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trust me
I'm not a sadist, I just enjoy watching pretty boys bitch-slapped. 
2nd-Nov-2007 09:31 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Someone on the house_chase community is uploading H/C (hurt/comfort... no, of course it's House/Chase, what d'you think the community's for?) moments, and I saw the priceless moment in Season 1, Episode 15: Mob Rules where Chase gets bitch-slapped by the lawyer brother of a gay gangster patient. WAY to hit all the "Make aefallen Pay Attention" buttons all at once and in such a way as to give me whiplash from racing to see it happen.

I like to call it Chase's Wolfram Moment.

in which slapping makes the world go 'round

Why Life is Such a Bitch to Chase
(no, not because Chase is a bitch)

1. It's tough enough being a doctor without being bitchslapped by your patient's relatives.



2. And having to tend to the guy who's the reason for your being slapped in the first place.


In this scene, he says, "YOU CAN TRUST ME."
House obviously disagrees.

The TRUST ME! Wombat dance.
(when I was young, the words "Trust me" were my favourite words to hear in cartoon series. :D)

4. Your boss wants to fire someone and at the moment it looks like it's gonna be YOU.
(Also, that is the girliest post ever, Chase)

The Difference Between Reality and That Other Sparkly Pretty Thing

The Pretty Thing:


After seeing the word "Hoyay" (means "homoeroticism, yay!") around way too many sites and not at all understanding what it means, I finally found this site, which made me laugh hysterically (clearly I am easily amused) when I read, "In another episode, House declares "I love you!" when Wilson gives him more Vicodin, causing squee in millions of ho yay fans." Causing squee? Causing squee? Oh guys you crack me up! Their six-line Heroes summary had me laughing even harder.

But the one that had me laughing the hardest (probably due to the cumulative effect of all the other lines) was, "Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural are breathlessly subtextualized by Television Without Pity recappers, and copious notes are taken on all possible examples of "Bro Yay.""

This post has been brought to you by a very long day! ♥

I have discovered that if I really like a series, I tend to make a With Stupid icon out of it. This is probably because when I was young and impressionable, lacewood showed me a Hector -> Paris "I'm With Stupid" icon. And THAT WAS IT:


Hugh Laurie in Blackadder - as the Prince Regent, in Blackadder. I watched Blackadder long before House was a twinkle in Master Laurie's eye, and the Prince Regent always made me want to A) laugh hysterically, B) strangle him, C) wonder long and hard about how anyone could be that stupid, even on television. I really don't associate this character with House at all, but with Hugh Laurie.

And oh, was the Prince Regent fabulously gay, in every sense of the word.

Prince Regent (to Blackadder): "What can I do with a woman that I cannot do with you?"
Blackadder: "I cannot conceive."
2nd-Nov-2007 02:42 pm (UTC) - BRAINHURTS
NO HELLO KITTY!*CRIES* I already saw one in the Build-A-Bear workshop today!

XD! I missed my layout, too. The other one was a little hard on the eyes (or maybe I was staring too long!). This one is much easier!

Good ♥ I just stuffed a bunch of House and Chase caps into the entry. :D

*LAUGHING SO HARD* I actually can't sit through the rest of the episode minus the Chase bits because it makes me go so D:. I AM ONLY IN IT FOR THE PRETTY AND THE SLASH. The infuriating moments are to be KICKED.

Seriously! House is good for giving you high blood pressure. Both the series and the person!
2nd-Nov-2007 03:02 pm (UTC) - so does mine. T.T
xDD I keep thinking your Build-A-Bear Workshop should be selling the tan Hello Kitty, but unfortunately it's exclusive to Hawaii. *sob!*

... I came across this picture when Googling for it, though:


I think the Abyss layout takes a little getting used to? xD I didn't like it very much at first (sorry!) but it grew on me after a few days. *g!*

I SAW. I LOVE THEM. Oh, poor Chase... Why is he called wombat, though? O.o

... WAIT. Are you saying ALL THE EPISODES are infuriating? xD I thought the God vs. House one was pretty enjoyable, it's just the Euphoria episode that traumatized me. AND IT WILL BE CONTINUED ARGH. ;)

I totally agree with that last bit. *laughs!* OH OH! CAN I STEAL THE HOUSE IS WITH STUPID ICON? I liiiike.
2nd-Nov-2007 03:08 pm (UTC) - MY EYES MY EYES BURN
STRIPPER!BAB! :(((((((((((((


I mean, there are two ways one could look at it! Either the bear is stripping, or the bear is... very happy that it has been skinned.

