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My sincere apologies to everyone who has heard this before, whether from me or from elsewhere, but things like these make me really rather mad.

tales of fandom... venting.

On the whole, fandom is a really great place to be. (I mean, of course it is: otherwise, why would we be here?) It's a really great place to meet people who share similar interests so you can be happy over moments when you feel really blessed by your fandom, in what is given to it and in what people make of it. But omg. I hate moments like these. There is absolutely nothing that takes the joy out of scanning (what joy there is in scanning) more than the sense of entitlement certain inhabitants of fandom possess.

Even making this post just isn't fair to those genuinely nice people in fandom, who make me happy to share things and put these things out there. There are a lot of people out there who are polite, kind, and helpful, and it has been my great joy and privilege to meet most of you. This post isn't directed at you. It is, however, directed at those who think that people who put scans online are automatic scanning machines, and that they are entitled to demand anything they like off such people, as if they had a right to it, and you should be happy to jump at doing their bidding.

It doesn't work that way. The reason I put these things out there is really to share the fandom love, and also because I know that manga (and fandom) is an expensive habit, and that Tales manga aren't particularly easy to come by, and that many people who want it can't afford it, can't get it, or are otherwise prevented from acquiring it.

The thing is, it is not so much that the thing she asked of me is so extraordinary, or would put me so much out of my way to do it. I would do what she asked for any of my friends, or even people who asked nicely. It was not so much what she asked as the way she asked it. I was perfectly happy and willing to scan that extra manga, it's just that that exchange up there has so put me off it for the time being that it really annoys me!

I don't demand to be thanked or expect gratitude for doing what I do - It's really nothing much! I don't think I'm anything special by putting these things out there. A lot of these things I'd do naturally. What do I do? Look out for news when new Tales manga is about to be published, keep an eye out for it in bookstores, and make orders and reservations if necessary, buy the manga and pay for it on my own, come home and effectively destroy the manga by crushing it for scanning (not really bothered about this, scans last as long as the last computer that holds them! ♥), clean up the scans, upload them to my own LJ gallery, and share 'em. Sounds like a lot? Not at all. It's something I'd do on my own, willingly and happily, to share the scans with anyone who cares, and I honestly don't care if two or twenty or two hundred people comment, as long as any fan out there got 'em and it made them happy.

I don't demand people comment when they download (I know many people don't bother, and it doesn't bother me, even if my YSI limits on both accounts get broken with regularity whenever I do uploads, it really doesn't matter to me, it's just an occupational hazard). You will never see "Comment when taking!" on any of my posts. I don't expect people to credit and link back whenever they use my scans (dude, it's a bother, and it's not important to me, the important thing is that you got the scans and they made you happy, and love the series or characters a little bit more). And I want to put the scans out there for everyone, and so I don't even friends-lock them to my LJ or to communities. I don't create special approval-only friends-locked communities for my scans. I don't believe in making people jump through hoops to get fandom resources. I have never been that way, and gods of fandom willing, I never will be.

But I do expect some measure of common courtesy and civility. I'd like for people to realise that I am not an automated Abyss enquiry/scans authority, obligated to give them everything they ask for, whether it be scans or answers to questions or artwork or anything. I like to think (and I sure do hope) that I am cheerfully attitude-free, and I don't just leap up out of the blue and yell YOU ARE DISRESPECTING ME! for nothing.

I am not especially fond of making posts like these, but I have slowly come to realise that if I don't speak up and properly express my true feelings about things like these, behaviour which I dislike is just going to keep happening, and that if I don't put my foot down, it just won't stop. I apologise to all of you who don't give me problems and who are people I am proud and happy to share a fandom with.


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