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What You See

Massive Image Post from London. If you want to take a look, may I suggest opening the link in a new window, then going off to make a pot of coffee?

Or tea, as the case may be. ^_^

My Bookshelves and Me

Enter the Hobbits!

Halloween Night. Fancy-dress party. At a bar named Potion. How could I not go?

Potion, or where I was on Halloween Night. To my bitter disappointment, I did not see Snape. Hobbits and I found the bar too smoky, too crowded, and too un-squee for ourselves (no one was in fancy dress), and headed off to Trafalgar Square, where we took the photos you will see after Potion.

This was where we spent our Halloween Night. In Trafalgar Square.

Merry and I. She knows that Truly Madly Deeply exists. *beams at la_muerta. She owns a Harry Potter watch for it being a Harry Potter watch. She uses Apparation in everyday speech. She has a mug with Snape on it! TOO cool.

We are in full possession of our (university) faculties. Temporary Insanity. Or rather, this is what we did when Merry told us that the architect who’d designed the National Gallery was also the man who had designed our university.

The Hobbits in Bree Starbucks. And believe me, it was a cold night. This was our Halloween Night. ^_^ After the chill of Trafalgar Square, a gingerbread latte is unbelievably wonderful. And it must be ranchelle who had me buy dark chocolate.

My Infamous Hallmates

This picture below is Nemo Stealer. Who can pick me up and spin me around. And who, with Obi-Wan, carried me down the hall and put me into a sink, much to my amusement.

Me: "You're strong."

Nemo Stealer: "No. You're just small."

Guy against the radiator is Lucien. Who is Czchechoslovakian. And ranchelle, aingeal_isilme and la_muerta were saying strange things about this picture.

And at last, this is Serry Next Door. (All Rataliens who agree with my assessment, say something!) Who is French. And who, I’ve just discovered (in the midst of one of our historic We Spoke More Than Ten Words To Each Other (Which Did Not Include “The Music Is Too Loud”) Conversations ), is a third-year.

This is the boy who Inadvertently Read What I Was Writing.

My Space!

My room. Um. That is not a Legolas poster. That thing above my bed. Also, I do not have a Legolas file. Or Legolas pens.

I didn’t wear Legolas socks today either.

In my defense I would like to plead that the Elf Fanciers around me have me irretrievably corrupted.

That’s my bed and the board above it.

That’s the view from my window. Just noticed today that the leaves are turning scarlet and orange. Autumn has come to my window!

Sunday Afternoon

There are some things I Do Not Want to Know about my parents. My father’s friend and his family were over in London. My father’s friend took me to his sister’s house for lunch. By way of an introduction to his sister’s husband, he said, “Her father was my flatmate. And my bedmate.”

Me: *dies*

“We shared a bed.”

Me: *crawls under chair*

“We slept in the same bed because we were too poor to afford separate beds.”

Me: *is too far gone* *whimper: Dad?*

My father’s friend’s wife was sitting at the table, and upon hearing this, she turned to him with This Look on her face, and said, “Bed-mate?”

Me: *Help. . .*

I had lunch with a man who slept with my father. . .

I hope my father will understand if, when I speak to him next, I demand, “Why?! Why couldn’t you have slept on the floor?!”

This is my father's friend's little girl.

This is what I saw when I went into the garden.

This is the entrance of the LOTR Exhibition. Much to my regret, could not take pictures in there.

A fellow Singaporean and I doing the whole Gryffindor Thing.

She straightened my hair for me. ^_^

Ratal, you'd agree too.

I've wanted to photograph that place since I saw it!


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