... what kind of bear is that?! Is it the "Scare-Young Children Bear"?

... but it kind of looks furry and nice underneath, though. Just... just a little disturbing.
2nd-Nov-2007 03:17 pm (UTC) - it's a birthday suit bear! xD
... It's not a Build-A-Bear bear! xDD THANK GOD!

WAHAH. The link says "birthdaysuitbear.jpg" I think? SO WRONG.

I'm sorry for posting something so disturbing on your beautiful winter layout. HAHA. ;)
2nd-Nov-2007 03:21 pm (UTC) - you are MEEEEEN and make baby wombats cry!
Baby wombat now scarred for life!


2nd-Nov-2007 03:30 pm (UTC) - we're a team~!
LOL! You're totally using this as an excuse to show off your icons. ADMIT IT.
2nd-Nov-2007 03:38 pm (UTC)
Who, me? I am SO INNOCENT!

(that, coincidentally, is the essence of THIS icon's keywords!)
2nd-Nov-2007 03:21 pm (UTC) - I HAVE A NEW NAME FOR IT

Look, even Chase is shocked!
2nd-Nov-2007 03:29 pm (UTC) - SILLY WOMBAT HAHA!
Hee. xDD

Chase is so cute.

URGH. You've brainwashed me. HOW CAN I LIKE HOUSE. NOOOOOOOOO. T.T
2nd-Nov-2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
Chase is spectacularly cute. Then again, maybe he's only cute when next to not!blonde!Cameron, and Foreman, and House himself. HE COULD BE A POP STAR.

XDDDD! I haven't really brainwashed you, I think - thinking Chase is cute is NATURAL! Most people who like pretty boys would agree!

Now, if I get you thinking HOUSE is cute, that's brainwashing! (and it would surprise me - I personally could never think House was cute. I think Hugh Laurie is cute, but that's a whole different thing).
2nd-Nov-2007 03:44 pm (UTC) - HAVE FUN WITH THIS:
Hugh Laurie in Blackadder - it's Hugh Laurie as the Prince Regent, in Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean's) Blackadder. I think it just might break your brain: this is Hugh Laurie (House's actor) when he was younger, powdered and in a wig as the fabulously GAY Prince Regent. :D
2nd-Nov-2007 03:12 pm (UTC)
XD! Sure! You may take the HOUSE IS WITH STUPID icon! I am amazed that you like it, though! (You sometimes surprise me with which of my icons you like: like the rainbow!Jimmy one and this one! I am over here going "but they are NOT PRETTY ENOUGH")

xD! I know you didn't like the Abyss one at first! I really loved it, because it was so special, omg. ♥ But I also wanted to use it for the Halloween post because my Halloween post DOES NOT FIT this layout, and the other layout worked better with it! :D

XD! HEH HEH HEH. I am glad you enjoyed the caps! Despite your wanting to avoid House. :D And House and Chase. House isn't pretty, but they make for a nice visual (and mental!) contrast! :D

Oh oh! Chase is called Wombat because he is Australian and from Australia (XD yes i like repeating myself), and House makes fun of him by calling him by the names of all the native Australian animals. House has called him Wombat (my favourite PET (xD) name for him) and also "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo".

... the tan Hello Kitty... I like the flowers, but I can't shake the feeling that it looks like kitty's been TOASTED. :D

2nd-Nov-2007 03:28 pm (UTC)
Hee! xD I like the WITH STUPID icon because it's funny... I don't really have a pairing yet (I think I'll be House/Chase one-sided and House/Wilson because Wilson keeps BITCHING ABOUT WILSON SLEEPING WITH THAT WOMAN!), so I want an icon that isn't romantic but FUNNEEH. *grin!*

I THINK THEY ARE PRETTY ENOUGH, THOUGH. I really like that rainbow!Jimmy one. It's my HAPPY ICON. xD

The Abyss layout was really beautiful and well made! I just didn't like all those dark colours... I think that's why I love your current one so much now. It's so sparkly and light. :D :D :D

I don't want to avoid House, per se... It's just that ONCE A WEEK ON THURSDAYS IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. I'm not immune yet. I will work on it. ;) It's like training your brain for the breakage KKM does to it!

