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Tales of Symphonia OVA

The Tales of Symphonia OVA was translated fairly recently, and I just wanted to emit a lot of hearts at it (despite the fact that Zelos hasn't made his appearance yet). No complaints about the animation, and a whole lot of love to go round:


I love the 'Intelligence Optional' heroes!

Lloyd: "What if I get dumber than I already am, because of this?"
(Raine threw something at him for not paying attention in class)
You can completely tell that Genis's expression is, Well, Lloyd... 'Dumber than you already are' is pretty impossible.

I love the stubborn, intelligence-optional (... fine, I am being cruel), headstrong Namco Tales heroes. So much.

I think Genis looks like short-haired Luke.

And is so cute. ♥ Not so hot on Genis's personality, though, especially after he encounters Mithos, but still, so cute.
And I ship Lloyd/Genis. At the same time as I ship Lloyd/Colette.

And that Kratos looks like Asch. Asch with his hair down and with a haircut, no less.

HE DOES. Same expression, same falls-on-maroon hair shade, same EMO POSE:


It even looks like MEMORIES IN THE RAIN Asch-Luke GIMME BACK ION! scene, except with smoke/dust instead of rain!

The Many Faces of Lloyd:


Same hair, too!

I wonder if Kratos was a cute baby, too.

THIS SCENE in the OVA? SO. MUCH. LIKE. the Abyss ending, when everyone gathers in the selenia flowers. I need to do a blow-by-blow comparison of this scene with the Abyss ending, sometime. TOO MANY VISUAL SIMILARITIES.

It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that every young hero have a determined/worried!expression.

HAHAHAHA. After he's been smacked in the head by Raine.

Also, I emit hearts at Lloyd/Colette.

Gotta be honest? I've thought they were a cute couple since the first Symphonia manga I read (which happened to be Book 4).

And I really like Colette. I liked her pretty soon after reading her for the first time. I have to be honest: the innocent, naive, I'll-do-anything-to-save-the-world character doesn't impress me much, and that sort of character always strikes me as being at least a little unrealistic. I thought the same about Colette for a short while, and then I gradually came to find her endearing. She's like sunshine, and I can see why Lloyd would be willing to die for her. I thought that part in the game where she gradually loses her humanity in order to save the world was completely heartwrenching, and the part that moved me the most was what happened after she lost her voice. I couldn't not love Lloyd/Colette after that. I'd been ready to dislike the pairing from the start, and more so after reading through GameFAQs,
but somehow the manga and the OVA have conspired to make me love her, and that's the way things stand now.

She's so cute! And also blond! (Am utterly weak to blondes and blonds in all forms)

She kind of reminds me of what would have happened if Abyss's Ion and Tear became one person (with Ion's height and general build, and the overall sense of CUTE).
She reminds me of Tear and the whole absorbing-the-shouki-to-save-the-world-at-the-cost-of-her-own-life thing.
Gross oversimplification, I admit, but Colette: if Ion was a girl.

It's so hard to be that happy. But somehow I find it endearing on her.

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