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trust me
Someone should stop me now. 
9th-Nov-2003 04:19 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Went down to the Thames to watch a spectacular fifteen-minute fireworks display. It was a hall-mate's birthday. A rain of stars bursting to life above you. Such a beautiful moon tonight. Seeing the fireworks chase each other, running down the street with smoke and explosions going off, thinking I love you at the fireworks, and not believing that it’s five weeks till I’m home again. Where did the time go?

Pardon the incoherence, I was so happy.

After which, went to Four Seasons for dinner. Am extremely thankful that giaan and Sam can speak Cantonese, because it does get you better service at this particular restaurant at Queensway, near Bayswater Station. Took extremely insane pictures and had a disturbing amount of fun.

I scare risax’s friends. Booze Guy said, to her, of me, “She seemed perfectly normal until she opened her mouth.” Also risax is very good at finding the really fun sections of parody books. XDDD This was the result of the three of us watching The Two Towers at risax's place.

risax said, today, “You’re obsessed with Serry!”

Me: *complete shock*

anyasy you’re evading us! And why can’t you, homura, c_dreamcatcher and SW be with risax and I in London so we can shriek at Gaiman together?!?!

lacewood, congratulations on being chosen for that semester in Cornell! *hugs*

kannazuki, much love. *hugs wildly* Why didn’t we have more time together?!?!?!

ranchelle, I was watching the fireworks at the Thames today, and my heart was wild with joy. Thought of you. Wished you were there.

la_muerta, you’re the only person who can make me shriek with laughter in Starbucks when, a thousand miles away, you write, “useless fools”.

Have received owl from my Professor la_muerta, possibly the only one who can make me shriek with laughter in the reception of my Intercollegiate Hall by the simple use of the words “useless fools”. *worships* Was staring at Professor’s letter, completely besotted, during a Hogwarts Express train ride. You know what I do with all the letters I get from home? I put them in my school bag, and carry them around for an entire day. I don’t open them until at least an hour has passed, and I don’t read them all at once. I read a paragraph, and I go, “I can’t be this happy now,” and put them back in to read again.

nescienx, you have breathtaking N/S ideas. *hugs*

Must write Skinner/Tom for flagitiosus. She gives me a reason to fic on. Christmas fic exchanges are a wonderful idea. ^_^ I think I’m going to write El/Sands for majokai. Am going to murder the pairing but wah. (Thank you nescienx for that word. I heart it now. It expresses so much that mere words cannot say)

And JUST BECAUSE I’ve been thinking of this for TOO LONG:

Marble arrch.

Also discovered that it is my Word Processor’s automatic correct that has been correcting your name and hence getting it wrong.

Furthermore I am getting Soul Reaver 4 for my brother if he doesn’t want to get it with his own money or if my mom won’t get it for him. I want so badly to see the cinematics. Brother plays, I watch. XD It works out!

clara_swift's "Wanna Shag, Master?" icon, by ashla_bogan has come thisclose to killing me of Q/O adoration. "You're Not Qui!" icon is also deeply worthy of activiting the caps lock and a completely justified use of exclamation marks, but I will restrain myself.

Also, airame's Clash of the Fandoms icon is breathtaking. Pirates of the Caribbean and Obi-Wan Kenobi! This was found thanks to the amazing Friendslist of ashla_bogan.

I am so sorry. Am going to betray all I have been pretending to be since I saw LOTR.

I can't pretend any longer. I'm running out of explanations for all the incriminating evidence.

anyasy says I’m a closeted OB fan. *weeps* risax is gleeful.

Am deeply indebted to arwen_elvenfair, whose icons shoved me over the edge, and lazydreamweaver, whose Friendslist is a weapon of denial destruction. Also owe an incomparable debt to the horde of Orlando fangirls with whom I share an intercollegiate hall with.

I could not stop screaming at this. celessar GIF’ed the Orlando scenes of the Troy trailer. I beg pardon of kannazuki for disgracing her with blatant fangirlism in a movie theatre in London. Also I want to thank lazydreamweaver, because I found that link off her Friendslist. Specifically, I found it off leggsylove, who, incidentially, has a very interesting username, and I don’t mean LJ name.

No wait I must share more. Troy Stills.

Drunk now. Sorry. I should say stop that now.

Was saving pictures of IceAngel’s washing machine to my computer just because. Also pictures of her stairs. So yeah.

The Matrix Revolutions

What nescienx said. She has fabulous N/S ideas, so I listen with rapt attention to her. Also I agree with her on the Coolness of Smith. She thinks of so many things I never would think of, and therefore I must worship. *does so*

What arrch said. He said a certain interesting thing about Mommy and Daddy programs. I think it was rather naughty but I might be wrong.

ranchelle finished Fool’s Errand! aingeal_isilme too! NOW FOR THE REST OF RATAL!

Have been damned by ranchelle. So happy now.

Spoilers for the Matrix Revolutions:

Remember The Matrix Reloaded? Remember Smith speaking to Neo, with that voice that Implies Infinite Innuendos, of "Their Connection"?