Awwww! MAAAN. Now I want to make a KOALA BEAR and name it Chase! O.o That's really cute! I didn't notice the Australian accent at all. Whoops.


I have to go see my doctor! T.T He doesn't sit until 5pm, but last time we were in the waiting room for TWO HOURS so we're going a bit early. Thanks for talking and cheering me up so much. I nearly forgot I am sick. :)
2nd-Nov-2007 04:35 pm (UTC) - *HUGS*
Sweets, if you were that sick, you didn't need to be online! *hugs* Man, I hate long waiting times, too, so I totally feel your pain. *snug* You're most welcome, sweets, glad I could help. ♥ FEEL BETTER SOOON, you! I don't know if this visit will helps, but IT BETTER DO!

XD! I'm more into the EXTREME dark colours than you - and this present layout is just so SPECTACULARLY JIMMY, the only way you could love it more if it were PINK.

Thank you! ♥ And man, House/Chase is totally one-sided. So's House/Cameron, really. I think House should just end up in a threesome with Cuddy and Wilson. He needs them both, to make him stable. Or maybe just throw Chase and Cameron into the mix, too, then he can have House's Harem. :D

XD! As I like House/Chase... I can't actually have a REAL romantic icon, but I MAKE DO. :))) AND House loves Chase, really - he loves ABUSING him. Poor boy.

XD! Once a week on Thursdays would be MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR ME if I actually had to sit through the whole episode without knowing how much Chase was in it. :) Chase is the sugar, the rest of the the episode is the MEDICINE.

XDDDD!!! I NEVER HAD TO BE TRAINED FOR THE KKM-BRAIN BREAKAGE! Wolfram was always around and pretty enough for me to ♥ ♥ ♥ KKM WAS CHILD'S PLAY BRAIN-BREAKAGE COMPARED TO HOUSE, which is both brain-and-heart breaking.

Actually, I don't really hear Chase's accent as an Australian accent. I see it as a British accent crossed over with an Australian one. It's not like any Australian accent that I'm familiar with, because it sounds so forced. Or maybe it was just that he's trying very hard to be non-Australian. He sounds so stiff and formal, poor boy. He should be all YO 'SUP! and all that good stuff.

I'm not so good with accents, though, so maybe I should take it to someone who knows accents! ;)


AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I might name my Cheetah Chase. IT WOULD MAKE SENSE, NO? ;)
3rd-Nov-2007 01:16 am (UTC) - *tackles!*
Heh, I sound like a seal (honestly! OINK OINK!) if I try to speak... so I've been spending most of my time online where I can still COMMUNICATE NORMALLY. ;)

...the only way you could love it more if it were PINK.


You know, that makes me wonder... is there any Chase/Wilson? O.o I mean, House is such a bastard. He doesn't deserve either of them. *laughs!*

I'm a little disappointed, though. I think I went into House thinking I'd like House/Chase and then discovered THERE IS NO HOUSE/CHASE AT ALL. It's all in fandom's head. ;)

I don't mind the other characters that much! xD I think I never would have noticed Chase if I didn't know you? I like listening to House talk because it's such a challenge for me to keep up with him. SERIOUSLY. He talks so quickly that I can't read the subtitles quickly enough, so I have to actually LISTEN to what they're saying. It's sooo tiring. *spoilt Belgian brat!* xD


I'm going to pay extra attention to Chase's accent next time! :) I'm also really considering buying the DVDs if I find them anywhere (I like to watch A LOT of episodes in one day?) and catch up... I wonder if it's worth it, though? I'm still missing that spark Supernatural had? =/


xDD Chase is a cute name for a Cheetah! Do not get me started on the names people give their bears at BABW. Please. I had twins on Wednesday who BOTH made a Giraffe and named them "Giraf 1" and "Giraf 2". T.T
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