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Love is A Battlefield

The reason for the million-and-one posts lately is that we've had so much work and so many things to do the past few weeks that it's quite enough to drive anyone a little bit nuts. On top of everything we've to do I've also had the advocacy seminars, so this means that when Natsu Matsuri begins at 6pm this Saturday, I will be just finishing off my seminar at the court. I'll get there eventually, I just hope I won't be too tired to enjoy myself. Regrettably, I won't be able to attend the advocacy session in a kimono, but I'll change out later. ;)

We had our first Family Law lecture recently, and our course convenor thought it fitting that he should come up to introduce module and our lecturer, and to Say A Few Words on the institution of marriage. This is what he said:

"Marriage is like a castle in a siege," said our lecturer.
"Those who are outside want to get in,
and those who are inside want to get out."

And then he said, "In marriage, there are three rings:
The Engagement Ring,
the Wedding Ring
and most of all, there is suffering."

We laughed. Yes, I know we all value the institution of marriage in the ordinary course of events, but all you have to do is touch family law to find out just how many things can go wrong.

And this was AMAZING: Figure Skating's First Trio: Johnny Weir, Gregory & Petukhov - Fallen Angels. This was at the 2007 Marshalls Showcase, and it's three skaters on ice. Article on that here, linked by lannamichaels, whose LJ is pretty much the most comprehensive professional ice-skating play-by-play online journal I've ever seen.

Speaking of which, I found The 169 Things Evan Lysacek Is No Longer Allowed To Do amusing. And, Oksana Baiul in a musical 'Cold As Ice'. Playing in Long Island! ;) Johnny Weir Teaches Kathy Griffin How To Skate!

Also, 101 Frightening Ice Cream Flavours from Around The World (link from iibnf), and the freakiest are by far from Japan. Raw horseflesh ice cream pretty much takes the cake, but I stopped reading when the list hit Pit Viper Ice Cream. Pit Viper ice cream, people. I thought silk ice cream was also the stuff of WHAT ON EARTH because, NO, REALLY. Silk. Guys, you wear this stuff. You do not put it in your mouth, you do not put it in your food, and you do not ingest it once you put it in your food. Same with pearl ice cream.

This was an interesting post about an ice cream parlour that has Sirius Black ice cream (dark chocolate and raspberry jam) and Luna Lovegood ice cream (Butterscotch Pudding). I should have so loved to try that, if only to ask, "Could I have a scoop of Sirius Black, please?"

*Bon Jovi's "Summer of '69" starts playing on iTunes - for thirty SECONDS*

Me: HEY! I love that song! It's great!
Sibling: It's too HAPPY! Where are songs like DAUGHTRY!
Me: Happy is what makes it GOOD! WHO NEEDS DAUGHTRY!

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