This happened in The Matrix Revolutions:

Neo: "It's just that I've never..."
Program: "Heard programs speak of love."
Neo: "It's a human emotion."
Program: "It is a word. What matters is the connection the word implies."

Program: "Can you tell me what you would give to hold on to that connection?"
Neo: "Anything."

London has made me intolerably emotional. Wanted to kiss someone several times today. Wanted to hug someone else intolerably badly. Cannot believe how good it is to talk to people in my hall.

Running into Very Strange People on the bus. giaan and I had the misfortune to

We were sitting in a bus on the way back from dinner, and there was this woman sitting in front of us. A woman who told us we had funny accents, after which we stopped talking. She told us to continue. Of course we didn't. Same woman who was continually tugging the hair of the lady sitting in front of her - a complete stranger to her. Same woman who, when another lady took the seat next to her, asked her if she was a lesbian. Lady promptly took off.

Well, you always do run into very interesting people on the bus. Was with Sam and Mai the other day on a bus, when a man behind us started yelling about terrorists. When a police car drove past, sirens shrieking and lights flashing, he shouted, "It's a terrorist attack!"

8th-Nov-2003 10:04 pm (UTC)
kannazuki, much love. *hugs wildly* Why didn’t we have more time together?!?!?!

*reads "wild" then "more time together"* Er-

I loved that "Wanna Shag" icon too. Meep.

anyasy says I’m a closeted OB fan. *weep*
What does she mean closeted? I think you're so obviously head over heels over OB. (Speaking of OB- everytime I say that, ammonium frowns at me. Because it just sounds like Obi.)

London seems to have much SQUEEAGE.

*worried and looks for a backdoor exit*
9th-Nov-2003 09:01 pm (UTC)
Wild time together, maybe. XDDDD

"Wanna Shag" was a great icon. *hearts ashla_bogan*

I think you're so obviously head over heels over OB.

I'm in trouble, aren't I? ; )

My Professor says, better out of the closet than in.
I like Obi too! ; )

*worried and looks for a backdoor exit*

*blocks up backdoor exit with Robin Hobb books*

And you. N/S. *HUGS* That was amazing.
9th-Nov-2003 03:18 am (UTC)
Have been damned by ranchelle. So happy now.

I damned you right after I finished The Golden Fool, dearie. *grin* That's because in England, you have Fool's Fate and in Singapore we don't. Come back and let me kidnap borrow your book!! (And there so much joy in our mutual damning and being damned indeed. *laughs*)

And what's this I hear? How does Risax-san know think you're obsessed with Serry? And hopefully she doesn't mistake it for Sarry or Serry-next-door? *amused smile*

asked her if she was a lesbian. Lady promptly took off.

That's a good way to clear a seat! But if she's not asking for the sake of clearing the seat, it really makes me wonder if she meant it as an innocent inquiry, an accusation or something else.
9th-Nov-2003 09:04 pm (UTC)
Tell me if Singapore doesn't have the book by the time I return! I'll get another for Ratal! ; ) Must... tell the world... about Hobb.

Ratal first. XD

How does Risax-san

*agitation* *signals for silence* She SEES TOO MUCH! No more!

*wry smile* She wasn't asking for the sake of seat-clearing. She was drunk. Quite.

I do think there would be better - and less controversial - ways of getting someone to vacate a seat...

Never thought of that reason behind her saying that, though.
9th-Nov-2003 06:11 am (UTC)
Mrf? o__O heh. I think you'd scare Gaiman if you do that...
9th-Nov-2003 09:05 pm (UTC)
Gaiman scares his readers enough! XD But most of the time he reduces me to a speechless being wracked with incurable envy. I want to kidnap his ideas and bring them home with me.
9th-Nov-2003 07:12 am (UTC)
Beautiful moon tonight too... Only 5 weeks more to go! *beams, hums* "it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star~"

*awwwwws @ the way you read your letters*

quote: anyasy says I’m a closeted OB fan

*resigned sigh* well better out of the closet than in. but those troy stills... gods, and I thought he could get no uglier.
9th-Nov-2003 09:07 pm (UTC)
*sings along to your icon*

"Malfoy's friends all call him Christine..."

*hugs the Professor* I was looking up the moon, and thinking, "Faol's out there now..." ^__________^

We're seeing the same moon! ; ) And soon we will walk the same continent! I know these weeks will fly by! ; )

*hugs my Professor* Thank you for writing that letter. ^_^

*giggles* *hides behind a huge Love Actually poster so that she isn't punished for defection*
9th-Nov-2003 07:06 pm (UTC)
I'm in love with your description of the fireworks!!!

So much Neo/Smith slash. So much. ^______^

That lady on the bus sounds really scary. Oo
9th-Nov-2003 09:08 pm (UTC)
*hugs* I'm in love with your LJ entry titles! And your icons! ^_^

So much slash! *hugs you and beams*

She was scary. *covers eyes* Hope you don't run into anyone like that ><
9th-Nov-2003 09:11 pm (UTC)
*blush* Thankies. ^^

*grin* Neo/Smith pr0n would have made the movie just thatmuch better.

I've run into scary people like that, too. >< But I think your scary lady was much scarier than anyone I've run into.
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