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trust me
wouldn't do again/would do again/would ALWAYS DO AGAIN 
1st-Dec-2007 12:48 am
Supernatural - No Dude I Love YOU more
I have been WELL AND TRULY PUNISHED for the Gods of Fandom for the whole YGO thing. (That, or blessed, in a rather unique way) For today, WHAT DID I FIND when I opened up the long questions for my Civil Procedure paper but a VERY LONG QUESTION on, guess what, the outcome of a legal suit against a company producing playing cards. There was even one real special question about how said company produces extremely valuable playing cards and how they're all lying in this factory, asking you how you get your hands on them! Legally, of course. So there I was writing about seizing playing cards for a practical law examination.

And as I sat through the three-hour long exam, I couldn't help but wonder how that "screw the money" adage simply doesn't apply to law. Let me explain. Civil procedure is governed by the Rules of Court, which consist of approximately ninety-seven Orders. Each order has roughly ten rules. Some have twenty, some have nine - it averages out to about ten. That makes over a thousand rules in the Rules of Court. So you see: when it comes to law - the rules screw you.

But after-that made up for it, though: Went for lunch with velithya, reisha and elvaron, which was fabulous and great and all kinds of wonderful. Also! I have located the Sam screenshot of LAWTASTIC GOODNESS! In What Was And What Should Not Be, Sam Winchester is reading Criminal Law and Procedure. WHEN TWO LOVES COLLIDE ♥)

The only thing that made me :((( was that El had to go after, but it was so fun having lunch with people when your minds all come from the same wonderful place. ♥ Then reisha took us to the Sony store, where we went and admired the promos for Devil May Cry 4, and this fascinating new game which reisha introduced to me: The Eye of Judgment. Which I thought was INCREDIBLY COOL.

What it is can best be described by the conversation between my brother and I:

Me: *describes*
Sibling: It's like Fushigi Yuugi!
Me: ... D:
Sibling: No! I mean, Yu-Gi-Oh!
Me: ... yeah, kinda.

EXCEPT IT IS 3-D AND SO COOL. Extensive (and objective) review here. Says that it was created with help from the people behind Wizards of the Coast - in other words, those evil people behind Magic: The Gathering. llamrei tells me that the YGO card game was indeed based on that, which EXPLAINS why I found the game so familiar and so easy to take to.

Both siblings and I were into Magic: The Gathering when we were younger. Family obsessions are always the best: the nearest fan is just right next to you. XD The sibling got me into it, and then all three of us were into it. The youngest had the best cards, and I think I didn't love the game quite so much as to want to spend much money on it, so I made do with the cards my brothers didn't want or those that they gave me. But it was fun. I'm not good at games: I want to win too much, and I tend not to enjoy myself - and I'm not that great a player. But it did make my occasional win all the sweeter. A conventional magic game would start off with us at 40 life each - which meant that the game could go ON AND ON FOR HOURS. AND DID. Lucky we were all at home, so there was no question of needing to be back at a certain time! XD When we wanted a quick game we'd start at 20 life.

Just reading YGO has been giving me all these happy memories back, so I'll always be grateful to it for that. XD Except that the game in YGO IS SO MUCH EASIER because it HAD NO LANDS AND MANA REQUIREMENTS TO SUMMON CREATURES ARGHHH THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW LUCKY THEY ARE. < / ex-Magic geek >

Amusingly, the song playing in : this trailer is Stone Sour's Reborn. Which leads me on to:

reisha. ALSO. introduced me to this video, which I feel is my DUTY to share with the world. Have the REBORN OURAN HOST CLUB VIDEO. OH MY GOD. *falls in love!* And then reisha introduced V and me to EVEN MORE REBORN CRACK, which included, among other things, me reading my first chapter of the Reborn manga, her breaking our brains on THIS COMMUNITY: reborn_caps: especially THIS and THIS wtf NOT BRAINSAFE AT ALL BUT SO FUNNY! Have decided I like Squalo, he's adorable! He's visually a combination of Kanda and Sephiroth - except with EVEN MORE BATSHIT CRAZY AND ON CRACK!

velithya showed us THIS MOST AMAZING SUPERNATURAL/AMERICAN GODS FIC, which you simply must read. GO GO GO READ IT NOW. ♥

AND THEN she showed us the WinCon American Fic Idol BadFic contest. Spectacularly and intentionally bad Supernatural fic. I'd actually already read missyjack's Welcome to the Winchester's Black Parade, but if you like, you may also have the leopard pr0n and Impala!preg fic. I could go on forever, but to sum it up: FABULOUS, FABULOUS EXPERIENCE, WOULD DO AGAIN, LAUGHED SO HARD. Favourite part of the readings? The totally deadpan and absolutely fabulous lady who read all this badfic out loud in a room of some nearly 200 people, and never once lost her cool.

