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Happy Hell-O-Ween, Everybody!

Hellgate London Launch - 31st October 2007

warning: fair number of photographs

Today I was in the Courts doing research (and waiting to join my brother at the Hellgate Launch later) when a_songfor_xx and I discovered we were BOTH in the vinicity! She was at the launch much earlier than I, and I was WAIT WAIT OMG DON'T LEAVE BEFORE I COME. XD I must say it is DAMN HARD to work when one is thinking WHEN CAN I LEAVE OMG WHEN CAN I LEAVE BUT I did it!

:D When I was DONE I got to rejoin the sibling and the sensei at the launch! :D They had a really cool Jeep parked OUTSIDE the mall, and what I think was an attempt to replicate Big Ben:


And after which there was much Oh The LOL when, sensei in tow, we came back to the car to find it FLANKED BY TWO POLICE CARS. Oh officer, I know I've been a bad, bad boy.

So we kidnapped sensei home! And then we proceeded to DISCOVER HELL ON EARTH. You can customise characters when you play this game, so there was a WHOLE LOT OF LAUGHTER when we were customising my brother's character, along the lines of, "WHERE IS THE ADOLF HITLER MUSTACHE?!" and "OH MY GOD HE LOOKS LIKE VAN NOW!" - and that was for the FACIAL HAIR alone. You can choose between six different character types, then between males and females, and then you can customise hair colour, height, bulk, hair, mustaches (or lack of). OMG

Then sensei and I went off for waffles where I cheerfully overdosed on sugar, and we watched tiny little Halloween kids trick-or-treating. SO ADORABLE. ♥

they say the world will end in FIRE

making headlines all around the world!

More launch photos here and here!


welcome to hell on earth

from left to right:
Hellgate London Cabalist; displaced, disheveled wombat; Dean from Supernatural; Sensei ♥; Hellgate London Templar.

this billboard SCARED ME. MOMMY ~

short notes:

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heaven & hell

or the angel & the devil on your shoulder.

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