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They're Playing Our Song!

Went skating with mangy_mongrel today. IT WAS GREAT FUN, especially when I arrived just in time to miss the Zamboni (don't get me wrong, it's fun, but whenever I see it going round and round I go on fire with impatience and think Let me on the ice already! and to see an solo figure-skating exhibition by the skating school, and they were the most extraordinarily talented kids I've ever seen. It was proper figure-skating, and they'd saved the best skater for the last - the last girl to perform was so good that her performance pretty much was ballet, gymnastics and acrobatics on ice. I'd never seen anyone so good with my own eyes before, so this was certainly an experience.

Wanted to seriously floor certain people, as detailed here. Nobody trips up my Chazz and gets away with it.

But there were the most adorable five-year-old kids learning how to execute scarily-professional-looking skating moves in a training session after MJ and I were done with skating, so we hung around with the sizeable crowd to watch the kids train. While the rink was swarming with people today, thanks to it being the weekend, it also means that the young skaters come to train, so you get to see some incredibly impressive performances (and it's just training!).

But the best part of it all had to be when we went for pizza later (man, does skating make you hungry!), and while we were having said pizza, Areosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing comes on in the restaurant. ♥ THIS is like walking down a street with your replica and having a tone song store blast KARMA. It's like visiting the arachnid exhibit and having someone's radio blast the theme from Spider-man! IT WAS SO GREAT. The Great Fandom Jukebox was sharing the love!

Blades of Glory review that amused me to no end. I love my country, really: for all our intense straightlaced-ness and intensely conservative attitudes, reviews and comments like this turn up once in a while and make me amused to no end. I remember, once, when a local reviewer was discussing Pearl Harbor, and said that the Ben Affleck's character/Josh Hartnett's character tension was so blatant that it made him go all "Get a room, guys!"

time to say goodbye translation

By way of mushrooms, I discovered that the Heroes World Tour is going around come end-August this year. Cast and creators are going to go to Paris, Munich, Tokyo, NYC, Hong Kong, London, and Singapore. *grin* You could almost play "What Doesn't Fit Here?" with this list, but I am very, very, very glad. ♥ The only way I can think of for the Paris/Tokyo/NYC/Hong Kong stops to happen virtually simultaneously (excluding that neat trick of Hiro's) is that the cast is going to have to split up. Still, this is so great!

Caught Hot Fuzz (shh, I know it's been out for ages, but it just got to where I am) with lacewood and the sibling - it made me grin from ear to ear, for reasons here. If you, like Yi, are a fan of gunfight movies, check out the promo images for Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci's 'Shoot 'Em Up'. ;)
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