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Among the Elves (And a Half-Orc)

Had a wonderful stayover at Dae's place! *delight* Thank you, Dae! ^___^

Watched several extremely entertaining cosplay, J-Rock, and Matrix XP videos, courtesy of Dae and Elear. Also saw... very interesting... LOTR art. Very pretty.

Watched the extended version of LOTR. *grin* Always fun. No matter how many times I watch it. (Yes, I've watched that movie 20 over times. Last count - 24. Oh. Make that 25.)

Made a Ratalien dinner! Three different kinds of Campbell's soup, sausages, Mae's omelettes - you take so much care with them! *grin* - Serry's sausages with sugar - pretty good! I know, I had that reaction too! But it was good! - as well as bread and alphabets. *happy grin*

Elear, I dread to think what your camera caught us up to.

Played Cluedo - first in my life! Said game thanks to the Professor. ^_^ Said game was rife with a great deal of innuendo, especially as regards the lead pipe and candlestick. *averts eyes* *smirks maliciously*

As nescienx said, the point of a sleepover is not to sleep. ^_^ Had an hour of sleep. *laughter* Spent most of the night singing with the Rataliens who were awake. ^_________^

Was given an extremely Dae-esque wake-up.

*eyes said Ratalien*

*curls up under blanket obstinately*

*muffled* Both the Es thank you for the blanket, Dae!

*mutter* But the wakeup, it could be improved.


Hunger eventually drove me to the kitchen ^_^ Where I made chocolate chip pancakes. Again. *laughter* And in a lovely accompaniment to breakfast, we watched Interview with the Vampire. Reminded me once again why Lestat and Louis are cool. *happiness* After which, proceeded to look through Dae's Vampire Chronicles books. *huge evil grin*

Serry... *cries* You're good. And it isn't just the art. It's the words, too.

*continues crying*

Keep drawing!

A huge thanks to aingeal for giving me the first manicure of my life! ^_^ Was more than happy to be your Third Guinea Pig! *squeaks obligingly* *giggles* My nails have never had, and never will have, in a year, as much attention as you gave them in the three and a half hours we had today. ^_^

And thank you to aingeal's parents for lunch and for taking me home! *huge grin* All the best for the exam! ^_^

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