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Which House Md Character are you?
Your Result: Gregory House

Congratulations, you're the snarky bastard Dr. Gregory House. You're a genius doctor and you enjoy annoying your boss. There's a rumor that you and your best friend are gay though...

Eric Foreman
Robert Chase
James Wilson
Allison Cameron
Lisa Cuddy
Which House Md Character are you?
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As if that wasn't bad enough, the second person I'm most like is the person most like House himself. D: I swear this quiz is broken! I would be the kind of House that goes, "COME HERE WOMBAT LET ME GIVE YOU A HUG ♥", "Cameron, you're BEAUTIFUL", "FLOWERS FOR EVERYBODY! ♥" and "Wilson ILU" - oh wait, that's not OOC. And I would break PPTH's collective brain! ♥ ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

Today must be my day for breaking quizzes, because I tried the YGO Couple Quiz and - well, when I first did it, I got Yuugi/Bakura. Then I got Anzu/Ryou (WHAT THE HELLLLLL). Then I got Seto/Jou. Therefore I decide that I'm schizophrenic. But if you're looking for a specific result it's very easy to rig:

so here's what I like.

Which Yu-Gi-Oh Couple are you?

Yuugi/Jounouchi: Now this couple is quite sweet, and very canon-filled, considering all the things that the two best friends did with each other. Not to mention the subbed version when Yuugi was battling against Jounouchi: "Joe I love you..." I nearly burst out crying with that line, especially since they didn't do it in the dub! Arrrgh evil bas-...oh right, I'm here supposed to be ranting about the couple, right where here's the basics: Jounouchi usually has the main crush on Yuugi while Yuugi is naive and goes on with everything his life is chaotic enough to begin with. So there's a lot of sadness on Jounouchi's part but Yuugi is somehow always there to cheer him up, and like many couples it's fluffy when they get together. This is for you Bunny Meatball/Odango Usagi! (

Yami/Jounouchi: ...Well to tell the truth I haven't found many Yami/Jounouchis...except in doujinshi form. For this one, I assume that the two are lovey dovey about each other but both are crazy on who's going to make the first move! I'd think it be more of a humor fic with these two than anything else, but who knows?

Jounouchi/Yuugi/Yami: Very similar to the Yuugi/Anzu/Yami pairings it has focused that Jounouchi loves Yuugi, Yuugi loves both his darkness and Jounouchi and Yami mainly cares for Yuugi. This couple (or couples I suppose, do I call it a trio?) is actually very sweet, not much angst but more of hesitation.

Yuugi/Yami: The sweetest and most famous couple out there. They're light and darkness, yet unlike true ying-yang they get along with each other more than anyone else. They share each other's thoughts, faults and make each other feel better. Usually they both love each other, and yet are too clueless to see it, so this is usually filled a lot of humor and romance. Sometimes when they're already paired up though you always see them getting along together, no matter what. They're an ideal couple and one for true love.

Yuugi/Atemu: What there's more? Yes, yes there is, because Atemu is considered at a different person than Yami. Yami's more humble and forgotten about everything he's done or what's happened. Atemu on the other hand, knows what the hell happened and of the slaves and so on of Ancient Egypt. Usually with his couple its Yuugi's a foreigner that was caught as to be as a slave and was luckily enough to become Atemu's new slave. Yuugi usually ends up melting Atemu's heart, but this is filled with more drama than fluff people. Mainly because everyone remembers that Yuugi was made as a slave so it'd makes a difficult relationship, than there's Dorobo (Bakura otherwise) he messes things up. So this couple isn't as ideal as Yuugi/Yami but it has its moments.

Atemu/Yuugi/Yami: "What? They're BOTH fighting for Yuugi?" Yes, yes, after all Yuugi is well worth fighting over, isn't he? This trio is filled with more humor than anything else, mainly because wouldn't the thought of Atemu somehow appearing from somewhere and thinking Yuugi as his while Yami was already struggling in telling Yuugi that he loves him, make you laugh? It does to me...

There you go pick whichever you think suits you. (*Sees many go for the Yuugi/Yami and sweatdrops*)
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