun-2007 10:01 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
elvaron, harajukufuuri, reisha, baka_neko and I are going to be at Play: A Video Game Symphony, and the program looks nothing short of absolutely fabulous. I can't wait. Give me a shout-out if you're gonna be there too! *grin* The program says it'll be featuring songs from Final Fantasy (oh yes!), Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Blue Dragon (♥!), HALO (RADIATES LOVE), World of Warcraft, Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross, Silent Hill, Legend of Zelda, and more. After tonight I'm probably going to want to go home and commune with my gaming platforms. ♥

And the July issue of Dengeki Maou? Is gonna be so much love. We've gone through Aczelius/Aczeriuth, now we get ARAMIS WELL. ♥ (Not just yet, though, we've got Yulia City first). The very fact that

Kratos hits the cover should've indicated it was gonna be ALL KINDS OF GREAT AND WONDERFUL (the first installment of the Symphonia OVA is finally translated, and though there's no Zelos yet, it is GREAT), but in this issue,

GUESS WHO is finally grown-up enough to CUT HIS HAIR!
And all by himself, too! ♥

Man, when I saw that artwork I went: *melts* My baby's all grown up! before I realised quite what I was thinking.
16th-Jun-2007 12:16 am (UTC) - and fed them bananas, too!
Nah, even when I'm sick I still go to work. >D

! I hope you manage to get your contacts in! Don't worry too much about it. Think BIG ANIME EYES and you'll get 'em in easier.

Your kitty is so cute. I don't need to pretend! ;) Friends and I were talking once about faking interest, and then I said faking interest was the easiest thing to fake. One of my friends said it was the hardest, and then when he said that I realised Man, what was I talking about? I know nuts about faking interest - because I never have to fake it. *laughs*
16th-Jun-2007 04:37 am (UTC) - ... elephant-dung. xD kekekeke.
LOL! I used to drag myself to school, too. I gave up after being sent home so many times. ;) Don't push yourself too far!

I FAIL AT IT! ^^;; I'm pretty sure I'm making BIG ANIME EYES but the contacts keep sticking to my finger and not going in. I'll keep trying... *wails*

Heh. You're too hyper and bubbly! xD No wonder you're interested in nearly everything. I have to admit I fake interest all the time, but then again I'm not interested in much. ^^;;
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