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trust me
I'm not a sadist, I just enjoy watching pretty boys bitch-slapped. 
2nd-Nov-2007 09:31 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Someone on the house_chase community is uploading H/C (hurt/comfort... no, of course it's House/Chase, what d'you think the community's for?) moments, and I saw the priceless moment in Season 1, Episode 15: Mob Rules where Chase gets bitch-slapped by the lawyer brother of a gay gangster patient. WAY to hit all the "Make aefallen Pay Attention" buttons all at once and in such a way as to give me whiplash from racing to see it happen.

I like to call it Chase's Wolfram Moment.

in which slapping makes the world go 'round

Why Life is Such a Bitch to Chase
(no, not because Chase is a bitch)

1. It's tough enough being a doctor without being bitchslapped by your patient's relatives.



2. And having to tend to the guy who's the reason for your being slapped in the first place.


In this scene, he says, "YOU CAN TRUST ME."
House obviously disagrees.

The TRUST ME! Wombat dance.
(when I was young, the words "Trust me" were my favourite words to hear in cartoon series. :D)

4. Your boss wants to fire someone and at the moment it looks like it's gonna be YOU.
(Also, that is the girliest post ever, Chase)

The Difference Between Reality and That Other Sparkly Pretty Thing

The Pretty Thing:


After seeing the word "Hoyay" (means "homoeroticism, yay!") around way too many sites and not at all understanding what it means, I finally found this site, which made me laugh hysterically (clearly I am easily amused) when I read, "In another episode, House declares "I love you!" when Wilson gives him more Vicodin, causing squee in millions of ho yay fans." Causing squee? Causing squee? Oh guys you crack me up! Their six-line Heroes summary had me laughing even harder.

But the one that had me laughing the hardest (probably due to the cumulative effect of all the other lines) was, "Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural are breathlessly subtextualized by Television Without Pity recappers, and copious notes are taken on all possible examples of "Bro Yay.""

This post has been brought to you by a very long day! ♥

I have discovered that if I really like a series, I tend to make a With Stupid icon out of it. This is probably because when I was young and impressionable, lacewood showed me a Hector -> Paris "I'm With Stupid" icon. And THAT WAS IT:


Hugh Laurie in Blackadder - as the Prince Regent, in Blackadder. I watched Blackadder long before House was a twinkle in Master Laurie's eye, and the Prince Regent always made me want to A) laugh hysterically, B) strangle him, C) wonder long and hard about how anyone could be that stupid, even on television. I really don't associate this character with House at all, but with Hugh Laurie.

And oh, was the Prince Regent fabulously gay, in every sense of the word.

Prince Regent (to Blackadder): "What can I do with a woman that I cannot do with you?"
Blackadder: "I cannot conceive."
2nd-Nov-2007 06:32 pm (UTC) - sadomasochism - a realist's approach to pain!
Realist's approach to pain being: "If you're gonna have it, you might as well enjoy it." ;)

XDDDD!!! I wonder how the Chase as a bottom or top debate goes! To my eyes he looks like a very pretty bottom: especially the way he used to act around House when he was new to him. But maybe that's how he is in the "real" world - and then in the S&M realm he gets to unleash his INNER SEME and dominate the way he can't in PPTH. XD

The guys Chase dates. ♥ XDDDD Because I lurk around the Wombat side of fanfiction, I've read a fair number of fic by which Chase dates abusive men and the staff end up having to deal with the fallout.

*hug!* Another House-fan friend of mine had the same reaction as you, actually: she was watching intermittently up to the point, but she gave up at the end of the arc. I think her take on it was that the culmination of that arc made her realise that House was never going to change, even when he knew better, and that there was a limit to which you can watch someone destroy themselves like that. But I completely understand. You know that "Merry Little Christmas" episode in Season 3 where House takes a whole lot of pills around Christmastime and Wilson finds him? I got to that point in the series and I was, "... there's no point following it from here."

But then Chase grew a spine and I discovered he hugged House and I forgive easily. ;)

I agree, Wilson doesn't get it much better. But Wilson knows House better and realises that it's... I suppose, as close as House can get to affection.

Maybe it's good that he leaves before Chase wakes up, otherwise on those days when his leg is really hurting...
XD! TRUE ENOUGH. I forgot about that! My dad and I once had a discussion where I was telling him about the circumstances under which House fired Chase and the fannish discussion of why he did it, and my dad was, "So House is like the drunken sensei who kicks you, but it's really for your own good?"

I do think you had a great House muse, though. ♥ You generated a lot of creative fanwork for the series! I personally like to think that our muses are always up in our heads somewhere, that muses are a point-of-view. Maybe one day he will revive again! :)

you can only take so much of a fictional character that's evil and mean and nasty if you have to deal with real people of that same flavor every day XD.
Oh, that is so true! *grin* It makes me smile to know you remembered that. ♥

*LAUGHING SO HARD* You described those pseudo-intellectual posts PERFECTLY. *WILD APPLAUSE* *LOVES YOU* THAT IS EXACTLY THE WAY THEY WERE (and probably the way they still are). ;)
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