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When the going gets tough, the tough... start watching Orlando Bloom videos.

Orlando Bloom plays a barrister on Extras. I loved this short so darn much when I first saw it, because Orlando Bloom! as a lawyer! This is probably a perfect video on how not to do cross-examination: the prosecution (Orlando) and the defense counsel (his wife) end up making the fight personal (they're married), and the judge has quite enough and says, "I ORDER YOU BOTH TO KISS AND MAKE UP!"

Also, Orlando Bloom begins his cross-examination with, "Maybe I'm stupid. Maybe the jury's stupid." ♥!

So just remember, when things get tough! If Orlando Bloom can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Movie Trailer love! Check out D-War - a Korean movie on dragons coming up soon that the sibling and I are definitely gonna catch. Official website here - the FX are genuinely A-grade. I do think it will be one of those movies in which I do not care about the plot, as long as it shows me a good time.

Neil Gaiman's Beowulf. I really would have preferred it as live-action, but one takes what one gets. Also, for no reason I can fathom, not just ONE, but BOTH, my siblings, want to watch Poltergay. *buries head in hands* Then I saw them looking at the I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry poster.

Paris in Jail - Parody Music Video (original: Stars Are Blind). I know I'm pretty darn late to happen on this one, but it was great.

lyrics here:

I don't mind being confined
To LA State Prison
'Cause I would drive with DUI's
I caused some collisions

They tell me now that my appeal has been denied (for some reason I find this the second funniest line)
and that this sentence is now bona-fide
How bout a jail that won't insult my civic pride
Like somewhere on the Upper West Side
with a water slide......ohhh noooo

Even though they say I'm shady
I'm really so refined
I need a cleaning lady
I can't do time.

Robert Blake and OJ SIMPSON
They both get off scot-free
I drive without a license
They throw the book right at me
It sucks to the highest degree

I went ape, on a sex tape
The guys all went ga-ga
Now I, must make, my jail escape
I miss my Chihuahua

My friend Nicole drove down that freeway the wrong way
She'll probably get parole and float away
Because she weighs, Zeroooooo

Even though I got the glamour
Even though my clothes are fab
They throw me in the slammer
Britney gets re-hab.

They put me in the big house
Sounds like a movie pitch
Heiress goes up the river
Ends up as somebody's bitch
They can't do this to me, I'm rich (I find this the funniest line)
And now I am digging a ditch
My roomate's a woman named Mitch!

Daniel Radcliffe on Extras. In which he as an actor desperately to impress the same lady Orlando Bloom attempted to impress in his Extras appearance. Daniel's role here is to try so hard to be hardcore and adult: by smoking, professing a certain type of experience, and so on. ;) Just as Orlando wouldn't stop going on about how he was completely hotter than Johnny Depp. Sorry, though while I know I'm supposed to think Johnny Depp is hotter than Orlando, I disagree completely, and for me, Orlando will always win hands down. Sure, Johnny's the better actor, but he just doesn't appeal to me the way Orlando does.

Harry Potter in the Hood: R&B Potter parody.

Spoilers for Order of the Phoenix

If you get the chance to see the bad-subs version of Order of the Phoenix: it is so cracked up. When the Dementors attack Harry in the first part of the movie, the subtitles go, "I've finally found you!" [Note the Dementors say nothing] Then when Harry's Howler comes to tell him he is expelled from Hogwarts, the subtitles say, "Come back to school immediately! I do not know what happened on the 23rd!" It's like the subtitlers didn't happen to have the audio track for the movie, and subbed the movie based on whatever they thought the characters might be saying.


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