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Everything that I said was truth as the flashes blinded us in the photobooth

Man, it has been so long since I've done picspams with real human beings in them. ANYWAY! Today I'm going to do two: one for Justin Long, who plays Bruce Willis's uke sidekick in Die Hard 4.0: Live Free or Die Hard, and the next, for Avril Lavgine, for while I do loathe that girl and that intensely annoying and incredibly catchy Girlfriend song, she can look really, really good. And while I can discriminate on content, I am a sucker for people who look can look great.

And because I dislike Avril both personally and on principle, Justin Long goes first. I suppose it goes without saying, but:


If you take one lesson but one lesson away from Die Hard 4.0, it is this:


A good seme always protects his uke. NO MATTER WHAT.
Oh God I am so sorry for making this so slash-centric. Not.

Premise of the show is, the bad guys want Matt Farrell, played by Justin Long, whom Bruce Willis is to pick up and deliver to the good guys. Cue Matt following John McClane around like a lost puppy:



As I said up there: A good seme always protects his uke. No matter what he has to do or how many people he has to kill to do it. I think that's what had me slashing this pairing so hard. ;) Also, I am a sucker for the KICKASS UKE, which Matt turns out to sort-of-be, as he is a 1337 Hax0r who knows he isn't hero material but MAN, THE BOY DOES THE RIGHT THING, which as McClane says, makes you That Man. He naturally spends the first third of the show totally freaking out about all the crazy people trying to kill him (to be fair, really, wouldn't you?) - which is actually quite amusing. But man, he can kick some serious digital @$$, and there was strength under the freaked-out geek facade, which I really like.

Moral of the story is, seme protects uke until uke learns enough tricks, so when they get into a rough spot, uke can hold his own, and uke can protect him. ♥

Justin Long: brief selection of photographs.
He's the guy who does the Mac VS PC ads. My heavens, now I see why people have been slashing those two.


When goofy, and geeky, is GREAT:

EEEE SO CUTE. ♥ I'd buy a Mac if it came with him. ♥

I always thought this movie was a totally crap comedy, but I guess if he's in it I shall watch it.

I think this photograph really epitomises him:

I would totally not mind being twisted if I could be a GENIUS.
SOME THINGS are worth the sacrifice of SANITY!

This Avril picspam actually arose from my reading a newspaper recently and finding out that Avril Lavgine did fashion photoshoots. "Fashion photoshoots?" I repeated, not particularly politely. "What the hell kind of fashion house would hire her?" Obviously, the same kind of people who think that her music's "matured" in her latest album. Sorry, guys. I don't care how good the rest of her album is, the fact that a song like Girlfriend is on that damned album indicates that it isn't progress you're talking about, it's regression. But enough of my indignation, and on to her!

Avril, it turns out, can look amazingly good in photographs. This will come as a surprise to those of us who are used to her punk-rocker-chick/faux-goth look (this is a milder version of her normal look), but she looks fabulous in glamour photographs. This happened because the sibling was listening to one of her songs set to photographs of her, and I happened to see an utterly amazing photograph that made me go WAIT WAIT that is a BEAUTIFUL photograph WHERE CAN I SEE IT AGAIN? So, kicking it all off with the photograph that changed my mind:

or have it in black and white!

This photograph changed the way I saw Avril forever!
Although I still hate her.

hate the girl, love the photographer.

gotta love wind machines. Gods I hate how this photograph feels exploitative to me, but my heavens, I love the way her hair looks!

And for sheer WTF value and to break your brains maybe a little:

every rocker grrrrl's gotta sell out sometime.

I laughed SO HARD when I saw this photograph, and KNEW I had to put it in a picspam one day.

Incidentally, sarah531 made a great Harry Osborn fanmix: I Will Make You Hurt.
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