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breaking all your laws, one at a time.

This is Viral's "Clearly hardly anybody thinks I top Simon." face. [俺達を、誰だと思ってやがる?!]

My aunt is leaving for Korea and her corgi is in my house already! I love what my aunt says about him, "Handsome, but a bit of a himbo." He's four, and barky, and he is a corruptive influence on other dogs in his proximity because he can be such a naughty boy. Makes them think it's okay to be naughty, too. You are all welcome to come and visit him! Just say the word, and remember that he is naughty and you might have to be prepared for a little bit of bad behaviour. ♥

Dying attempting to study for the last two papers at once. I really really really want to study for the last paper but DAMMIT I NEED TO FOCUS ON THE ONE FOR TOMORROW. It is shocking how much more easily I focus when cases and litigation are involved. Urk. It's like that awful, awful, awful Commercial Practice paper yesterday, the THREE HOURS OF HELL, the seme that unsheathes itself from the A MECHA THAT IS NOT ONLY BIGGER BUT ALSO BETTER THAN YOURS and goes, "WHY HELLO THERE YOUNG THING. PREPARE TO BE TOTALLY WASTED." ... I live in hope that after enough timeskip (which is the new black), Commercial Practice and I are DESTINED for a GATTAI OF FATE, and we will spend the rest of our lives POWERING THE GREAT MACHINE OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM FOR GREAT JUSTICE IN THE GALAXY.

... yeah, yeah, yeah. If only we weren't so different. And if only Com Prac. didn't have such scary teeth.

I have two questions for everyone on my friendslist:
(1) Have you watched Gurenn Lagaan?
(2) And if not, can I persuade you to give it a try+?

I JUST GOT INTO IT... 36 HOURS AGO. For which a_songfor_xx has my ETERNAL GRATITUDE. AND NOW I HAVE TO INFLICT IT ON THE WORLD AND ESPECIALLY ON TO YOU. ♥ I have already shown it to my anime!cousin within some 18 hours of getting into it (because she was at my house) - unfortunately the EXAMS are seriously getting in the way of SEVERE VIRAL TRANSMISSION BUT I AM SO DETERMINED TO DO THIS THING! Seriously, if you have the slightest bit of interest in this series LET ME KNOW AND I WILL MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH AND THE INTERNETS to get it to you.

I'm not sure what you think of GL from what you've seen already, but, but if you haven't decided, CAN I PERSUADE YOU TO GIVE IT A TRY, +and if you've decided it's not for you, CAN I CHANGE YOUR MIND? And if not: *lures with Corgi Trap, inflicts new fandom?* XDXDXD

... this is, of course, after knowing that I am once again LAST TO THE PARTY and that everybody was into it before me.

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