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Fall Into the Abyss.

Today's Abyss group meet was actually incredibly, incredibly fun. I left the office at 8.15am (last days always make you finish late), and I thought I was going to be really, really exhausted: it was a tiring day work-wise all round, and due to finishing up work which even the lawyer who assigned it to me thought couldn't be done in one day, I did it. I thought I was going to be utterly exhausted, and I'd picked up the beginnings of a cough (infections spread so very fast in office environments, such a great place for a 28 Days Later scenario), but man, did we have fun. There's LJ comment-crack and there's pchat crack and there's general MSN crack, but RL in-person crack beats them all hands-down. It kind of helps that I liked our Luke, our Dist and our Van (who, incidentally, has a seme aura that somehow all of us happily gravitate towards) pretty much instantly on sight, and I'd already met Asch years ago (equally incidentally, our Asch can really sing, as can our Van, and our Legretta can play the violin on the Esplanade rooftop with so much style! ♥). It's just really rare for me to feel this comfortable with a group I've not known for long this fast. And the sky was in complete agreement: towards the end of the night, the stadium started rehearsing the light shows for the upcoming National Day, and the sky lit up with the most vivid purple light just like the way the Abyssworld sky looks when the world's fallen into the Qlippoth.

I can't help but think that some of the goings-on tonight could be summarised like


Luke darling, keep your mind out of the gutter. ♥
Or at least try to pretend it didn't totally go there.

Wrong leading to MORE WRONG and then on to EVEN MORE WRONG. ♥
I think I'm gonna remember Asch's Marilyn Monroe pose for a really long time. ;)

Also! We got to talking, and this is or a_songfor_xx (when I saw you, I honestly and completely thought and KNEW I'd seen you somewhere before, and then you told me we had pic_murasaki as a friend in common) and lil_kitt:


Van and Sync Badtouching Moment:

Because Sync needs Sensei-time, too.

This actually happens after you defeat Van for the first time. Van falls into the core, where Sync's gone and hurled himself in a fit of pique that he can't defeat the Luke-tachi. Here's one of the my favourite Van lines (I can count them on one hand, really) and one of the times when I actually bothered to screenshot something Van said:


Also this is when Luke has some weird trip-out moment with Sync in his new costume:

Like Abyss on acid, in Luke's brain! ... Or something.

Because I can never resist Luke screenshots. Whether I'm making them or saving them. ;)

Protecting our world and all that good stuff.

And why Asch should totally stick with the Rokujinshou:

Nothing good ever happens when I get involved with YOU PEOPLE:
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