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trust me
Swan Lake On Ice! 
17th-Aug-2007 05:27 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Thanks to mangy_mongrel, I found out that Swan Lake on Ice is coming to my country from 12 September to 16 September at the Esplanade. (If you're getting tickets, Sistic outlets here!) Five tonnes of ice are going to be brought into the Esplanade (fascinating omg I wish I could see the setup!), and this is how the theatre's turned into a skating rink!

According to the international schedule, the cast is presently performing in Tokyo. The skaters are the Imperial Ice Stars, and here's the Swan Lake On Ice story. If the photographs are anything to go by, it's going to pretty impressive! The shot that impressed me the most were Fire on Ice.

Aaaand, here's Johnny Weir's 2006 Olympics Short Program: The Swan. ;) Jimmy from Blades of Glory was more-than-a-little modeled on him. ;) Check out the Kiss and Cry on this one, and the previous link. ;) Also, Johnny Weir 2006 Exhibition: Doin' It My Way. song2sing makes pretty good Johnny Weir icons, and this animated moodtheme has more than a few Jimmy-moments. Icons 42-48 here totally show the similarity of Johnny's The Swan to Jimmy's The Peacock. *laughing helplessly*. And Icons 1 - 22 here are so Jimmy.

Snowflake Moodtheme! (Not really, but it makes me think of Blades's Snowflake. Only for sponsored accounts, though. It's very cute, but it also turns into Pepsi logos sporadically).
19th-Aug-2007 02:57 pm (UTC) - *grin!*
I've not bought tickets yet, but I will definitely tell you my timing when I do! ;) ♥ I personally think coming home from an afternoon show is easier, but watching a show at night always has a different, more glamorous feeling! ;)

Sadly, Weir's not in this show - apologies if I've misled you, I happened to link him just because he skated in a swan costume. I wish he was in the show, but if he was, the ticket prices would probably be twice what they are now, and he would be ONE NIGHT ONLY. Hee.
19th-Aug-2007 03:02 pm (UTC) - Re: *grin!*
what a pity! But it's alright, I bought the tickets waaaayyyy before I watched Blades of Glory. I like watching ice skating, ballet, gymnastics (not like that would appear as a performance any time soon), etc. hahahaha!
19th-Aug-2007 04:52 pm (UTC) - :D!
Oh my heavens, you watched Blades of Glory? *beams* I didn't know! BUT OH MY HEAVENS if you watched that movie in theatres: that means that... you bought the tickets in MAY? MY GOD I FEEL REALLY REALLY SLOW.

I like watching all the abovementioned activities, but probably not as much as you. ;) I like 'em, but... I'd probably prefer a good movie over them. I didn't know you liked watching ice skating, though, COOL! ;) The Fuji Ice Palace rink at Jurong occasionally has skating exhibitions that are pretty cool, I'll let you know if I know of/am heading down for one! ;)
20th-Aug-2007 02:35 pm (UTC) - Re: :D!
Ah no, I watched it on the plane back from Hong Kong back to Singapore!! hee hee. Was very disturbed that they have now moved onto making incest the new gay thing. Just liked in Epic movie they made beastiality the new gay thing. As in last time in movies/shows, when they want you to go yuck, they put in gays, now they moved on to incest and beastiality. I wonder what's going to be next.
20th-Aug-2007 02:40 pm (UTC) - ! Got my tickets!
Bought my tickets today! I'm watching mine on Saturday, 15th of September, in the afternoon. We won't be in the same session, but we can sure talk about it together! ♥

! I sob at incest as the new gay thing! I really didn't like the incestuous couple in that movie, I thought they were NASTY and not nice and I disliked them. But bestiality, urk. But I like your perspective on pushing back the audience boundaries of EW. :) Homosexuality is now too common and accepted to afford more than the standard laughs, so for shock value they want MORE.
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