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Tales of the Fox-Spirit (XD)

Omi and julineci introduced me to this incredibly gorgeous fox-spirit series, which I fell in love with pretty much on sight, and upon being given permission to share this, decided I would waste no time in bringing this post to you.

The original text is Chinese, and the names absolutely refused to transliterate in a dignified manner. *wry smile* Though they are very beautiful in Chinese. My favourite is the fox-spirit, and his name is Snowball. Snowball, I ask you! How am I to translate such a name in any fashion which may be deemed dignified?! For the purposes of translation, Snowball is Yuki, and his seme his guardian spirit I named Seimei (with a nod to both Shounen Onmyouji and Loveless).

Series Title: 落雪成白 (Luo Xue Cheng Bai: literally translated, Falling Snow Turns White)
Author: 籽 兔 (the second word in there is "Rabbit"... it better be a pen name)
Characters: 雪球 (Snowball, "Yuki") ,洛之遥 [or is that 洛俗笙?]("Seimei"), 狐右 (the predatory redhead fox).
This appears to be the original novel, unless I'm very far wrong. Oh, it looks so badtouch.

It's like Shounen Onmyoji meets Loveless, with gorgeous art!

I do not know all the proper translated terms, so I'll just use fox-spirit - there he is, with his silver hair and incredible eyes.
Aaaand his guardian spirit/seme is also a different kind of powerful spirit. Spirit-deity is too powerful a term, fairy too weak.
All these mythological terms don't make for easy translation!

Seme and the fox-spirit in fox-form. So cute!
This cover attracted a lot of comments, when I was reading it in while sitting in the lecture hall.
During breaks, friends would come over and share their opinions (I brought this one to school because it was incredibly worksafe,
as the fox spirit spent the entire time as a fox), and this followed:

Guy: *points to the seme* This character reminds me of Rinoa.

Girl: *looks at fox* "That's a cat. It doesn't look like a fox. It doesn't have a fox face."
... maybe that's why I find it cute.

XD! Series are A+ and FOR THE WIN for me if they feature predatory redheads with green eyes! ;)

and it has cute chibi art, too!

XD Every book comes with one of these on the back cover! ;) Making fun of the cover!

fairies, fox-spirits, and an introduction:

This is the seme. *cough*

Who is so pretty, and so manipulative, that he's able to charm the mythical beasts of the forests into giving him exactly what he wants.

This is the cute uke! Who, being long-haired, pretty, young, and possessed of a face with a thousand expressions, and a personality that reminds me of a spazzed-out Wolfram, is naturally my favourite:

in which the main character switches between
being an extremely cute fox and a very pretty boy:


XD In both forms, I want to TAKE HIM HOME.
It's like if Luke changed into Mieu on a regular basis!
... um.

I am disgustingly weak for cute. Especially cute like this.

Also despite the cute exterior, he is at times as manipulative as Seimei:

And he can do the biiiiig puppy eyes thing so very well:
(although he was genuinely in peril here):


This is the form in which the books show him.

Meeting a fellow fox:

I loved the artwork of the bird on the other fox-spirit's arm, with my favourite one watching.

caution: rough scanlation, shirtless moment:

how do you effect a transformation of adorable fox to really hot guy?

Like all fairytales, with the simple expedient of a kiss.


I love authorial discussions:

The authors (I assume artist and writer?) are discussing whether or not to put ears on Yuki.
Yuki is displeased by the discussion. XD


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