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trust me
Sunshine and Shadow: Linkpost 
2nd-Aug-2007 12:23 am
Fox Spirit - My Precious One
Things which aren't getting enough love from me tonight, and are utterly worthy of it, and more:

1. Jonathan Ross kisses Neil Gaiman at ComicCon, allegedly to commemorate the Madonna/Britney kiss at the MTV VMA, to the glee of many, many people out there. My favourite part? Jonathan Ross's declaring, after the kiss,

"Two formerly straight men!" XDDD

Link by way of mangy_mongrel, who has also highlighted some very interesting comments viwers made on mentally swopping Jonathan Ross with Alan Rickman.

Neil's reaction on his blog is very amusing, from his you don't have to, honest reaction in a PS to his web-elf's gleeful call for snogging videos, and the web-elf's subsequent "Please ignore that PS" note. Neil's take on the event, which had me laughing hysterically when he tagged it Was I Madonna Or Britney Spears. This staged kiss is a much more palatable version of the Will Ferrell-Sasha Baron Cohen VMA kiss, which was more like a mauling session. This was actually really rather sweet, and tender (in comparison to the Ferrell-Cohen antics), but I guess that's the difference between two Brits, one a writer and the other a TV presenter, and two American slapstick comedians.

2. Uniquely Singapore Present Heroes in Singapore - the Heroes cast members coming are apparently coming to Vivocity on 31 August, link courtesy of sarahcoldheart.

3. perseph2hades made an absolutely fabulous report of ComicCon, featuring extremely cute kids in superhero and fandom get-up (my favourite? The adorable Jedi toddler), the Heroes cast in T-shirts proclaiming which member of the cast was their hero, more Heroes actorslash ♥, Warner Brothers-hired male strippers dressed up as the soldiers of 300, and lots more absolutely GREAT stuff. TOTAL PROPS to Masi Oka for his "HAYDEN IS MY HERO" T-shirt.

4. lenainverse has written Behind A Smile, which is, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best, Conrad/Wolfram and Conrad/Wolfram/Yuuri stories out there.

5. meru_neko did a very very lovely, and also hot, Happy Yaoi Day post.
7th-Aug-2007 04:09 pm (UTC) - HEEEEY THERE :D :D :D
Hey there! ♥ It's great to hear from you! ♥ ♥ ♥ My sincere apologies for the horribly belated reply: I was in Shanghai until Monday morning!

*wry smile!* My Internet time now is limited to LJ, purposive surfing, and LAW RESEARCH. I haven't been on MSN since I started working in May, actually - my law classmates were asking me the same question as you today, and that's when I realised I hadn't been on for all eternity.

But I am totally glad to help you out on your law query/law acts! I understand if you might not want to discuss it openly on LJ, but I'm totally open to it if you do! Email me directly at edgeofdawn@gmail.com? That way I can get it whenever I'm free, and I'll have time to think about your query and get back to you? Apologies as I'm only versed in SG and UK law, and if it's an Australian law query I'd be on shaky ground, but I'll strive to do my best. ASK AWAY! ♥ I need as much practice as I can get! ;) Even if you don't need the question answered now, you can always ask me ahead of time, or give me a general idea of what you'll be asking for so I can start looking. ;)

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ♥ ♥ ♥ I love your last comment. CAN MY LJ BE ANY MORE GAY?! Hey, this is RELATIVELY SUBDUED! It's just really prettily blue and has a picture of two guys being TOTALLY NORMAL ON THE TOP OF MY LJ doing dude-ly things, it is not as if they are making out all over the place! XDDDD It's only the LINKS that are a bit COUGH, but I warn!

1. XDDDD GAIMAN X ROSS WOULD BE TOTALLY HOT. And they would be a pairing with BRAINS. And they would make beautiful fanwork together. ;)

2. OMG I WOULD WANT TO, but the ONLY people we are getting are PEOPLE I DO NOT CARE ABOUT, if it is true that we are getting Hiro and Mohinder. I know it is wrong to love some Heroes more than others, but my heart belongs to Nathan and Peter, and anyone else I DO NOT CARE AS MUCH ABOUT. I will turn up on principle because it is Heroes, but my heart will not be going doki-doki. I'll think about autographs, but am very so-so and will not bother if the queue is too long. ;) I sometimes find it hard to think of the people I doki over in fandom as real human beings. ;)

3. OH SO THEY WOULD. ;) They would totally get me. ♥
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