And my brain is now broken in more places than I realised it even had. ♥!

In pursuance of our conversation about fic today, have the following links:
Kingdom Hearts
That merman!RikuXSora fic was by karmacitadelfic, but it is sadly locked! In recompense, have One-sentence Sora X Donald Duck, Demyx x Sitar, and my personal favourite, one-sentence Cactuar X Sephiroth. And Axel/Sora: Stand In, Axel/Sora one-sentence (yes, I take what I can get!).

Supernatural fic
That fic about the flushing toilet!ghost. Comes with very pretty fic-related photos (not of toilets)! Also have that time Dean turned into a cat.
5th-Dec-2007 04:03 pm (UTC) - on ship/pairing (....sorry OTL) and Friday
I have all the episodes, except for the DVD-version of episode 6 and the OVA (which I don't know of, I got the eps from a forum I haven't checked in a month, but now that I have time I shall try to find it), so if you need them, just ask. ;)

Favourite/ship matters: I could write a whole essay but I-I want you to study, so in two shortish paragraphs.

Character: Nia. I started out liking no one, but got irritated with Kamina in particular very quickly, and that lasted til what I consider his best moment in the series [spoiler; the one in ep 8 if you know what I mean. ;)]. He then turned into a Rei-figure so I forgave him by the end, it was lol and redeeming. In fact if he were played less OTT by Katsuyuki Konishi he might've been my favourite because I think he's not as one-dimensional as he seems. Overall, I like Nia best, though post-timeskip Simon comes a close second, but only because I adore the voicework of his seiyuu and his character design. I'll let you watch it to get an idea of Nia's character, I don't think I can preach to the choir this time. >:3~ I found pre-timeskip Rosseau Rossiu the most interesting out of everyone even though he didn't get enough screentime, but post-timeskip Gainax went with him in a direction I totally saw and didn't like.

Ship: Nia/Simon, typical of me to ship the main canon het in GL (I usually ship main canon pairings OTL). This ship is SO CUTE, but also has major Funny Potential because both Simon and Nia are quite blur, and then there's hot ninja sexing potential too ahahah. Other than that, I like Yoko/Kamina because I think it would be interesting (a bit like Aeris/Zack lolz OTL except probably lots hotter and with more potential because of less canon trope to work with). Unfortunately Simon/Viral doesn't do much for me, mainly because of Nia, and that scene of Viral's with a wife and kid. ;____; I have no problems with adult!Simon/Kamina (kid!Simon is just, uhm, just wrong) or Viral/Kamina, though, I don't know why either. OTL

I asked reisha about Friday, and I will ask El tomorrow morning with a hug. Could I come over anyway to see Bloom!corgi if both of them weren't able to make it? I'm not sure if I can make it over the weekend; whatever happens I want to see/glomp you before I go Japan. >:3
5th-Dec-2007 04:26 pm (UTC) - Friday is totally good! :D
Ask El with hug! I asked her already, too, but just ask her in case. ♥ She's always welcome here, as are you. COME SEE BLOOM CORGI ANYWAY, I do want to see you and let you see Bloom!corgi!

... YOU'RE GOING TO JAPAN - HATE, OMG! *grin* I hope you have a great, great time, there, sweetie, you totally deserve to have some fun and relaxation after all you've gone through and done this year! *hugs*

OH MY GOD, I HAVE THE OVA. SUBBED. COME TO ME, I SHALL GIVE IT TO YOU. ♥ I don't have the DVD of 6 either, but I suppose I shall acquire it at some time? And I would be totally grateful to you if you were able to pass me copies of episodes 1 and 2! I only have the untranslated beautifully clear DVD versions of those.

XDXD I get what you mean by Kamina, though. I think he was meant to be larger than life, but I can see how that sort of attitude can get old fast. I really do think that Episode 8 was a good thing - Simon, I imagine, would have always lived in Kamina's shadow, and Yoko might never have gotten together with Kittan (... another heartbreak THERE). I call it the curse of Kamina: everyone who loves him has their next love disappear/die/get lost, etc etc. I know people who stopped watching at Episode 8, but I am HEY WAIT GUYS THERE IS MORE KAMINA IF YOU KEEP WATCHING... to the very end?


ROSSIU'S SEIYUU IS WOLFRAM FROM KYOU KARA MAOU. It is Saiga Mitsuki's only character so far that I have not loved with all my heart.

I think Simon/Nia is sweet, too! But because I know loving it will break my heart I am trying my best not to feel too much! XD I am totally with you on the Viral/Kamina being okay, too. I am surprised there isn't more of it around.
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