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All Your Emos are Belong To Me

Comment with the most emo icon you have.

Bonus points if it is a Lonely Prince in his Stupendously Emo Tower of Ice and Incredible Emo-type icon.

Watched Brave Story translated in English with Niisan and Kaasan today.♥ I HAD A GOOD TIME AND I AM GOING TO MISS YOU VERY MUCH KAASAN :(((( But Chibi Kadaj will console himself by sending Kaasan numerous unwanted letters and postcards and OTHER strange things. Like Arashi Pocky, should the JE store ever stock it. It has gained a NEW FREQUENT VISITOR.

Brave Story figurines! I want my small pink cute baby dragon! But, a live one, not this. Still, inanimate version quite cute.


new story

Niisan! ♥ Thank you so much for the lovely Chinese hieroglyphic booklet! I SHALL PERUSE IT WITH GREAT DEDICATION AND WRITE YOU LETTERS WITH IT. :D Or fanfiction! :D ♥


I found the story much funnier the second time around, and not always in a good way.


IS VERY FUN TO WATCH and the kind of person I want to bitchslap into sense and then hug because he has had a most unfortunate and emo life. There is this scene where to get what he wants, he has to Experience the Experience that Brings Him The Most Personal Pain, and upon THAT happening, being a mage, he WALLS HIMSELF UP IN A TOWER OF ICE TO EMO ALONE and DESTROY THE WORLD, while Wataru, the hero of the story, BANGS IN VAIN UPON THE OUTSIDE OF HIS ICE TOWER OF EMO yelling, "MITSURU!!! LET ME IN!!!"

Also, the ending of Brave Story is just like FFAC, because it involves:

1. Main antagonist (Mitsuru in Brave Story, Kadaj in AC) dying in hero's arms (Wataru, Cloud).

(only Kadaj at least didn't DRAG OUT HIS DEATH SCENE the way Mitsuru did. I swear, by the end of it I was SHUT UP AND JUST DIE ALREADY. Unnecessarily long anime death scenes frustrate me, I'm always oh, he's dead! No wait, he's not dead. he's dead! No, he's still talking! He's dead! No, his eyes are still open! He's talking again! NOOOOOOOOO)

2. Main antagonist's body dissolving into SPARKLY GLITTER and rising up into the heavens and disappearing

3. to reunite with a beloved female family member
(Kadaj gets to be with Kaasan again, and Mitsuru got his sister back)

4. While the protagonist gazes up into the skies at the glittering wake

Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie! Even when the translation was clearly quite rubbish and at times did not reflect what was being said at all.

the rest of this entry is intentionally mitsuru-coloured:
BUSY DAY TODAY OHMYHEAVENS. Some great moments: had lunch with elvaron and law school classmates! ♥ went to buy dessert! watched movie with kaasan and niisan! ♥ had fun law-related dinner!

Have also come to the conclusion that lawyers have a strange profession-linked sense of humour such that, I am quite sure, if certain jokes were told at a mixed-profession table:

Everyone else: ... ?

rather mixed day all in all, with several things happening that I could have been quite happy without, like ARGH CLASS and emo thought of the day: Sometimes, when I try to say what I really feel, it comes out so nasty that I just don't say anything. Sometimes the relief you get from speaking your mind is completely outweighed by the amount of cleaning-up and apologising you have to do afterwards.

BUT IT IS OKAY OR WILL BE. Lawyer at dinner table tonight recounted story of how a client she'd heard of had gotten arrested for stealing garbage, because he'd broken into the garbage storage room to do it. It was not so much WHAT he'd stolen, but HOW he'd taken it.

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