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Roll up, roll up! Step right up to see the Singing Wombat!

Not only have I just discovered that all the letters necessary to spell the name "Bakura" exist in the word "Bankruptcy" (and that I can type the one while meaning to type the other), I have also recieved what possibly is the most HORRIFIC YGO-appropriate spam EVER (... oh, poor Malik). There is also a disturbingly appropriate icon for that in this post here. It also mentions Belgium, too! You are welcome to the original if you need it for nefarious purposes.

And did I mention that my exam papers are clearly all delayed-reaction Tales of the Abyss situations, because our Family Law papers set questions with litigants named Jade and Peony in two separate years, and then one of the papers I read today is about a Sync Inc. HA. Coincidentally one of our tutorials this year was about a company named Sinkproof.

Someone on playthedamncard linked me this MTV for Don Henley's "End of the Innocence". It's an absolutely beautiful black-and-white video that truly captures a moment in time. It was shot in 1989, but I still find it beautiful today. The lyrics, though, were eerily appropriate:

When "happily ever after" fails
And we've been poisoned by these fairy tales
The lawyers dwell on small details
Since daddy had to fly
[that's Family Law, obviously]

Armchair warriors often fail
And we've been poisoned by these fairy tales
The lawyers clean up all details
Since daddy had to lie
[That's corporate law and litigation]

And my instinctive reading of the chorus line, "Offer up your best defense" is obviously not what the songwriter intended, but it's still fun.

An extract from what I was reading today said, "Although arbitration as a method of settling disputes has been known and used for centuries" and made me think: ... what happened to wars? Trial by combat? (Speaking of which, champions used to be used for trial by combat. Now people use lawyers, and the fights are with words) How about card game battles, eh? They might generate more lively (though not necessarily more interesting, because really, arbitration can be very interesting!) reading!

Anyway, what next follows is chiefly for little_ribbon (but please help yourself to the songs!), because I happened to mention that Jesse Spencer (Chase from House) starred in a show named Uptown Girls, where he played a POP STAR named Neal Fox. He actually sang, too! (I love this fansite) most delightfully has his songs up (lyrics here, should you like to sing along with the wombat). So as to save on their bandwidth (more Jesse pictures for everyone!), have Jesse Spencer's Uptown Girls songs! There are three of them:

1. Sheets of Egyptian Cotton
2. Night of Love
3. Molly Smiles

And because Sheets of Egyptian Cotton is perfect for YGO, have song lyrics!

Motionless raptures
Reveal the give and take
Become what's real
Leave only memories that we steal

Eyes passing glances for games
What time remembers seconds forget

XD Please bear in mind that Jesse Spencer is a professional actor, not a professional singer, so don't go expecting too much of his songs. They're deliberately written to be cheesy because he's meant to be a cheesy pop singer, so don't go expecting too much from the lyrics either. Just go in expecting them to be awful and you'll be gratified when they aren't actually that bad. *laughs* The chief attraction of these songs is that they're sung by Jesse Spencer in his POPSTAR ROLE. XD I like to imagine that this is what Chase did to earn his medical school fees when he was fighting with his Daddy. Also, have some pictures of Jesse in Uptown Girls! Or Chase the Pop Star!

The All-Dancing, All-Singing Australian Wombat!

He's so cute, omg. It's such a joy working with his photographs, even if it's just retouching!

Yeaaaaah, Jesse can't really believe that hair either.

No, for the hundredth time, I AM NOT 4MAN!
... hey, maybe it could be the POPSTAR VERSION OF HOUSE, and Foreman would in this world be DJ 4MAN! IT COULD WORK! And dear old Gregory would be called IN DA HOUSE. Yes, I'll stop there.

He sings! He dances! He plays the guitar! What more could you want?

IT WAS THIS BIG I swear, I write ALL my lyrics! And I NEVER lip-sync!

So cute, omg! It's such a pity the House series doesn't give him the opportunity to smile like this more often.

Obligatory shirtless picture. May not be entirely safe for work.

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