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trust me
Tales of Symphonia Volume 5 Manga Scans 
31st-Jul-2007 04:07 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Fifth and final Tales of Symphonia manga released. I can't believe the manga's run is finally over!

Tales of Symphonia Volume 5
WARNING: Spoilers ahead

General Information

Symphonia manga scans
I have put up Tales of Symphonia Manga: Volume 4: Scans here. Mizuho has put up scans and a scanlation of the second book. I do not have other scans, nor do I know of any other places you can obtain scans or scanlations, though I would be very grateful if you do know and were willing to share the information.

Use of official manga artwork and scans
Please feel free to use the scans I've put up for icons, image editing and whatever you please. I'm not a stickler for credit, but it would be appreciated.

Acquiring the Symphonia manga
I do not know where you can acquire the Symphonia manga in your area, but I would follow Mizuho's advice (see top of page) with regard to trying Kinokuniya, YesAsia, Amazon.jp, and Akadot, which also sells the Extra Load Symphonia manga.

Now on to the REAL BUSINESS:

Kratos got a lot of love:

Look at the stars, see how they shine for you:

Possibly my favourite colour image in the entire series: Kratos and baby!Lloyd.

I've always been terribly fond of gang!pictures, and this one's no exception.
I wonder where everybody's going!

Opening scene:

Aaaaand Someone's Back!

Mithos isn't too pleased with Zelos's sudden turnaround.
Not that Zelos is bothered, of course:

Colette faints from all the excitement. (J/K)

Colette and Mithos: Separated at birth?

I never realised quite how alike they looked until that panel.

Warning Once Again: Even More Spoilers

Kratos and Lloyd:

This is so Don't walk away!

I don't know about you, but I found this scene really heartrending:

I thought it was so sad for Lloyd to lose his father so soon after finding him. Not that he really lost Kratos in the permanent sense, but still.

And ow the flashbacks of baby!Lloyd running to Kratos. Breaks my heart in the best possible way.

Kratos and Yuan share an awful lot of moments.
I'm not naturally a Kratos/Yuan fan by inclination, but this could really change my mind:

Yuan restoring Kratos with his mana.
I've always had lots of really bad thoughts about that.

I find it so amusing how Yuan's... almost... reassuring Lloyd that Kratos is going to be okay.

And Yuan supporting Kratos! *grin*

Yggdrasil playing Musical Bodies. Or Musical Chairs with the party's bodies.

It may be just me, but it seems as if Mithos has the market cornered on Absolutely Batshit Crazy.

And now we move on to mind games:

You are the Wind Beneath My Wings:

...quite literally, too.

Matel makes an appearance:

When the journey's over:

This page made me really happy:

And so it ends.
31st-Jul-2007 09:39 am (UTC)
! I love your Zelos icon! ♥

XDDDDDD I love how Symphonia lets you have pretty much ALL the couples you want! ;) I support every single pairing you listed, and I encourage supporting ALL PAIRINGS at once! ;) There's no reason why Kratos/Lloyd can't coexist with Lloyd/Colette and Yuan/Kratos! ;) XDDD Lloyd/Colette is my sweet happy fluff feel-good place - the sunshine in my Symphonia pairings. ♥

But oh, I knew from the start (being cheerfully spoilered) that Kratos was Lloyd's father and it still didn't stop me from shipping the pairing. ;) I do wish at times that they weren't related so that I could ship them WHOLEHEARTEDLY (and that there'd be more fanfiction, and so that people wouldn't feel so bad about shipping them).

XDDD I am so for Lloyd/Genis, too. ;) omg Mithos go away, stop interfering with their love. *possessive about pairings that way!*

Wibbling! ♥ That really is the best word to describe it! XD Baby Lloyd. *is overcome with WAFF*

XDDDDDDD! You know, all the Yuan/Kratos in this manga made me wish Yuan was Lloyd's mother. >D Then they could be one big happy family. ;)
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